5 Best Apps for Garden and Landscaping Designs


Jeffrey Tung on Jan 1, 2024

Mobile phone with garden app

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We all want a place we can call home. Most of us want to design our dream house, especially if we have the means and the luxury to do so. Some people would like to keep their dream house simple, others would like to have extra features, like a stunning outdoor oasis or a well-manicured lawn. Others would like to focus more on the structure of the house while some want to give extra attention to their garden.

A beautiful garden is a small piece of heaven on Earth. It can also be a place for entertainment and happiness for you and your loved ones. Thanks to technology, home owners today are given the chance to decorate their own lawn using the best apps for garden and landscaping designs.

Getting inspirations for your dream home these days is very easy with the help of online applications and websites. With these apps, you can choose from thousands of home and garden ideas available on a global scale. You can easily create house or garden designs on your own, for free. You can also mix and match some ideas to create a more unique design for your home or lawn. With these apps, your design and decoration possibilities, based on your personality or your needs, are endless.

However, because there’s just a lot of inspiration from the online applications, you may find it a bit challenging to decide which models will best suit your garden and your needs. Fret not, as Tools Official can help choose the best application perfect for your designing project.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best and free garden and landscaping designs apps available around.

Top 5 Best Apps for Garden and Landscaping Design

One of the good things about the best apps for garden and landscaping designs is that it features actual homes, gardens, and landscapes from different parts of the world. What you see is indeed, what you get. If you found one design featured on the mobile app and the website, you can easily score it from the app’s menu or the eCommerce websites featured on these platforms.

Fell in love with the patio furniture featured in the app? You can check it out directly from the app and make your purchase. It’s that accessible and easy!


Houzz is one of the top design websites in the United States. The app features an impressive collection of interior design inspirations, architecture, decor, home improvement, garden, and landscape design. Houzz also has an online community where people within the country share their personal experiences in design and decorating. Several home improvement professionals, designers and builders alike, can also access the app. The Houzz Mobile App is available in iOS and Android versions. It features over 20 million high resolution indoor and outdoor design ideas perfect for your home and garden. Get access to over 2.5 million home improvement professionals on the app.

Houzz also features several home and design articles that can guide you through your design and construction projects. Visit the outdoor photo section on the menu, and you’ll see thousands of design inspirations categorized by style, size, color, space, location, and type. Other design categories fall under a more specific example, such as specialty design inspirations as well as sun exposure conditions. Whether it’s a new pathway, a unique planter, or outdoor decks, you can always find a design that perfectly fits your dream home.

The best part about the Houzz app is that it also features actual homes, gardens, and landscapes worldwide. If you liked what you just saw in the app, you can purchase it directly from the Shop menu.


Pinterest is another design inspiration site that’s free and easy to use. It has a number of stunning home and garden style inspirations you can choose from. It was originally meant to be a social media service. However, Pinterest evolved into the Internet’s best source of design inspiration for DIY projects in the fields of food, fashion, and many more. Where there is art, there is Pinterest. Pinterest enables the user to save and compile images and videos from the web. Users can directly “pin” an image from the internet or from the app itself and keep them on their pinboards. This way, you can go back to your saved photos whenever you need to. Users can also upload their images and creations, both via the app and the Pinterest website.

Download and register to Pinterest to get access to millions of design inspiration from users globally. Compared with Houzz and other garden and landscape applications, Pinterest has greater appeal to women. Most of the images from Pinterest are also available on other similar platforms. The app offers an easy-to-use and straightforward interface. Like Houzz, Pinterest also features an eCommerce platform that allows users to access online stores through their official Pinterest accounts.


Another powerful application included in the best apps for garden and landscaping designs list is iScape. Available on iOS, it is the perfect option for garden and landscape designers. Unlike Houzz and Pinterest, iScape is a design tool limited to outdoor design. It features simple tools you can use to design your dream lawn on the mobile app. iScape is one of the easy-to-use visualization apps on the web. It allows you to mix and match your garden accessories with the type of lawn you want, together with your preferred plants and flowers. iScape helps homeowners see the actual look of their design ideas, without spending a dime.

iScape is perfect for landscape professionals looking for real-time tools that help showcase their ideas to their clients onsite. You can quickly get a list of the items based on the design you like. The app also provides tips on the best prices for your accessories available in the market. Landscape artists will love the app’s impressive plant database, a unique feature iScape has compared with the other apps on this list. The free subscription allows you to get one free design stored on the cloud. Basic subscription costs $4.99 a month and provides users 150 images with two designs saved on the cloud. Higher subscriptions are at $19.99 a month or $99.99 a year with unlimited storage and access to other design tools.

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden

Number four on the list is Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden. Available both on Google Play and Apple Store, this app can help conceptualize, design, furnish, and decorate your garden and outdoor landscape with tools and accessories available on the app. The application features a drag and drop interface that allows users to add items, outdoor structures, and accessories. Compared with the first three applications, Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden looks complicated to use at first, especially for non-designers.

The app also features a more realistic interface compared with the other apps on this list. The free version allows access to tools, accessories, and other design items available in the app. However, there’s no save function available in the free version of the mobile app. Creating and saving projects are only possible through in-app purchases. What sets apart Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden from the other apps on the list is its new 3D rendering feature. Designers love its very convenient and practical user interface. In-app purchase for this app starts at a dollar per item.

Garden Plan Pro

Garden Plan Pro is a flexible drawing tool with a massive collection of plants perfect for any garden design project. Especially created to help landscape artists and garden designers, Garden Plan Pro is suited for users with any level of garden design experience. Available on iOS, this application features data from more than 6,500 weather stations in over 20 countries.

If flowers and plants are your dream home priorities, then, Garden Plan Pro will suit you best. Create your own design based on your style, taste, and your area’s weather conditions. You can easily make a garden plan, maximize your growing space, and carefully align the crops and flowering plants you like. This app also allows you to put in special notes about your plant choices. It also gives you the best insights on what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to your dream gardens. The application will cost you a one-time payment of $7.99 to get full access to the features, designs, and collections available.

Personalized Design with the Best Apps for Garden and Landscape Designs

The top five mobile and online applications mentioned above can cut your garden and landscape design processes in half. Take time to practice using these tools and enjoy being part of the designing and planning processes of your dream lawn.

There are many free-to-use garden design applications available in the market. Choosing for the best one depends on your designing skills, taste, and preference. Although many apps are available for free use, some mobile apps may require a small fee to access special features or to be able to save projects on the cloud. Choose wisely and you’ll have a great time designing your dream garden and landscape all by yourself.