Greenworks 80V 21" Review

Brushless Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with LED Headlight and Aluminum Handles, 4.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included


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4.5 / 5 from 1558 users

Greenworks 80V 21" | Tools Official
Greenworks 80V 21" | Tools Official
Greenworks 80V 21" | Tools Official


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13 reasons to buy

  • The Greenworks 80V 21" lawn mower offers a battery life that is sufficient for managing medium-sized yards on a single charge, with indicators showing remaining power levels. (54 reviews)

    • “Solid battery life. I have a very hilly 1/4 acre, and I took extra time due to still learning my yard. The battery showed 2 out of 3 lights still green, which means at least 50% battery remaining.”

    • “The battery got through my entire lawn and I didn't even drop the battery gauge one level.”

    • “The fully charged battery did the lawn and showed one green light out of 4 when finished.”

    • “It has worked flawlessly using the same single 80v 4.0AH battery. A charge lasts several mowings.”

    • “The battery last a good long while and only had to charge about every fourth mowing.”

    • “The battery on this mower lasts quite a bit longer than the batteries on the older one, even when it was new.”

    • “The nice thing is that I was able to mow my entire yard and the battery was only showing it was down by 1/3. Wow! I had enough juice to mow another yard!”

    • “I chose this in part because it claimed a 90 minute run time when most are 45-60 minutes.”

    • “The battery lasts as long or as longer as a tank of gas on the mower it replaces.”

    • “Even after 40 minutes of mowing, I still had 2 battery bars left!”

  • With an 80V system, this mower easily cuts through thick and tall grass, giving you a powerful cut that's as good as, or better than, regular gas mowers. (52 reviews)

    • “Powerful. I have some super dense grass thanks to a flow from the sump pump. The 80v version went through this at least as well as my gas mower, if not better.”

    • “The "80v" has the extra bit of torque to behave like a real lawn mower in just about every realistic situation I've encountered so far.”

    • “It some dense spots you can feel the mower putting more power into the blades, which it cut through with no problems.”

    • “It’s powerful to cut through 6 inch St. Augustine down to 3 inches and handles other grasses like Zoysa, Bermuda and Bahia with ease.”

    • “The lawnmower had plenty of power, grass was maybe 6" thick, but it was painless to push over the area.”

    • “Power wise, it's got some snoose and with the smart battery, it kicks up a notch if you run into taller wetter grass.”

    • “When going through heavy grass it makes the mower not stall. The electric mower has not stalled even once, ever.”

    • “The motor would sense when I hit thick grass and increase power. That is a great feature and it powered through areas that would bog down my gas mower.”

    • “With the different height adjustments and the power, I am able to mow down 12" high weeds and grass.”

  • Many reviews highlight the ease of not needing to use gas or oil. (29 reviews)

    • “No gas, no oil, no exhaust fumes. Love it.”

    • “No more gas! No more fumes. No more oil changes!”

    • “I don't need gas, I don't need oil, I don't need to change gas and oil, don't need to dispose of old oil, don't have to breath exhaust, don't need new air filter or new oil filter”

    • “No more dealing with gas, spark plugs, and the annual carb cleaner cycle”

    • “My husband loves it cause he doesn't have to buy fuel.”

    • “The best part? No nasty exhaust fumes, no gas, no oil, no filters and MINIMAL maintenance! I'm never going back to gas mowers.”

    • “No hassling with gas or oil.”

    • “Yard machines are a major source of CO2 emissions, so I am happy to stop polluting and contribute to our country's objective.”

    • “I've been eager to stop needing gas cans and doing oil changes for my mower.”

    • “In the long run I am enjoying not wasting money on fuel and oil”

  • The mower operates with minimal noise, allowing users to enjoy a peaceful mowing experience without the loud engine sounds typical of gas mowers. (28 reviews)

    • “Quiet. You only hear the whir of the blade, and it also sounds like the bag portion rattles a bit when you go over bumps.”

    • “It's pretty a high-rpm fan. No gas, no oil, no exhaust fumes.”

    • “Not only is it powerful, but it's also quieter than a snoring hedgehog.”

    • “The machine operates quite quietly compared to a gas powered lawnmower.”

    • “Quiet. Reasonably powerful. No hassling with gas or oil.”

    • “I would also say that the quiet operation is another benefit that is a big deal once you experience it.”

    • “not whisper quiet but DEFINITELY quieter than its gas counterpart”

    • “Quiet, I really have come to appreciate the weight on hilly terrain and the low noise level.”

    • “It is very quiet and wont disturb your neighbors”

    • “Love how quiet this mower mows.”

  • The Greenworks 80V 21" mower's design, featuring a self-propelled mechanism, makes it easier to push and maneuver compared to bulkier gas-powered alternatives. (24 reviews)

    • “The mower is light enough and the wheels roll smooth enough that pushing this mower across my flat lawn takes very little effort.”

    • “The ergonomic handle and effortless push made me feel like a lawn whisperer.”

    • “It was easy to assemble and very light weight and easy to move around on the lawn.”

    • “Mower was surprisingly much lighter than my gas self-propelled gas mower.”

    • “It’s light enough compared to my older gas mower where I can push it with ease.”

    • “I cannot get over how lightweight this is compared to my old mower - it is so easy to push and move around.”

    • “Mower is light and easily maneuvered”

    • “I can comfortably carry it up a flight of stairs and I’m of average size and weight. So, check: It’s light.”

    • “Love this mower as it is lightweight, easy to handle and electric.”

    • “It’s really light weight and easy to push around.”

  • Users have found the mower easy to assemble, with no tools required for the initial setup. (24 reviews)

    • “It was easy to assemble”

    • “Assembling this lawn-taming beast was easier than teaching a cat to fetch. Click, snap, and voila!”

    • “Easy set up.”

    • “Only setup involved attaching the handles and that took less than 5 minutes.”

    • “Assembly was painless. You basically take the lawnmower from the box, extend the arm, lock it in place, attach the upper portion and insert the battery.”

    • “The lawn mower was super easy to put together. There were only a few parts and instructions aren't needed.”

    • “This mower arrived and I was able to assemble in 5 minutes.”

    • “ample documentation but none was required to assemble it, which took less than 10 minutes”

    • “This mower was very easy to assemble...just 2 bolts on the handle, attach the grass shoot and it was ready to go! No tools needed!”

    • “Easy to assemble.”

  • The mower features a simple start-up process with a push button and safety bar, eliminating the pull-start method found in gas mowers. (18 reviews)

    • “There's a sticker with pictures right beside the button. Press the "on" button, then hold down the safety bar to engage the blade.”

    • “starting the mower is a snap. Push the button and pull the bail handle and you're ready to go.”

    • “the button+bar to turn on is easy to use.”

    • “Hands down it extremely easier to start vs the gas mower.”

    • “By the same token, starting the mower with a button instead of pulling the cord is a dream too.”

    • “Finally cranked it up (which was easy to do)”

    • “Just push the button & pull the handle to let the mower run toward the handle you push the mower with and is started!”

    • “It's pleasant to get an instant push-button start.”

    • “It was easy to use, just push a button and squeeze the lever and you're mowing”

    • “starts easily with the push of a button”

  • The battery charger is equipped with a cooling fan. The battery system is also designed to manage power intelligently, providing energy-saving modes for extended runtime. (10 reviews)

    • “The battery charger has a fan in case the battery gets hot, which is great.”

    • “it recharges quickly”

    • “the charger is noisy (fan etc) but seemed to get it fully charged in less than an hour”

    • “I fully charged the battery in about 45 minutes.”

    • “The battery came mostly charged but I went ahead and charges it all the way, which it did very quickly.”

    • “like the 'rapid charge' system suggested- you could be working with one battery while the other is recharging?”

    • “battery charger of this model is equpped with fan -which seemed to help reduce charging time and hope this will extend its useful life as well.”

    • “battery charges quickly”

    • “&recharges is very quickly!!”

    • “The battery does charge quickly which is a good perk.”

  • The Greenworks 80V 21" mower features a convenient vertical folding capability, which significantly saves storage space and makes it easier to manage than bulkier gas mowers. (10 reviews)

    • “Folds vertically. The mower isn't light by any means, but compared to a gas mower, it's positively agile and stores so nicely.”

    • “This Greenworks model can fold up and be stored standing up for the winter”

    • “I can fold it up and get it out of the way in a crowded garage”

    • “Being able to store the mower in an upright position is another feature that one doesn't necessarily consider important when comparing machines, but is also very convenient on space.”

    • “Folds up compactly and is able to store on end for small footprint.”

    • “Being able to store the mower vertically saved lots of precious space in my garage.”

    • “Folded up and stores vertically making cleaning and blade inspection easy and take up less space in a crowded garage.”

    • “this folds up into a storage footprint that's half of a conventional gas mower”

    • “An added bonus for me is the handle can unlock and stand vertically, allowing the mower to store nicely in my garage taking up less space.”

    • “I like that it folds up easily and doesn’t take a lot of space to store.”

  • Users can select bagging, mulching, or side ejection, providing different options to maintain your lawn. (9 reviews)

    • “All the modes. Bag, mulch, or side ejection. All included.”

    • “They (the 36v and 72v model) both use the exact same bagger, chute, mulch plug, blade.”

    • “It did a fair (not great), job mulching leaves.”

    • “The bag and mulch functions work great”

    • “I used the side discharge mode and level 4 for this, as even my gas mower would have loaded up and bogged down mulching, and I would have had to empty the bag every 5 minutes in bagging mode.”

    • “Bags the clipping better than my Honda mower”

    • “Now we leave the mulching attachment in rather than bag and it does a great job.”

    • “I use it with the mulch plug and side discharge because I get a lot of leaves in my yard and it chops them up nicely”

    • “The mulcher is great. No need for the side or bag.”

  • The mower offers an easy-to-use handle for quickly adjusting the cutting height, enhancing the ease of operation. (9 reviews)

    • “One handle to raise or lower the mower. This is so incredibly convenient.”

    • “The lever on the side allows you to raise the blades with one hand. Very nice!”

    • “and there is one lever to set the mowing height”

    • “Some people have issues with the one lever height adjustment (vs. each wheel levers) this is one of the features that sold me. I love it that I can change heights in 5 seconds.”

    • “The single lever height adjustment is something I didn't consider that important when comparing alternatives, but something you really appreciate once you have it.”

    • “The cutting height adjustment is awesome, great engineering, so effortless and takes about 1 second”

    • “one level adjustment for all wheels is great”

    • “VERY easy to adjust cutting height”

    • “I love the one handle height adjustment lever.”

  • The mower is easy to clean after use, which users find convenient. (8 reviews)

    • “Cleaning up the battery powered lawnmower was a snap”

    • “Easy to use and keep clean”

    • “The bag is easy to empty”

    • “I've found it is very important to keep the mower clean by simply rinsing the under carriage and blade after each mow to minimize accumulation of grass.”

    • “bottom of the most bags has a plastic insert which helps the grass slide out of the bag”

    • “The mower is very easy to clean”

    • “you clean out wet gunked cut grass easy as pie by gently laying it on its side and using your hands!”

    • “clear out the accumulated grass, take out the battery and just hose it off!”

  • The Greenworks 80V 21" mower features a brushless motor that ensures durable and efficient operation, potentially extending the lifespan of the mower. (4 reviews)

    • “It is brushless which means it will last longer”

    • “I also wanted the brushless motor for longevity.”

    • “I liked that it was brushless (so potentially longer motor life)”

    • “High Quality and brushless”

4 reasons not to buy

  • For the Greenworks 80V 21" lawn mower, it should be noted that acquiring an additional battery may be a significant investment, as its cost approaches nearly half that of the mower. (12 reviews)

    • “Only downfall is, to buy a second battery it costs half the price of the mower!”

    • “hopefully it will last because the battery by itself ain't cheap.”

    • “If I had a second battery, which probably will purchase, I could have finished the entire lawn on the same day.”

    • “Very disappointing to then have to wait an hour to charge this particular battery or spend $200 for another battery.”

    • “I really want to buy a second battery but a 'Greenworks Con 80V 4Ah Lithium Ion Battery GBA80400' 3/5's the cost of a new mower when it's not on sale.”

  • Some users would prefer the ability to run the mower at full speed constantly, rather than auto-adjusting to grass resistance, for a more consistent cut. (7 reviews)

    • “This is a handy power saving feature, but it would be great if it could be defeated so it runs at full speed all the time, it might help to reduce grass clumping due to slower blade speed.”

    • “Option to manually select high power mode - sometimes when you go into a patch of thick grass it takes a second for it to engage, and you have to either slow down or back up to clean up a couple feet.”

    • “Would like to be able to manually select blade speed, instead of the "load" determining the speed.”

    • “It also doesn't have the same power as a gas mower to truly cut the grass up into fine particles that get scattered and turned into mulch for my lawn. It really clumps up the grass, and when I go over previously cut paths again to disperse these clumps, it still doesn't distribute the grass as well as I would like (usually because the mower senses I am not cutting anything, so the blade spins down to save battery life).”

    • “The sensor that triggers the engine to rev up in thicker grass seems to be late sometimes causing me to mow over a spot again. I'm trying to get use to it, but I would have preferred manual power adjustment to avoid that issue.”

    • “I wish there was a way to keep it running at max power.”

    • “I wish it had power boost like the self-propelled unit because sometimes it seems to be struggling if the grass is a little too tall.”

  • The mower might feel shaky and not as strong because of parts like wheel bearings, handle lock lugs, and control arms, making it feel less stable when you use it. (7 reviews)

    • “The thing is rickety. Between the lugs that hold the handle into one of three positions on the hinge, the control arm that bind the front and rear wheels for height adjustment, and the bearings in the wheels, this thing handles like a lumber wagon over all but the most perfectly smooth lawns.”

    • “Also this thing seems cheaply built. But it doesn't have to stand up to all the vibration that a gas mower would so I guess it doesn't need to be needlessly heavy. Its a lot of plastic and it seems a bit flimsy and a bit cheap when you start using it. It has some flex when you pulling it around.”

    • “One of the bolts that holds the handle to the lawnmower fell out during my third time cutting the grass.”

    • “First of all it's one of few E mowers with a metal deck & feels well built ( there are some concerns I have with the battery compartment plastic. It's thinner and the lid you have to be gentle with.)”

    • “First of the all the plastic attachment that holds the discharge port open falls off if you bump it on literally anything, even a robust dandelion. Super annoying and poor design.”

    • “the blade and plastic outer blade housing fell of in use”

    • “The quality and craftsmanship are top notch with the exception that the stickers on the mower were haphazardly applied like a toddler had applied them in their sleep.”

  • The handlebar has been described as feeling flimsy, which could affect the overall perception of the mower's build quality. (4 reviews)

    • “Stills seems flimsy and cheap ( a lot of flex with the all plastic and thinner metal )”

    • “Handle feels a bit flimsy/flexy, but not too much so.”

    • “Getting it put together wasn't too bad but I was disappointed in the cheap looking and feeling handle.”

Bottom Line

Get your yard looking great with the Greenworks 80V 21" lawn mower. It's strong enough to handle tall, thick grass with ease, no gas needed! It's quiet, simple to start with a button, and once you're done, it folds up tight to save space. Adjusting the cut height is a breeze, and cleaning's a cinch. Just keep in mind, an extra battery can be pricey, and some parts might feel a bit wobbly. But for a solid, gas-free cut, it's a top choice for folks who get their hands dirty.


Cutting Width (in)21 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Rear Discharge, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height3 3/4"
Min Cutting Height1 3/8"
Power SourceBattery
CategorySelf Propelled Mowers
Warranty4 Years
Weight74.95 Pounds

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Special Features

  • 80V Brushless Motor: Gives you loads of power to cut grass like a champ without bogging down.
  • Self-Propelled Mechanism: The mower moves by itself; just guide it, so you don't get tired pushing.
  • Durable 21-inch Steel Deck: The strong metal bottom won't give out on you and helps cut a wider path so you finish faster.
  • LED Headlights: Lights up your way to mow when it's getting dark, so you can see what you're doing.
  • 4.0Ah Battery with Rapid Charger: The battery lasts a good while and charges up quick, so you're not waiting around.
  • 4-in-1 Versatility: Lets you mulch (chop up grass to feed your lawn), bag it, toss it out the side, or suck up leaves without a sweat.
  • 7-position Height Adjustment: Change the cutting height super easy to get your grass just how you like it.
  • Space-Saving Vertical Storage: You can stand it up when you're done, so it doesn't hog space in your shed or garage.
  • Aluminum Handles: They're light and tough, making it easier on your hands and arms when moving the mower around.
  • 4-Year Warranty: You're covered with a good warranty for 4 years, so you know it's a solid piece of gear.
  • Compatibility with Over 75 Tools: The battery works with a bunch of other tools from the same brand, so it's handy for other jobs too.


  • Q:

    Is the mower capable of mulching?

  • A:

    The mower's mulching performance is suboptimal. It is suitable for lawns with sparse and short grass; however, it may struggle with thick and rapidly growing grass.

  • Q:

    What battery capacity is included with this product?

  • A:

    The product is advertised to include two batteries; however, there have been instances where only one battery was received. It is advisable to confirm the contents upon purchase.

  • Q:

    Is there clarity on the battery configuration provided with the mower?

  • A:

    Preferences may vary regarding battery configuration. The option of having two 2Ah batteries offers the advantage of using one while the other charges. A 4Ah battery, on the other hand, may have a longer runtime but also a longer charging period.

  • Q:

    Does the mower feature a self-propelling mechanism?

  • A:

    The current model is not self-propelled. A self-propelled variant is anticipated to be released shortly under the GreenWorks 80v Pro line. For further information, please reach out to the manufacturer.

  • Q:

    Is a bag attachment included with the mower?

  • A:

    Yes, the mower includes a bag attachment.

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