Greenworks GLM801600 Review

Pro 21-Inch 80V 4.0AH Lithium-Ion Battery Cordless Push Lawn Mower


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4.6 / 5 from 450 users

Greenworks GLM801600 | Tools Official
Greenworks GLM801600 | Tools Official
Greenworks GLM801600 | Tools Official


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11 reasons to buy

  • The Greenworks GLM801600 is considered powerful, with an engine that revs up in higher grass and can handle thick grass and weeds effectively. (45 reviews)

    • “The motor will rev up in higher grass but I have had no issues cutting through the taller grass.”

    • “The mower has excellent power, feels more power than my gas mower, and it does a great job mulching.”

    • “The performance of the mower is great. It senses when there is increased resistance (from taller grass) and will apply extra torque to power through.”

    • “The 2.0Ah battery from my leaf blower had plenty of power to mow the ¼ acre of greatly-overgrown grass and weeds.”

    • “The 80v battery provided enough juice to power through the wet/clumpy grass in my front lawn.”

    • “Performance was very good on both bermuda and fescue.”

    • “this mower is every bit as powerful as the 6.5HP Craftsman (Briggs & Stratton Engine) Mower it replaced.”

    • “Withe the 80V 4 amp battery, this mower has more than enough power for routine residential lawn needs even if you don't have the time to mow weekly.”

    • “really cuts well, even through thick damp grass”

    • “When that beast hit the tall, thick grass, it torqued up in speed and thoroughly mulched it!”

  • Users like how quiet the electric motor is, which makes mowing the lawn more enjoyable and less noisy. (38 reviews)

    • “I continue to be happy with my purchase and strongly recommend this model if you want a quiet and light weight electric mower.”

    • “The electric motor is far quieter than a gas engine; my toddlers fell asleep fine during my mowing.”

    • “Just pop the battery in the top push a button and grab the safety release and it kicks on - very quiet, noisy enough from the spinning blade, but WAY less then gas”

    • “The quiet motor means that I can start mowing early in order to beat the summer heat without waking the neighbors.”

    • “QUIET (enough not to need ear plugs and annoy the crap out of your neighbor lounging in his yard)”

    • “It's impressively quiet, not whisper quiet, but I swear it's quieter than our Dyson V6 cordless vacuum and that's not turning a 20in blade!”

    • “I really like that I can still hear the birds sing while I mow and the only thing making me cough is pollen, not nasty exhaust.”

    • “At least it is quiet and doesn't smell while also requiring only blade maintenance”

    • “I can now mow early in the morning without the concern of bothering my neighbors with the noise.”

    • “It's lightweight and quiet”

  • The mower is consistently reported to have good battery life, with a 4AH battery lasting multiple mowing sessions. It also recharges quickly, often in less than 60 minutes. (35 reviews)

    • “I was able to mow my yard 5 times before charging the 4AH battery for the first time and it was fully charged in less than 60 minutes.”

    • “I find the mower lasts with the 4 amp battery for ~ 1 hour.”

    • “I am pleased with the battery life (larger battery size)”

    • “I was able to mow, weed eat/edge, and air-blow ALL areas of my property on just one charge of my 4AH 80V battery”

    • “I can mow it 3-5 times between charges, depending on how bushy the lawn is. I got six mowings on a charge late in the summer when it grows very slowly.”

    • “The 80v 2.0amp battery may only last for 30 minutes, but I purchased a second battery which charges in just 30 minutes.”

    • “Battery charged in 30-minutes which was an order of magnitude better than my previous Worx 24V mower that took up to 8 hours for a full charge.”

    • “I can cut my lawn 3 + times on one charge.”

    • “The Greenworks mower will run about 30 minutes on a 2 amp-hour battery. When the battery runs out, it needs about 30 minutes in the charger, and I take a break. Once charged, the battery lasts long enough to complete the lawn.”

  • For those owning multiple tools from the same brand, the ability to use the same batteries across different devices is seen as a plus. (31 reviews)

    • “This is perfect if you already have those from some other device.”

    • “So I now have two batteries which will allow one to charge while the other is in use.”

    • “Great addition to the 80v Greenworks line, especially if you have other tools, so you can avoid having other chargers on your workbench.”

    • “I bought the cordless snow blower from the same company, which uses the same powerful 80 volt battery and charger.”

    • “We have several other Greenworks tools, so we already had two batteries and one charger”

    • “The battery easily swaps between each of the tools (mower, weed eater, Blower etc.)”

    • “Both are good mowers but the Greenworks mower is a part of a family of products based on the 80v power system.”

    • “I can use my other Greenworks tools with it”

    • “And having multiple 80v units makes it very much worth it. I have the trimmer, blower, and hedge clipper as well. All are wonderful and one battery to fit them all is awesome!”

    • “I also purchased the GreenWorks blower which gave me a 2nd battery and blower for basically the price of the battery.”

  • Users are happy that they don't have to deal with gas, oil, or typical engine maintenance. (31 reviews)

    • “It is nice to not have to deal with gas or oil and just push the button and pull the handle back to start.”

    • “Absolutely no preparation needed (no gas burn off, stabilizer, spark plugs, filters, etc.), aside from blowing off old grass clippings and covering for dust.”

    • “The mower cuts as well as a gas mower with no fumes, no oil or gas stored in the house.”

    • “It is easy, to store anywhere and virtually no maintenance since there's no gasoline to deal with.”

    • “And of course, it starts up first time every time, and there are no gas fumes.”

    • “non-polluting, start right up, and don't require filling and storing cans of gas in my garage”

    • “It is still working with nothing but blade maintenance”

    • “Nothing to maintain, except to ensure the blade is sharp (perhaps once per season)”

    • “I love having an electric mower and I'll never go back to gas engine mowers”

    • “No fuel, oil, smell, or air filter! No more clogged carburetor!”

  • The one-handle height adjustment is mentioned as a convenient feature for quick changes, compared to other mowers that need adjustments at each wheel. (16 reviews)

    • “I do like the one handle height adjustment and it works very well for quick adjustments versus my old mower where each wheel had to be adjusted independently.”

    • “There is one lever that controls the height of all four wheels.”

    • “There’s also a lever to adjust to 7 different cutting heights.”

    • “I mowed up the whole yard at 2inches ( the raising and lowering of the mower bed is SO much easier then all my prior mowers )”

    • “Adjusting cutting height is also as simple as moving a lever forward or backward.”

    • “Adjusting this deck is incredibly easy - this was a real chore on the Honda.”

    • “The single handle height adjustment is great and takes very little effort to adjust.”

    • “Nice, easy adjustable wheel height, as well as handle adjustments.”

    • “The cutting height is very easy to adjust”

    • “This mower also has the large tires, one location height adjustment”

  • The mower is built to last, with a strong steel deck and higher-quality plastics. It also has tougher axles and wheels. (14 reviews)

    • “The main improvement to this mower over the TwinForce is build quality. It has nice steel deck, better plastics, and sturdier axles/wheels, and overall heavier duty.”

    • “The bag has metal hooks that go over a metal bar which should mean there won't be any failure in that area.”

    • “The build quality seems good and the fit and finish are good as well.”

    • “The mower is solid with the steel deck and the handle seems tough to last for a few seasons.”

    • “The mower is well engineered and has a solid "real tool" feel to it.”

    • “The deck is overbuilt, which for most is a good thing.”

    • “The deck is steel, so it has some weight and feels like a “real” mower.”

    • “Best mower I have owned! Sturdy metal deck.”

    • “So far I'm loving everything about it (build quality/runtime/cut quality)”

    • “This 80V model is heavily constructed and every bit as powerful as my Honda powered gas mower.”

    • “this mower is pretty sturdy, and I've been a little rough with it.”

    • “the machine seems to be excellently built of what appear to be heavy duty materials”

  • The motor can adjust its power based on how tough the grass is. This helps save battery life while still giving enough power when it's needed. (12 reviews)

    • “The performance of the mower is great. It senses when there is increased resistance (from taller grass) and will apply extra torque to power through.”

    • “There are two speeds, when you hit high grass or leaves or whatever, it kicks in to a higher speed - saves battery power.”

    • “The mower engine revs up and slows down automatically based on how much work the motor has to do.”

    • “In thick grass the motor revs up and powers through and when you reach a less dense patch the motor slows back down. I am sure this feature saves battery life and I like how that aspect of this mower works.”

    • “It uses smart technology to automatically adjust the speed of the motor and blade when it detects thicker/taller grass, but I noticed that also pushing the mower uphill triggers the higher motor speed.”

    • “Mower will intelligently run at a slower speed if it detects little resistance on the blade.”

    • “Variable blade speed dependent on the resistance the blade encounters. This is a battery saving technique where the blade spins slowly when it's not mowing anything or is having an easy time and then it will spin up when there's real work to do.”

    • “The motor will ramp up in speed when it senses an increase in load (taller grass, etc.)”

    • “The best part is the variable speed motor that senses the grass and adjusts automatically.”

    • “if I started walking faster or went into a thicker area, it would audibly use more power”

    • “it normally runs at a lower speed and ramps up when it senses more load”

  • People like that the mower is lightweight and has a foldable handle, which makes it easy to store. Some even store it vertically to save space. (10 reviews)

    • “One nice feature is the handle retention pins. These are spring assisted to seat the pins in place, but the piece can be pulled and rotated if a person wants to store the mower with the handle folded.”

    • “For storage, the handle bars easily fold over at the base for fast, compact storage. I actually have my mower resting vertically in the garage for maximum space savings.”

    • “When I finished, I wiped out the deck with an old rag, folded the handle and set it to the side of the garage. It takes up much less space than my Honda.”

    • “It folds up nice so it could be stood up on its end to save space”

    • “quick release knobs for folding for storage”

    • “I can store it vertically”

    • “It's great being able to store the mower without any gas fumes or maintenance. The mower folds up nicely if you need to transport it.”

    • “The handle folds fairly easy for storage.”

    • “We will soon be hanging it up on the wall in our garage when the summer ends.”

    • “Stores upright using hardly any space in the garage”

  • The mower is liked for how well it mulches, with some users noting it does a better job than their previous gas or electric mowers. (10 reviews)

    • “The mower does an excellent job mulching.”

    • “The mulching feature works just as expected.”

    • “This is a mulching mower with a bag attachment. On the gas mower we would mow up the leaves in the yard (a number of big trees) and dump the bag in the mulch bin. I was worried that this mower may not work well at this, but it does, pretty much like the gas mower.”

    • “Performance was very good on both bermuda and fescue. I used the mulching plug on 7 days' growth, and had no problems.”

    • “Fantastic mulching mower - in fact, best I've ever seen.”

    • “easy switching between mulching, grass ejection or bagging”

    • “The mower was able to cut/shred up small branches and pine cones without a problem. The mower cuts everything into very fine pieces.”

    • “Comes with a bag and side discharge, but I always just use the mulch option”

    • “Even with wet, tall grass and in mulching mode, it did a great job”

    • “does an excellent job of "mulching" the clipped grass”

  • Adjustable handlebars and easy height adjustment make the mower comfortable for different users. (6 reviews)

    • “The entire handle assembly is adjustable to 3 heights using the pair of built-in 90-degree twist knobs.”

    • “The mower is also comfortable to use. The handle can be adjusted to the best angle for the user.”

    • “Ergonomics are perfect in every way. The handle feels good and there are 3 positions. I'm 5'10" and I liked the middle position the best.”

    • “The single handle height adjustment is great and takes very little effort to adjust.”

    • “Nice, easy adjustable wheel height, as well as handle adjustments.”

    • “I really like the adjustable height 3-position handle as I am 6'3".”

3 reasons not to buy

  • The mower runs on one battery at a time, so you might need to change the battery while mowing, especially if you have a big lawn. (24 reviews)

    • “The 2 Ah battery just barely lasts my 1/4 acre mowing, so I'd recommend purchasing a second 2 Ah or 4 Ah battery to swap between.”

    • “You will NEED a spare battery. I do not have a large yard, takes me about 40 minutes to cut both the front and back lawn. I always need a new battery about 30 minutes in.”

    • “The 80v 2.0amp battery may only last for 30 minutes, but I purchased a second battery which charges in just 30 minutes. So I could mow for an hour with just a quick battery swap.”

    • “The battery did not last long enough to do the entire lawn without having to recharge it.”

    • “If the grass is tall then it takes two batteries. With 2 2amp batteries I am able to mow, weed eat, and blow my entire yard with no waiting for charging.”

    • “I got about half of my lawn cut when the mower's battery ran out of charge.”

    • “I have a backup battery and often need it to complete the job.”

  • Some users noted that if the grass is very tall or thick, you might need to raise the cutting height and make two passes to get a good cut. (15 reviews)

    • “I do think if the grass is exceptionally high after a good rain or if I miss cutting it for a few days longer than normal that I might have to adjust the deck up and do two passes”

    • “The bagger sucks. It is not a big enough itself or has a big enough port to allow thick grass to flow into the bag. I ended up with cuttings clogging the blades and stalling the engine spilling out all over the place.”

    • “It takes almost twice as long as a gas mower simply because it isn't as powerful and will bog down and not cut”

    • “- It gets bogged down and may stall if it has to trim more than just a little off the top. So if you delay mowing by a week, it could bog down. It is incapable of handling any type of overgrown plant matter as it promptly stalls.”

    • “as soon as it would hit tall, thick grass, it would slow down and, instead of mulching, it would drop clumps of grass on the lawn”

    • “Blade lift isn't as good, and it doesn't cut heavy/thick grass as well as the Honda.”

    • “I have to overlap a bit on each pass in order to get the edges.”

    • “I had to slow down to get a good cut”

    • “I did cut my neighbors thicker, higher grass and had to stop to recharge battery, but grass was excessively high”

    • “The motor will ramp up in speed when it senses an increase in load (taller grass, etc.) but it takes a full second, so if you're walking at a brisk pace, you kinda have to make sure it cut that first couple of feet cleanly”

  • The unit is described as being a bit pricey, so it's something to think about if you're on a budget or comparing it with other electric mowers. (15 reviews)

    • “It is a bit expensive, and for a better deal get one of the older TwinForce or other 40 V models, but this unit is also well worth the cost and feels a little less disposable than the other units.”

    • “It can be a bit pricey”

    • “Honestly it should be self-propelled for the high price.”

    • “Keep in mind the cost of the battery and like some reviewers, get the 4 amp one.”

    • “Very disappointed considering the cost.”

    • “The short is I'm disappointed with this very pricey purchase.”

    • “Given the cost of the batteries, it is a large expense to have every few years.”

    • “It is obvious they did not make sure it fit. If that is the case, it upsets me that I had to pay the full price and did not get the refurbished discount.”

    • “I wish the batteries were cheaper”

    • “Charger is too expensive $100 for its role.”

    • “the system is a little pricey”

    • “This mower is expensive, but not having to deal with gas anymore is huge for me.”

Bottom Line

The Greenworks GLM801600 is a robust electric lawn mower designed for ease and efficiency. It tackles thick grass with a powerful motor that's also quiet, making lawn care less of a chore. The 4AH battery is long-lasting and recharges fast, compatible with other Greenworks tools. It's maintenance-free, with one-lever height adjustment and durable construction. Despite being slightly costly and running on one battery, its lightweight, foldable design, excellent mulching capability, and adjustable handlebars make it a user-friendly choice for homeowners. Perfect for those seeking a greener, hassle-free mowing experience.


Cutting Width (in)21 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height3-3/4"
Min Cutting Height1-3/8"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty4 Years
Weight57 Pounds
Additional InfoBattery And Charger Not Included, Brushless Motor, Smart-Cut Technology, Vertical Storage, On-Board Battery Life Indicator, Quick Charge

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Tips for Greenworks GLM801600

  • It is best to use the GreenWorks 80V 4Ah battery variant to ensure uninterrupted mowing of up to 60 minutes.
  • To keep the battery in top shape, store the battery in a cool dry place.
  • Clean the mower after every use to keep the mower in the best running condition.

Special Features

  • Brushless Motor Technology: This means the mower runs more smoothly and powerfully, like a strong 160cc gas engine, but without the gas.
  • Smart Cut Technology: The mower figures out when the grass is tough and powers up the blade to cut better.
  • 3-in-1 Functionality: You can spread out the grass clippings, collect them in a bag, or shoot them out the side.
  • Vertical Storage: It stands up straight so it doesn't take up much room in your shed or garage.
  • Quiet Operation: It's a lot quieter than a gas mower, so it won't bother you or your neighbors.
  • Instant Push Button Start: You can start it easily with just a button, no yanking a cord to get it going.
  • Turbo Button Feature: Hit a button for extra power to cut through the really thick or tall grass.
  • Up to 60 Minutes of Run Time: You can mow for a whole hour on one charge of the battery (which you have to buy separately).
  • LED Light: There's a light to help you see what you're mowing if it's getting dark.
  • 7-Position Height Adjustment: You can easily change how short you want to cut the grass.
  • Folding Handles: The handles fold down so it's easier to store the mower without needing much space.
  • Durable 21-Inch Steel Deck: It's got a wide and tough cutting area so you can mow more grass in less time.
  • Eco-Friendly: This mower doesn't pollute the air because it runs on a battery, not gas.
  • 3-Year Warranty: You've got three years of warranty, so if something goes wrong, you're covered.


  • Q:

    Is the Greenworks GLM801600 self-propelled?

  • A:

    No, this model is not self-propelled.

  • Q:

    Does the mower come with a battery and charger?

  • A:

    No. The mower’s battery and charger are sold separately.

  • Q:

    Will the mower work with Greenworks 40V batteries?

  • A:

    No, the mower will only work with GreenWorks 80V batteries.

  • Q:

    Is a bagger included?

  • A:

    Yes, a bagger is included with the mower.

  • Q:

    What is the mower’s blade length?

  • A:

    The mower has a 20-inch blade.

  • Q:

    Can I use the mower’s batteries with other Greenworks products?

  • A:

    Yes, the battery can be used with other Greenworks 80V tools.

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