Worx Nitro 40V 21" Review

Push Lawn Mower w/Aerodeck & IntelliCut, Brushless Battery Lawn Mower Up to 1/2 Acre, Cordless Lawn Mower w/ 7-Position Height Adjustment WG752 – Batteries & Charger Included


Final Score

4.3 / 5 from 462 users

Worx Nitro 40V 21" | Tools Official
Worx Nitro 40V 21" | Tools Official
Worx Nitro 40V 21" | Tools Official


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We spent 8.3 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

10 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers appreciate the lightweight design of the Worx Nitro 40V 21" mower, making it easy to handle and maneuver compared to traditional gas mowers. (28 reviews)

    • “The mower is very lightweight.”

    • “The mower weighs about half as much as my gas powered one, so there is much less fatigue involved--not to mention sweat.”

    • “It is a very simple build that makes the mower very light.”

    • “This mower is lightweight (about 50 lbs. I think), and easy to push and maneuver.”

    • “At only about 50 lbs (35 lbs less than my old gas mower) it is easy to push and not a problem on the hills in my yard.”

    • “We received this unit and it is light weight and easy to maneuver around the yard. Its about half the weight of my Troy Bilt and Craftsman lawnmowers.”

    • “The light weight allows me to control the mower while cutting so not having a power-driven wheel is not a problem.”

    • “This mower is also light enough to easily maneuver despite it being manual driven.”

    • “I love how light and maneuverable the mower is.”

    • “Lightweight, quiet (compared to a gas mower), easy to stow away.”

  • The mower is praised for being quieter than traditional gas mowers, which is especially beneficial for users with sensitivity to loud noises. (28 reviews)

    • “It’s a cool looking, quiet and efficient, mower.”

    • “No gas or exhaust odors and it is much quieter.”

    • “It runs quietly with very little vibration.”

    • “Not as loud as gas mowers, and certainly does just as good of a job.”

    • “The Worx Nitro 40V is super quiet compared to my old gas mower - no ear protection necessary.”

    • “No gas, no loud noise, and no fumes!”

    • “It's super quiet especially compared to gas.”

    • “The quietness is just so awesome too. You can mow earlier in the day or later in the evening without disturbing your neighbors...”

    • “1000 times less noisy than gas mowers”

    • “I can’t believe how quiet the mower sounds. Just like a fan.”

  • Many users mention that the mower provides a clean and effective cut, even in thicker grass, thanks to its ability to increase motor power when needed. (16 reviews)

    • “The mower cuts nicely and in heavy grass the motor kicks it up a notch to get through it (kinda badass!).”

    • “The mower does really well through thick grass as well (mine is field grass, so its tough if it gets thick).”

    • “My lawn is very thick and lush this year due to a lot of rain, and this mower has no problem cutting the grass.”

    • “Good design. Cuts thick grass.”

    • “This Worx WG751.3 cuts really well, and the bagger also works like a champ (better cutting and bagging than the older Greenworks).”

    • “The lawn mower cut really well.”

    • “With the automatic power boost, I can push it fast.”

    • “It goes through the grass very well.”

    • “Great power, cuts like any other gas powered mower.”

    • “I live in the country and have a lot of weeds, but this mower cuts them down easily.”

  • Several reviews highlight the benefit of using interchangeable batteries with other WORX tools, enhancing the mower's versatility and convenience. (12 reviews)

    • “I also have the WORX WG186 40V Nitro Power Share Cordless Attachment-Capable Driveshare 15" String Trimmer and love how the batteries are interchangeable.”

    • “I bought it because I own several other Worx tools and am hooked on the idea of interchangeable batteries (and really like my other Worx tools).”

    • “I was able to finish the mowing job with the two 20V batteries that I bought in 2021. This is one of the most effective designs that any company has produced; same battery that can be used in all of their products.”

    • “Love this brand and got the edger as well, which uses the same battery.”

    • “I own several Worx power tools and already had three batteries that are the same.”

    • “I've purchased several of their tools since and so glad to have found this 40v push mower on sale with charger and batteries, which may be used with most WORX Tools.”

    • “we went with this mower,primarily, because of all the other battery operated WORX tools we already owned.”

    • “Almost everything that is battery powered in my garage / workshop runs on Worx batteries.”

    • “The batteries don't take a very long time to recharge and I can use them with my other WORX products.”

    • “had 2/5 charge left to use my edger and leaf blower with same batteries”

  • The Worx Nitro 40V 21" mower is noted for its easy and straightforward assembly. Multiple reviews mention that it can be set up quickly out of the box without needing detailed instructions. (9 reviews)

    • “Assembly was easy, if you can even call it assembly.”

    • “The new mower was easy to get set up and the batteries charged quickly.”

    • “I loved the ease of assembly. It was out of the box and ready to use in minutes.”

    • “Assembly was easy and straightforward... I do not see where you need directions to put this unit together...”

    • “Set-up was very easy.”

    • “This mower is easy to unbox and assemble.”

    • “super easy to assemble”

    • “Easy to assemble and set up and operate.”

    • “it works great is easy to assemble”

  • The mower supports multiple grass discharge options, including mulching, bagging, and side discharge, which have been noted as effective by different users. (9 reviews)

    • “I use the mulching cover and it works well.”

    • “Three options for cutting: mulching, side discharge, or bagging.”

    • “The side chute also works well.”

    • “I disengaged more frequently and used side discharge mode. Completed the whole lawn with 2 battery bars to spare.”

    • “Comes with the option of picking up the cut grass in the provided bag, push it to the side or to the back.”

    • “It can mulch, throw grass out one side, or bag the grass with a behind-catch (all included with the mower). I've used all three methods and they work as expected.”

    • “It can be used with a bag, with a directional chute, or as-is for mulching as you go.”

    • “The mulching feature is great.”

    • “It has a side discharge, a mulch plug, and a catch grass bag.”

  • The height adjustment feature is noted as quick and easy to use, allowing for personalized lawn care preferences. (8 reviews)

    • “Height adjustment is quick and easy, too.”

    • “It’s is pretty light and has a simple construction and height changing mechanism.”

    • “The single lever height adjustment is a nice feature.”

    • “Easily adjustable hight setting.”

    • “The height adjustment is controlled with one lever.”

    • “especially how easy it is to adjust the height with a simple lever.”

    • “Like the easy handle to adjust the deck height.”

    • “one lever height adjustment”

  • The mower can be stored upright, which is considered an unexpected bonus by multiple users, saving space in storage areas. (7 reviews)

    • “Put away is awesome with this mower. It folds up very easily.”

    • “The handle adjustments are real easy and being able to store the mower upright is an unexpected bonus.”

    • “The mower handle folds and allows the mower to be stood up for easy storage.”

    • “Lightweight, quiet (compared to a gas mower), easy to stow away.”

    • “It’s my 2nd mower so needed it to be compact, which it folds up small.”

    • “great for folding up and walking into my basement for storage.”

    • “I like how the handle easily lowers for storage.”

  • The Worx Nitro 40V 21" is very easy to start, eliminating the hassle associated with starting gas mowers. (6 reviews)

  • Constructed with a combination of metal and plastic to keep weight down while maintaining durability. (5 reviews)

    • “Worx made some smart compromises on materials (metal deck and handle, and the rest mostly plastic) to keep the weight down.”

    • “It's also very lightweight (the actual 'deck' and handles are metal), with much of the other structure being sturdy plastic.”

    • “Except for the blade housing and mower handle, which are metal, yes it's plastic but of a high quality”

    • “The deck is steel and the mower is easy to use.”

    • “Feel a bit safer since it has the metal deck compared to other electric mowers that have only plastic.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • Multiple users have highlighted that the batteries of the Worx Nitro 40V 21" do not last long enough for larger yards or thicker grass. Some have to swap batteries mid-job or purchase additional batteries to complete the mowing. (32 reviews)

    • “The mower does not last the entire yard on 2 20v batteries, we have to switch the batteries roughly 3/4 of the way through the entire yard.”

    • “I have a 4,000 Square feet yard and have to charge 3 times the battery to finish it. So, the seller claims up to 1/4 acres (more than 10,000 square feet) and I was able to mown a third of what they claim with two full charged batteries.”

    • “You need another two batteries to do a front and back yard of average size properly.”

    • “I typically get maybe 45 minutes on a single charge during a regular weekly cut. Way less if I let the grass get tall or run over a bunch of sticks or leaves. It takes 2hrs or so of charging to get another 30 min or so from the batteries. So consider a second set of the bigger 5AH batteries if your yard is much over 1/3 acre.”

    • “Battery life. Major problem. I have a small front and back yard. Takes me 45 mins total to mow both. This mower made it through that once. The first time I used it on a full charge, I literally made my last cut line as it shut off. Every mow since then, it's lasted less and less time. Today I was only able to get the front done (25 mins) on a FULL charge. Just disappointing. I ended up buying 2 more batteries so I can finish cutting in one session and not have to wait hours for the original batteries to get a charge.”

    • “Battery dosen't last long i can only mow half my yard on a full charge of 2 Battery's”

    • “It just does not have the battery power to do more than a small yard with moderately thick grass.”

    • “This will degrade your battery quickly leading to a recharge need before you finish cutting.”

    • “Tried the mower for the first time today, and am not happy at all with the battery life. The mower stopped and would not start. I was quite surprised the batteries were dead after such a short time. This was quite unexpected after all their advertisements about extended life and such. Now I have half of my SMALL front lawn mowed and am waiting for the batteries to recharge. Based on this scenario I’ll need AT LEAST three recharges to mow the back yard.”

    • “This mower would not be good for a large yard.”

  • One review mentioned that the mower's lowest cutting height setting is 1.5 inches, which might not be short enough for some users who prefer a lower cut. (3 reviews)

    • “I use the lowest cutting height and it is perfect for me, but it might not be short enough for some.”

    • “My only complaint is that I usually like to scalp my lawn to about 3/4 of an inch high. The lowest setting for this mower is 1.5 inches.”

    • “At the lowest setting, 1-1/2” inches, it doesn’t cut short enough and only the front wheels lowered, not the whole machine.”

  • Users have mentioned that the mower lacks handles on the top and front for easy lifting when the handle is collapsed. Additionally, the battery compartment is inconvenient as it does not have room for fingers to easily grab the batteries. (2 reviews)

    • “it needs a handle on the top of the motor housing, and a handle on the front (to lift it when the handle is collapsed). The battery compartment does not have room for fingers to grab the batteries, so I've added "tape handles" to both batteries.”

    • “Gave it 2 stars because this one doesn't have springs under batt to pop them up when you release, bout impossible to get batt out, I had an older one that had springs under batt so I put them in new mower works great, it was stupid of them to eliminate the springs from the new mower you all will know what I am talking about when a batt gets a rought spot on it and can't get batt out”

Bottom Line

The Worx Nitro 40V 21" mower is praised for its lightweight design, making it easy to handle. It operates quietly and delivers a clean cut, even in thick grass, thanks to its power-boosting motor. The mower's interchangeable batteries add convenience, and it offers multiple grass discharge options. Quick assembly and easy height adjustment are other perks. However, its battery life may fall short for larger yards, and some users find the battery compartment and lack of lifting handles inconvenient.


Cutting Width (in)21 inch
FeaturesRear Discharge, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge, Electric Start
Max Cutting Height4"
Min Cutting Height1.5"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty5-Year Limited
Weight55 lbs.

Special Features

  • Aerodeck Technology: Boosts air flow in the cutting deck to stop clogs and clumping, making sure your lawn looks great and you spend less time mowing. It also helps collect more grass clippings in the bag.
  • Brushless Motor 2.0: Gives you 40% more power and lasts 10% longer than older models. Perfect for lawns up to 1/2 acre.
  • IntelliCut Technology: Uses smart sensors to automatically adjust the cutting speed. Speeds up for thick grass and slows down for light areas, saving battery life.
  • PowerShare Battery System: Uses the included (2) 20V 5.0Ah batteries that can also power over 140 other Worx tools, giving you more flexibility.
  • 3-in-1 Functionality: Lets you mulch, bag, or discharge the grass from the side. You can easily switch between these options to suit your needs.
  • Quick and Easy Settings: Handle folds down for easy storage and you can quickly adjust the cutting height from 1.5" to 4" with a single lever.
  • Convenient Storage and Use: Handle folds up so it takes up less space in your garage. You can also adjust the handle height for comfortable mowing.
  • Onboard Charge-Level Indicator: Shows you how much battery you have left so you know when it's time to recharge.
  • Durable Construction: Made from strong but lightweight materials that resist damage and rust, giving you a lawn mower that lasts longer.
  • Complete Package: Comes with everything you need: the lawn mower, (2) 20V 5.0Ah batteries, a dual charger, a collection bag, a side-discharge chute, and a mulch plug.


  • Q:

    Can the RPM be adjusted to avoid lifting plants?

  • A:

    No, the RPMs on this mower cannot be adjusted. However, it operates at a relatively low RPM.

  • Q:

    Where is the serial number located on this model?

  • A:

    The serial number location may vary by model. Please refer to the user manual for the specific location on your mower.

  • Q:

    What is the shortest cutting height of this mower?

  • A:

    The shortest cutting height of this mower is 1.5 inches. The mower has six adjustable levels.

  • Q:

    Can this mower be stored on a screened-in porch?

  • A:

    Yes, it can be stored on a screened-in porch. It is advisable to remove the battery and store it indoors if temperatures are extreme.

  • Q:

    Does this mower mulch effectively?

  • A:

    Yes, this mower is effective at mulching and delivers satisfactory results.

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