Cat DG670 Review

60V 21” Cordless Lawn Mower, 3-In-1 Cutting Modes, Brushless with TorqLogic, Easy-Adapt Walk-Behind Push, Battery & Charger Included


Final Score

4.4 / 5 from 22 users

Cat DG670 | Tools Official
Cat DG670 | Tools Official
Cat DG670 | Tools Official


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We spent 6 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Multiple reviews have highlighted that the Cat DG670 mower is very easy to use, with features like an easy-to-install battery and simple operation. (7 reviews)

    • “Very easy to use!”

    • “The battery is big yet easy to install into motor.”

    • “easy to assemble and well made”

    • “LOVE LOVE the deck adjustment - super easy”

    • “Operation is simple, push and hold the red button, and pull the bail, and let go of the button.”

    • “Other than being quiet, I was really impressed with how easy it is to use. Just push down the red button and squeeze the lower handle to start. Raising and lowering it is also very easy and can be done with one hand (see video).”

    • “It's so easy to use and adjust.”

  • Several customers noted that the battery lasts long enough to mow significant areas, with one user mentioning they can mow 0.50 acres on a single charge. (6 reviews)

    • “Battery last pretty long. I am able to get my entire front and back .50 of an acre on 1 Battery.”

    • “large battery, 60V - 5Ah (total 300Wh capacity) that runs long. I can mow 5000sqft without the need of charging, takes around 40 min approx. It seems it can handle larger lawn around 7500 without pausing”

    • “The charge has lasted two cuts and I think it will last one more and for my bermuda lawn, it has been cutting it well.”

    • “My lawn was pretty over grown and took 3 charging cycles now that its back to normal the one charge does the entire front and back yard”

    • “I can easily mow my yard on the given battery life.”

    • “One fully charged battery gave us about two uses. So essentially, we could mow it twice before we would need to charge the battery.”

  • The mower is described as well-made and solid, with robust construction and alloy steel body mentioned by multiple reviewers. (5 reviews)

    • “You can tell it is well made solid machine.”

    • “build quality looks good, body is alloy steel, which adds some weight but it feels robust”

    • “well made”

    • “Seems very well built. Has what appears to be a composite deck so should last a very long time”

    • “it's a great brand and the workmanship and finish is top notch”

  • The mower can be folded up nicely for compact storage, a feature praised by several users. (5 reviews)

    • “vertical storage”

    • “light weight and easy to store”

    • “It folds up quite nicely in the garage and for now its being stored there rather in the shed since it doesn't smell like gas.”

    • “Easy collapsible handle for easy and compact storage”

    • “The handle locks closed for storage, and the unit sits upright to save space.”

  • The Cat DG670 mower offers multiple options for grass management, including a large leaf bag, side discharge chute, and an easy mulch-to-bag conversion lever. (4 reviews)

    • “Has a bag to catch grass clippings.”

    • “side discharge plate and chute, this is nice feature for times you want to mulch and discharge side ways not so important but this comes with the option”

    • “Multiple attachments for side discharge and rear bagging”

    • “Simple bag to mulch slider.”

  • The design is appreciated for being ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, with a color combination that users like. (2 reviews)

  • Bright LED lights with an on/off switch are a feature noted by users, adding to the mower's convenience. (1 review)

3 reasons not to buy

  • Multiple reviews mentioned that the Cat DG670 mower only comes with one battery, despite expectations that it includes a secondary backup battery. (3 reviews)

    • “My delivery only had one battery. Where’s the other smaller back-up battery?”

    • “Rated 4 stars because it should come with two batteries for the price. Smaller backup battery should be included to use while charging.”

    • “This only includes one battery though there is a spot for a second one to elongate your use of the mower.”

  • One user highlighted that the mower does not cut grass as short as their previous gas-powered mower, leading to a less satisfactory appearance of their lawn. (2 reviews)

    • “This new one does not cut short enough to please me it looks too shaggy, and I adjusted it repeatedly and it's now at the lowest level possible but still not as short as I would like.”

    • “The height adjustment stop was hitting the lock pin by the left rear wheel, so it wouldn't engage the lowest setting.”

  • Without a self-propelled feature, the mower can become heavy and difficult to push, especially for larger yards or hilly terrains. (2 reviews)

    • “Since this isn't self propelled it can get heavy if you are pushing up hills.”

    • “It is heavy though. My grandfather would not be able to use this one to mow. We did not get the self-propelling one. I suspect if it was it would be easier, a little, but it is still a lug of a mower.”

Bottom Line

The Cat DG670 mower is user-friendly with an easy-to-install battery and simple operation. Its robust alloy steel body and compact fold-up design make it durable and easy to store. The battery lasts long enough to mow up to 0.50 acres, and it offers versatile grass management options. Bright LED lights add convenience. However, it comes with only one battery, doesn't cut grass as short as other mowers, and can be heavy to push without a self-propelled feature.


Cutting Width (in)21 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height4"
Min Cutting Height1.5"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty5 Years
Weight68.3 lbs.

Special Features

  • Gas-Like Power with Battery Convenience: You get the strong cutting power of a gas mower, but with the ease of a battery—no more hassle with gas starts or fumes.
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor 2.0: This motor gives 40% more power and 10% longer runtime than usual motors, and it's much stronger and lasts longer than older brushed motors.
  • Intelligent TorqLogic Technology: This feature adjusts power automatically depending on how thick the grass is, making sure you get the best cut and save battery life.
  • Versatile 3-In-1 Cutting Modes: You can easily switch between collecting grass in a bag, mulching it, or spreading it out the side—all with one lever.
  • Dual Battery Port: You can keep two batteries ready, so when one runs out, you can quickly switch to the other and keep mowing.
  • Fine Mulching Capability: The mower's sharp blades and special design create tiny grass clippings that are good for your lawn and save bag space.
  • Convenient LED Lights: Lights help you see better in low-light conditions, so you can mow early or late in the day.
  • Compact and Easy Storage: The handle folds down, making it easy to store and transport without taking up much space.
  • Superior Construction: It's built tough with a steel deck and smooth-rolling wheels, so it works well even on rough ground.
  • Quick Cutting Height Adjustments: You can easily change the cutting height to fit your lawn's needs without straining yourself.
  • Battery and Charger Included: It comes with a 60V battery and charger that work with all Cat 60V tools, so you don't need to buy them separately.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Features like a battery life indicator, automatic power adjustment, and easy starting make mowing simpler and more enjoyable.


  • Q:

    How long is the battery run time?

  • A:

    With two batteries, it can mow approximately 1/2 acre. One battery can handle most of the work, while the second battery may be needed to finish the job.

  • Q:

    Can the battery from the DG670 be used with other Cat 60V Outdoor Power Equipment?

  • A:

    Yes, the battery from the mower is compatible with all Cat 60V Outdoor Power Equipment products.

  • Q:

    Is a separate blade required for mulching, side discharging, or bagging with this mower?

  • A:

    There is no need for additional blades.

  • Q:

    Is it possible to sharpen the blade of the mower?

  • A:

    Yes, the mower blade can be sharpened. However, it's crucial to exercise extreme caution when handling blades. Always remove batteries before starting, wear heavy-duty leather gloves, and handle the blade carefully. Regular sharpening is recommended to maintain a clean cut and prevent tearing the tips of the grass.

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