Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower Review

Cordless Push Mower with LED Lights, Aluminum Handles, 5.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger


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4.4 / 5 from 9715 users

Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower | Tools Official
Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower | Tools Official
Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower | Tools Official


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8 reasons to buy

  • Customers consistently mention how easy the Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower is to push and handle due to its lightweight design, even though it is not self-propelled. (62 reviews)

    • “no struggling to push it because it is so lightweight”

    • “It is very light and easy to handle even though it's not self-propelled.”

    • “But it was so light and maneuverable that it was truly fun to use.”

    • “* Maneuvers more easily than a heavy gas mower”

    • “I was amazed at how easy this mower is to handle. It glides across the yard without much effort, making mowing a pleasure rather than a chore.”

    • “it's so light I was afraid it wouldn't handle cutting at all, but I was so wrong.”

    • “was light and easy to maneuver”

    • “What I really like is how lightweight the mower is”

    • “It is pretty light weight compared to a gas mower.”

    • “It's lightweight and easy to use.”

  • The 40V battery is reported to last long enough to complete mowing on a single charge for small to average-sized lawns, with additional power left over. The ability to use the same battery for other tools is also noted. (33 reviews)

    • “on one fully charged 40 volt, 4.0 Ah battery, I mowed the front yard in about 30 minutes and the battery lasted and still had power left”

    • “There was still life left in the battery when I finished my yard, so I went next door and started in on their yard.”

    • “The 40V battery provides enough power to mow my entire lawn on a single charge. Plus, it's compatible with other Greenwork tools, adding to its convenience.”

    • “not only did it cut my grass, I was able to put the battery in the weed eater and get that done too.”

    • “I did my entire front yard and around the side of my house in 35-40 minutes with a battery that was still going strong.”

    • “I was able to mow the front and backyard on a full charge.”

    • “I mow for about 45 minutes and the battery has held a charge without fault.”

    • “The battery takes a while to charge when fully empty (a couple hours maybe, I wasn't really paying attention, but it didn't seem terribly long), but it then runs the mower for a long time. I can easily mow both my front and back lawns with charge left over on what I guess is a fairly standard city lot size.”

    • “My yard is so small, I can get it done on 1/2 the battery charge.”

    • “I love the fact that all tools take the same battery”

  • The mower operates quietly compared to traditional gas mowers, making the mowing experience more pleasant and less disruptive. (32 reviews)

    • “it is much quieter than a gas mower”

    • “The mower is extremely quiet and doesn't sound like it's cutting very much but it does.”

    • “* FAR quieter than gas”

    • “No more fumes or loud engine noises! This electric mower is quiet and clean, aligning perfectly with my efforts to be more environmentally conscious.”

    • “And it was so quiet I could easily hear my ear buds without having to crank the music.”

    • “What I really like is how quiet it runs. I doubt my neighbors across the street could even hear the mower.”

    • “It is super quiet and hardly any vibration.”

    • “It’s quiet and light weight.”

    • “The mower is much quieter than a typical gas powered machine.”

    • “It's way quieter and way easier to start. No priming or string pulling needed.”

  • Assembly is quick, often taking just a few minutes, and the folding handle feature is appreciated for its convenience in storage. (26 reviews)

    • “It arrived and I assembled it in just a few minutes with no trouble at all.”

    • “It's easy to put together.”

    • “The mower came mostly assembled, and I had it ready to go in minutes. The folding handle makes storage a breeze, even in my crowded garage.”

    • “Came in perfect and took 10 minutes to put together. It folds up easily.”

    • “Easy to assemble. Easy to start! I love that it’s easy to store with folded handles!”

    • “The handle has quick releases that with a simple twist allow you to fold it up over the mower, which has a carry-handle built in at the center of gravity so you can easily pick the whole thing up to store it somewhere.”

    • “So easy to put together”

    • “It is virtually maintenance free and easily folds down for compact storage.”

    • “Assembly was very easy and literally took all of about five minutes (only because I didn't bother to read the instructions). I like how small and compact this unit can become when it is folded up.”

  • Users appreciate the minimal maintenance requirements of the Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower, especially when compared to those of traditional gas mowers. (21 reviews)

    • “needs way less maintenance”

    • “I'm also thrilled that I don't have to be bothered with the fuss of fueling & and winterizing a gas-powered piece of equipment.”

    • “I got this as i was sick of deal with the maintenance of the gas mower.”

    • “I definitely like not having to winterize or rebuild the carb of the gas mower every season.”

    • “It's electric, so you have just one moving part other than the blade. The blade is the only thing requiring maintenance. Say goodbye to winterization of your mower. Say goodbye to trying to hunt down ethanol free gas that won't ruin your mower's gas tank or carburetor.”

    • “The only maintenance it’s needed was a blade sharpening every other year and it’s worked flawlessly for, by my rough math, about 300 mowing sessions.”

    • “It is virtually maintenance free and easily folds down for compact storage.”

    • “I love NOT having to ever mess anymore with gas or oil or primer buttons or hurting my side or bad shoulder by pulling a cord!!”

    • “Just the fact that I can pull this thing out of the basement in the spring, pop in the battery, push the starter and get it going without having to pull my arm off and drag it into the shop every year makes it so worth it.”

  • Offers quick and easy adjustment of cutting height with several different settings, providing flexibility for different lawn conditions. (18 reviews)

    • “I love the quick 5-level adjust. I cut my yard on position #2 just fine.”

    • “The adjustable height settings provide perfect control for a clean and even cut.”

    • “The lever on the deck that adjusts the mower height moves easily and locks firmly into place.”

    • “Very lightweight and the quick adjustment made changing heights instant.”

    • “I set the height at 3, and it mows the grass and leaves flawlessly. I have rocks underneath some areas and it doesn’t touch those on this setting.”

    • “Easy to raise and lower the blade.”

    • “The height adjust mechanism is sensible and sturdy.”

    • “It has FIVE height levels, and you can adjust the whole mower with 1 hand!”

    • “The adjustable height setting works great to not burn out grass and to cut if it is a bit overgrown.”

    • “easily adjust the height lever to even mow the grass that grows in between cracks of stepping stone paths in our back yard”

  • It has the ability to mulch well, handling leaves and grass clippings effectively during the mowing process. (16 reviews)

    • “It mulches well”

    • “I mulched my lawn and there were no clippings left. It worked perfect using the regular blade.”

    • “I love the mulching factor! (my yard was wild by the time it arrived. Never needed the bag so far.)”

    • “the mulch in the bag is very small”

    • “it mows the grass and leaves flawlessly”

    • “I've used it to bag, which works great, and I've also used it as a mulcher without the bag and that works great too.”

    • “It mulches.”

    • “I don't use the bag and it mulches well so I don't need to rake if I mow regularly”

    • “I use the mulching option and im very pleased with no grass to throw away”

    • “The mower mulches better than the electric unit this replaced (a bit of grass in the mulch plug when I was done)”

  • The electric nature of the mower means no gas emissions, aligning with users' environmental concerns. (13 reviews)

    • “This electric mower is quiet and clean, aligning perfectly with my efforts to be more environmentally conscious.”

    • “We sure don't miss the smell of the fumes from our old gas mower”

    • “it’s better for you (and the environment if you’re into that kind of thing)”

3 reasons not to buy

  • The Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower has garnered some user feedback regarding battery charging issues, with a few customers also noting difficulties in removing the battery from the mower. (15 reviews)

    • “I put the battery on charge and I noticed the red light was flashing. It didn't charge.”

    • “The most difficult aspect of the mower is removing the battery.”

    • “After I got the cowling reattached (had to force the screws to align with the holes) then I found I could not remove the battery. Forcing the screws racked the cowling such that the battery was stuck.”

    • “Only drawback is the battery takes kinda long to charge, and runs about 30-35 min”

    • “The first time I inserted the battery and tried removing it, it wouldn't come out. I pulled it (after pressing the push clip) as hard as I could but it wouldn't come out.”

    • “Charging the battery takes a while (90 - 120 minutes), so you'd do well to pick up a spare.”

    • “The battery encasement is extremely small and the batter slides in from the top, so there is very little room to get a grip on the battery, push the lever down, then pull the battery up and out. Plus, I have to hold the wheels with one foot so the mower doesn't move while I'm struggling with the battery!”

    • “The battery life was short I have a pretty standard lawn, live in the middle of my block. I only got 1/2 way thru when it died.”

    • “battery only last 15-20 min. Can’t do much in such a short time.”

    • “My original battery and the new battery only lasted just shy of 15 minutes per battery. I needed 4 fully charged batteries to get through my 1/6 acre yard with the 16" model.”

    • “It took 2 hours to charge the battery. After about 45 minutes of use, I still had 1 of 4 bars left on the battery.”

    • “I could only get half the back yard mowed with one charge. THis means it would take one hour to charge the battery and almost one to mow. When the battery dies you have to wait for a cool down period then charge then mow again.”

    • “Batter not working. I return it.”

  • The mower struggles with long, thick, or wet grass and requires going slower or making multiple passes, which may not compare well with gas mowers. (14 reviews)

    • “This little guy really struggled with the longer, wetter grass. I had to go slower, and frequently back-off or lift off to keep from bogging down the motor.”

    • “I did have to do multiple passes to get it all clean and neatly cut, but I've had to do that with a gas mower too.”

    • “Ended up returning mower because the Bermuda grass was more than it could handle even @ the highest height setting.”

    • “If I mow slightly damp grass it will clump around the blades”

    • “Like a vacuum cleaner, you end up having to go over a few spots a couple of times”

    • “You may need to slow down your cutting speed from a gas powered unit”

    • “If you are cutting very thick grass or cutting more than two inches off of your grass (especially in "mulch" mode), the motor will sense the slowdown (which you'll hear) and it will speed up. This drains your battery /much/ faster.”

    • “The first time I used it the grass was wet and I took off about two inches. It didn't do a great job”

    • “It will stall out when faced with a patch of thick grass, this in turn causes the battery to run down EXTREMELY quickly.”

    • “NO Power Battery runs for 5-10 minutes max, couldn't get through my first mowing of a dry, 2.5 inch 600sq ft lawn even on 2 charges”

    • “The mower tends to leave clumps of grass clippings unmulched, even in areas where the grass isn't very high and is certainly not wet. I've had to go over areas 2-3 times in order to get rid of most of them.”

  • While the mower is lightweight, there are questions regarding the long-term durability of the plastic construction and components such as the wheels. (14 reviews)

    • “There's little to rust, but I wonder how durable it will be, especially those kinda cheap wheels that love to get jammed between the lawn and the cement edges.”

    • “The only negative thing I can say about it is it seems a little chintzy.”

    • “since it is all plastic”

    • “It was a bit tough to get the clamps in place that are supposed to help it fold down.”

    • “Upon close inspection, I found three of the screws that hold the top cowling (covering the motor) to be missing. I expected to be able to simply reinstall them but the plastic cowling had to be forced (using two people) to get it to allow the screws to align with their holes.”

    • “Whole thing is plastic so don’t expect longevity”

    • “seems like some brushes come a loose and you have to remove the top to fix it. I can’t get the screws here we are…10 months later…I’ll be taking my lawnmower to a repair shop.”

    • “By the third mow the mechanism that secures the handle had stripped and the handle could slide freely up and down at least a foot in height while mowing.”

    • “Plastic cutting deck is tough but not metal.”

    • “Due to it being mainly plastic (lightweight), you literally can push it with one hand.”

Bottom Line

The Greenworks 60V 21” Lawn Mower is a lightweight, easy-to-handle machine perfect for keeping your lawn neat. It's got a lasting battery good for small to medium yards and is quiet so it won't disturb the neighborhood. Set up is a breeze and it folds up for simple storage. With low upkeep and no gas fumes, it's a solid eco-friendly choice. However, it might struggle with tougher grass and the build quality could be sturdier. Some folks have issues with the battery too.


Cutting Width (in)21 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Rear Discharge, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height3.375"
Min Cutting Height1.25"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty4 Years
Weight59.52 pounds

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Special Features

  • High-Performance Battery Power: Just like a muscle car, this mower has a strong motor that can spin the blades really fast—3200 RPM—so you get a clean cut every time, without the stinky gas smell or loud noise.
  • Extended Runtime: It's like having enough gas to keep mowing for a full hour, covering half a football field on a single charge of its battery.
  • Enhanced Power and Quiet Operation: It's stronger than many battery mowers and way quieter than gas ones, so you won't bother the neighbors or hurt your ears.
  • Weather-Ready Design: The mower is built tough to handle rain or bad weather, so a little water won't stop it from getting the job done.
  • Dual Battery Port with Auto Switch: It's like having a backup gas can. When one battery runs out, it switches to another without you having to do a thing (just remember, the second battery is sold on its own).
  • Versatile Cutting Options: You can do whatever you want with the grass clippings: mulch them back into the lawn, shoot them out the side, catch them in a bag, or even suck up leaves.
  • Space-Saving Storage: The handle folds down so the mower stands up on its end, taking up way less room in your garage or shed.
  • Visibility-Enhancing LED Lights: It has headlights like a car, so you can mow early in the morning or after the sun sets without missing a spot.
  • Hassle-Free Operation: Starting it up is a breeze—just push a button, no yanking a pull cord or dealing with engine maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly Lawn Care: This mower is good for Mother Earth since it doesn't need gas or oil and doesn't spit out nasty fumes.


  • Q:

    Is the grass catcher bag included with the 16, 19 and 20" models?

  • A:

    Yes, it is included in all the g-max models that are presently on sale today. The bag Is very easy to empty and put back. The height adjustment on the mower is a piece of cake. Very pleased with the 16 inch model. If your yard is large get the 19 inch as it comes with 2 large 4.0 amp batteries for $309 today only (4-24-2014).

  • Q:

    Does it have a battery level indicator?

  • A:

    The battery has a small button on it that you push and little lights will display the amount of charge remaining

  • Q:

    How well does this mower cut? Does it provide a nice, even cut like a gas mower? Currently have a push reel mower that leaves lawn looking unfinished

  • A:

    On shorter grass or frequently-cut areas, I only have to go over it once, and it does provide a nice even cut. It's also very easy to adjust the cutting height to account for the terrain, your preference, etc. On longer, thicker grass, I've had to go over it twice, but I would also have had to do that with the gas push mower I had before. This mower is also super-light compared to my old gas mower, and is nice and quiet. Last, but not least, it mulches really well; I haven't even used the bag that comes with it.

  • Q:

    Does this mower use a cutting blade (or does it use a cord like a trimmer has)? Thanks !

  • A:

    It has 2 twin metal mower bladed about 6 inches long which can easily be replaced later if needed. The mower does an EXCELLENT job of cutting and mulching.

  • Q:

    Just got this lawn mower, fully charged the battery but the lawnmower would not start. Is the battery light supposed to stay on??

  • A:

    Hello Kaew,The battery light will not stay on. Here is the start procedure for our mowers. This information is located on page 16 of the owner's manual. Please ensure you follow the steps in the following sequence. The unit will not turn on in any other order:To start the motor:- Press and hold the safety lock-out button (1). (See Fig. 6)- Pull the bail switch (2) upward to the handle to start the mower and release the button.To stop the motor:- Release the bail switch.If you are still experiencing issues with this mower please contact our support line at 1-888-909-6757.

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