20-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower with 125 cc 4-Cycle Briggs & Stratton Engine, Side Discharge, 3-Position Manual Height Adjustment


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4.2 / 5 from 476 users

SENIX LSPG-L2 | Tools Official
SENIX LSPG-L2 | Tools Official
SENIX LSPG-L2 | Tools Official

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9 reasons to buy

  • Several users have reported that the SENIX LSPG-L2 lawnmower is easy to assemble straight out of the box, requiring minimal effort. (32 reviews)

  • The mower is reported to start easily, even after being stored for an extended period, like over the winter. (32 reviews)

    • “Sat in the garage all winter and literally fired up the first time of the season!”

    • “Started after only the second pull 2 days in row”

    • “low and behold the 5th use went off without a hitch and the mower has been starting on the first pull every time I use it”

    • “It started on the first pull. And continued to as I mowed almost three acres of my rolling hill lawn.”

    • “The mower started right up on the first pull”

    • “Has primer bulb which works every time unlike newer 'easy start' systems. First start took 8 pumps, subsequent starts, two.”

    • “once assembled it started on the very first pull”

    • “starts every time”

    • “Starts with one pull”

    • “It started on the second pull.”

  • The mower is described as very light and easy to push, which makes it convenient for users to maneuver, especially in trimming or mowing under bushes. (25 reviews)

    • “20 " mowers are light weight yet powerful and easy to maneuver”

    • “It is very light and easy to push”

    • “This mower is lightweight but sturdy”

    • “You will fall in love on your first push.”

    • “The mower is extremely easy to push.”

    • “it was effective and very light weight.”

    • “The lawnmower is much lighter than expected which makes it easy to handle.”

    • “I wanted something that would be light and easy to maneuver. This mower fits the bill for me.”

    • “Mower is very lightweight”

    • “The mower is so light! My 12 year can push it.”

  • There are mentions of the mower being powerful enough to cut through tall and thick grass without many issues. (18 reviews)

    • “Cut Thick through 12” thick Grass without issue”

    • “powerful enough to cut 3 foot grass and weeds without choking out much at all”

    • “Only it blasts through miserably thick weed forests with EASE.”

    • “This mower cut through 8 - 10 inch Johnson Grass at regular walking speed.”

    • “Plows through everything no issues”

    • “cuts freakin great”

    • “this mower cuts better than my riding mower”

    • “I actually let my good sized lawn get overgrown twice and the mower has performed perfectly.”

    • “Very powerful for being so small.”

    • “Most lawn mowers do not cut tall grass, weeds and shrubs when they are wet very well, this one sure did.”

  • Many reviews of the SENIX LSPG-L2 praise the reliable performance of its Briggs and Stratton engine, highlighting its ease of starting and overall quality. (11 reviews)

    • “You cannot go wrong with a Briggs and Stratton engine on a lawnmower and this one is great.”

    • “It has a good engine. The smallest engine that Briggs & Stratton make, but still, a good engine.”

    • “The Briggs engine is powerful enough to cut 3 foot grass and weeds without choking out much at all, and is honestly the only reason I bought it.”

    • “I love the Briggs & Staton Engine.”

    • “It has a briggs and stratton motor which is an awesome brand”

    • “It does have a Briggs and Stratton engine non auto choke model with should last forever with proper maintenance.”

    • “First pull starts it every time”

    • “It's an old fashioned Brigs & Stratton engine on a simple platform with for free flow wheels.”

    • “It’s just a no frills lightweight mower with a Briggs engine.”

    • “Great BS motor”

    • “This mower has the same Briggs and Stratton 140cc that the Bolens had.”

  • Multiple reviews mention that despite being lightweight, the mower has a sturdy and durable steel construction, expected to last for years. (10 reviews)

    • “it's sturdy, steel construction”

    • “The deck is sturdy”

    • “This mower is lightweight but sturdy”

    • “Wheels, height mechanism, handle and engine all bolted directly to steel deck. No plastic wheel housings, no plastic bushings.”

    • “It does not look like anything is super flimsy, so I guess it’s a good buy.”

    • “It is light but tuff”

    • “it’s very strong and durable.”

    • “holding up like a champ”

    • “Everything on the mower appears to be just like a reliable mower from the 70s.”

    • “sturdy (so far)”

  • Some reviews value the no-frills, uncomplicated design of the mower, appreciating its straightforward function and ease of use. (10 reviews)

    • “It's an inexpensive gasoline powered mower, for people who want a small, uncomplicated, basic mower. It's no frills.”

    • “I would recommend for simple yard maintenance and easy functionability.”

    • “Mower comes mostly assembled. Lift from box, raise handle, screw on threaded handle nuts: done.”

    • “This is a very basic mower, no frills.”

    • “Like all low price mowers it is a side discharge design and does not come with bag to catch cut grass.”

    • “I actually wanted an old fashioned mower without all the bells and whistles.”

    • “It worked well but is super basic.”

    • “It’s just a no frills lightweight mower with a Briggs engine.”

    • “easy to use and maintain”

    • “Doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done.”

  • At least one review appreciates the product being made in America, specifically in Charlotte, NC. (2 reviews)

    • “No issues made in America in Charlotte nc.”

    • “I decided on this one because it was American made”

  • The SENIX LSPG-L2 lawn mower has received positive feedback for its three cut settings feature, which allows users to customize their lawn care routine to their specific needs. (2 reviews)

3 reasons not to buy

  • The wheels on the SENIX LSPG-L2 are described as cheap and not very well built, raising questions about their durability and quality. (10 reviews)

    • “The wheels are very close in diameter on both, though the Senix's wheels are cast in much thinner plastic than the Murray's and the axle is thinner.”

    • “these wheels are cheap and not very well built”

    • “if you tighten only by hand, expect some wheels to come flying off during your first mow”

    • “My biggest concern is how long will the wheels last. Fisher price bubble mowers have better wheels.”

    • “the piece that goes on the back goes up under the mower when you back up and blade has cut some of it off”

    • “The wheel assembly looks inferior.”

    • “if you're purchasing you may have to return. I don't have a means of return nearby I will have to replace the entire front plastic axle housing.”

    • “After mowing for the first time I noticed that the left rear wheel was not aligned properly, indicating that the deck had bent.”

    • “The wheels are gonna break eventually ... this cheap plastic stuff will, but can you expect for $300?”

    • “The wheels are attached to plastic which WILL break in time.”

  • The need to remove wheels for height adjustment was found inconvenient by users, as opposed to having a simpler lever mechanism. (7 reviews)

    • “Yes, you have to unbolt the wheels to raise or lower them. Of course you do. There's no lever mechanism to add expense, complication, and parts to break.”

    • “wheel height adjustment requires wheel removal, a wrench job”

    • “and for ten dollars less, you have to disassemble the wheels to adjust each time”

    • “as well as you can only adjust the mower if you take the wheels off not too pleased with that”

    • “There are three height options, but the wheels need to be completely unbolted and remounted to change the height of the cut.”

    • “There are three settings for the blade height, but you have to take the wheels off to adjust it. Not impossible, but inconvenient.”

    • “The only way to adjust wheel levels is to take the wheel completely off and place it on the level you desire.”

  • Customers reported the mower leaking an oily substance during assembly, raising concerns about the product's condition upon arrival. (2 reviews)

    • “mower was LEAKING oily substance all over the place while I was assembling it”

    • “I noticed there was some oil on the top of the deck but couldn’t find it anywhere else... oil was leaking out the bottom... more oil dripping from the bottom of the air cleaner”

Bottom Line

The SENIX LSPG-L2 is a user-friendly lawnmower that's quick to set up and starts easily, even after a long break. It's light and nimble for easy mowing under bushes, and packs enough punch to tackle tall, thick grass. Built with a tough steel frame and a dependable Briggs and Stratton engine, it's made to last and simplifies your lawn duties with three cutting settings. Although the wheels seem a bit flimsy and adjusting the height could be easier, it's a solid, no-nonsense mower proudly made in the USA.


Cutting Width (in)20 inch
FeaturesSide Discharge
Max Cutting Height3.15"
Min Cutting Height1.35"
Power SourceGas
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty
Weight41 lbs.

Special Features

  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton 125 cc Engine: This mower has a strong engine that’ll make quick work of your grass, even if your yard isn't that big.
  • 20-inch Steel Deck: The metal base is tough and can cut a wide strip of lawn, so you can finish mowing faster.
  • Adjustable Grass Cutting Height: Change how short you cut the grass with three settings, from really short to just a trim.
  • Even Clipping Dispersal with Vortex Tunnel Design: The mower spreads out the cut grass nicely, so your lawn looks neat and tidy.
  • Comfortable Handle: The handle feels good in your hands, making mowing less of a chore.
  • Easy to Push and Turn: The wheels are built to move smoothly, which makes it easier to push around corners and tight spots.
  • Simple Storage with Fold-Down Handle: The handle folds down so you can tuck the mower away without it taking up a lot of room.
  • Comes with Oil for Immediate Use: They give you the engine oil you need, so you can start using the mower right away.
  • Briggs & Stratton Prime 'N Pull System: This fancy-sounding feature just means it's easy to start the mower, even when the engine is cold.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty: You're covered with a warranty for two years, in case something goes wrong with the mower.


  • Q:

    How does one adjust the mowing height?

  • A:

    Adjust the mowing height by using the levers located on each wheel, setting it to the desired level.

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