Senix LSPG-L3 Review

20-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower with 125 cc 4-Cycle Briggs & Stratton Engine, Side Discharge, 5-Position Single Wheel Height Adjustment


Final Score

4.2 / 5 from 514 users

Senix LSPG-L3 | Tools Official
Senix LSPG-L3 | Tools Official
Senix LSPG-L3 | Tools Official

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We spent 9 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

11 reasons to buy

  • The Senix LSPG-L3 has received multiple reviews praising its effectiveness in cutting grass, as it provides a clean and even cut across various yards and grass types. (39 reviews)

    • “Cut the grass like a charm”

    • “The cut was even”

    • “it was in very thick long grass and it worked great!! It exceeded my expectations.”

    • “The Briggs engine is powerful enough to cut 3 foot grass and weeds without choking out much at all”

    • “the lawnmower definitely does the job!”

    • “It mows through deep grass like it's nothing.”

    • “Cut Thick through 12” thick Grass without issue (just a little slower)”

    • “I'm totally pleased with how the mower works/runs.”

    • “Only it blasts through miserably thick weed forests with EASE.”

    • “This mower cut through 8 - 10 inch Johnson Grass at regular walking speed.”

  • A common theme among the reviews is the mower's lightweight design, which makes it easy to push and maneuver during use. (31 reviews)

  • Several users have highlighted the straightforward assembly process, even for those with limited experience in assembling such equipment. (25 reviews)

  • There are multiple mentions of the mower starting up after only one or two pulls, even after being stored for an extended period, which indicates a reliable starting mechanism. (22 reviews)

    • “to my surprise it started on the first pull!”

    • “Started after only the second pull 2 days in row”

    • “Just used to today in fact and it started just fine, I didn't even need to prime it first.”

    • “literally fired up the first time of the season”

    • “Starts easily!”

    • “It started on the first pull.”

    • “started on the very first pull”

    • “started right up on the first pull”

  • The inclusion of a Briggs and Stratton engine in the Senix LSPG-L3 is seen as a positive feature, with reviewers noting the ease of starting and reliability of the engine. (20 reviews)

    • “You cannot go wrong with a Briggs and Stratton engine on a lawnmower and this one is great”

    • “it started on the first pull!”

    • “The Briggs engine is powerful enough to cut 3 foot grass and weeds without choking out much at all”

    • “The mower has been starting on the first pull every time I use it.”

    • “I love the Briggs & Staton Engine”

    • “It started on the first pull. And continued to as I mowed almost three acres of my rolling hill lawn.”

    • “Comes with mower and engine instruction. 15 oz of oil, which is exactly what B&S engine takes.”

    • “started on the very first pull”

    • “It does have a Briggs and Stratton engine non auto choke model with should last forever with proper maintenance.”

    • “It's an old fashioned Brigs & Stratton engine on a simple platform”

  • Reviewers have noted that the mower's simplicity and functionality make it suitable for basic yard maintenance and easy to operate. (11 reviews)

    • “I would recommend for simple yard maintenance and easy functionability.”

    • “Just like the real thing, but not. Most pleased with mower.”

    • “This is about as basic of mower that you can purchase.”

    • “I actually wanted an old fashioned mower without all the bells and whistles.”

    • “This mower fits the bill for me.”

    • “It worked well but is super basic”

    • “Easy to put together and easy to push”

    • “It’s just a no frills lightweight mower with a Briggs engine.”

    • “Easy to put together and use.”

    • “easy to use and maintain”

  • The ability to adjust the mower to different heights is mentioned as a beneficial feature, allowing users to tailor the cut to their lawn's needs. (10 reviews)

    • “You can adjust it to where you need it”

    • “We bought a SENIX LSPG-L3 with full height adjusters”

    • “three cut settings”

    • “There are three height options”

    • “used a ski strap to bend back the adjuster to get the rear up high enough to not drag on the ground”

    • “I put on the lowest setting looks fantastic!”

    • “Make sure you get the 3 position height adjustment for easy height changes.”

    • “adjustment lever for the back wheels”

    • “I have dropped it down to 3 and it's still easy to push!”

    • “I like the adjustable height on the wheels”

  • Users have reported that the mower has a strong engine capable of cutting through thick grass without stalling. This is despite its relatively small 125cc engine size. (6 reviews)

    • “it was in very thick long grass and it worked great!!”

    • “The Briggs engine is powerful enough to cut 3 foot grass and weeds without choking out much at all”

    • “looks like 3.5 hp Very Strong at that”

    • “Mowed damp lawn twice, fantastic results.”

    • “I hardly choked out in even the deep wet overgrown field.”

    • “it runs great also”

  • Users have commented that the Senix LSPG-L3 mower operates quietly compared to other models, which improves the overall user experience. (3 reviews)

  • The mower's size and design are conducive to easy storage, which is appreciated by those with limited space. (2 reviews)

    • “The size it wonderful and very easy to storage”

    • “The handle joining bolts have an outer thread and inner thread with a gap to allow folding down the handle.”

  • The mower features a side discharge option, which is a notable feature for those who prefer to have clippings discharged away from the mower. (2 reviews)

    • “the lawnmower had one bend area on the side discharge”

    • “so grass is discharged high and fast.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some customers have reported dissatisfaction with the Senix LSPG-L3's wheels, which they perceive as being of cheap quality, along with issues pertaining to wheel alignment. These concerns may impact the mower's maneuverability and potentially compromise its long-term durability. (12 reviews)

    • “One fellow said some of his wheels were out of alignment. This is probably due to a minor flaw in the stamping die or stamping process, not the inadequate thickness of the deck.”

    • “The Senix's wheels are cast in much thinner plastic than the Murray's and the axle is thinner. They are mounted on plastic extensions attached to the metal central portion to which the engine attaches.”

    • “The biggest complaint I have is like everyone else, these wheels are cheap and not very well built.”

    • “My biggest concern is how long will the wheels last. Fisher price bubble mowers have better wheels.”

    • “Mower delivered with with a bent rear height adjustment.”

    • “The wheel assembly looks inferior.”

    • “Front left axle clamp arrived shattered”

    • “After mowing for the first time I noticed that the left rear wheel was not aligned properly, indicating that the deck had bent.”

    • “The only bad thing I can say is the back wheels rub the bars to the handle depending on which level you set your wheels.”

  • Customers have reported issues with locating replacement parts for the lawnmower, and customer service has not been helpful in resolving these concerns, leading to frustration and a recommendation to avoid the brand. (11 reviews)

    • “I dislike not being able to find replacement parts and the agent had no idea if they had the parts on a lawnmower delivered this week.”

    • “Upon opening the box I discovered it was missing a critical bolt. I could not find a replacement bolt in Home Depot or Lowe’s.”

    • “Currently awaiting support from their service department but apparently 5-7 business days is typical for support requests right now. Not particularly pleased.”

    • “Due to this I'm missing a single washer for one of the wheels and have to go find a replacement.”

    • “There are no spare parts ( blades ) for this mower anymore. The SENIX web site does not show any spare parts at all for mowers. MORE IMPORTANT - the SEARS web site comes with the following message:"The manufacturer no longer makes this part, and there's no substitute part"”

    • “Called and e-mailed SENIX in attempt to get some missing push handle bolts and wing nuts. No callback or return emails.”

  • There is concern regarding the quality and durability of the blades provided with the unit, as well as restrictions on the ability to use aftermarket blades, which limits options for replacements or upgrades. (8 reviews)

    • “My only complaint is the cheap blades that come on the unit. They are pretty flimsy and come with a keeper that prevents using after market blades that are a better quality. I hit a small stick with it and it bent the liv8ng snot out of the blade.”

    • “The blade mounting holes may rule out aftermarket replacements.”

    • “If you hit a stone the blade sends the shock direct to the crank, and bolts that connect the engine to the cutting desk. Easy to wreck the entire tool.”

    • “Mower blade also bent immediately when hitting a stump as height adjustment wasn't able to get high enough due to defective part.”

    • “the piece that goes on the back goes up under the mower when you back up and blade has cut some of it off”

    • “the blade of the mower was seriously bent. Now - every other mower I had so far never had this "root problem"”

    • “Like another reviewer, the blade bent and I also absolutely can not get the bolt loose to replace it.”

    • “the mower blade is made out of tinfoil”

Bottom Line

The Senix LSPG-L3 mower is a hit with folks for its ability to provide a tidy, consistent cut across different grasses. It's a breeze to push and simple to put together, even for novices. The Briggs and Stratton engine fires up quickly, ensuring less hassle before getting to work. It's a no-fuss tool, great for everyday yard care, with adjustable heights and the strength to tackle thick grass. Plus, it's quiet and tucks away easily. But, be wary of the flimsy wheels and trouble finding spare parts, which can be a real headache.


Cutting Width (in)20 inch
FeaturesSide Discharge
Max Cutting Height3.75"
Min Cutting Height1.25"
Power SourceGas
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty3 Year Limited Warranty
Weight49 lbs.

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Special Features

  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton Engine: This mower has a strong engine made by a well-known brand, which means it's reliable and will last a long time. It won't shake much and is easy to take care of.
  • Big 20-inch Cutting Deck: The cutting part at the bottom is 20 inches wide, so you can cut a big strip of grass in one go. It's strong and built to last.
  • Height Adjustment: You can change how high or low it cuts the grass, with 5 different levels. This means you can get the perfect cut whether the grass is really short or pretty tall.
  • Folds Down for Easy Storage: The handle can be folded down which makes the mower take up less space in your shed or garage.
  • Comfort Handle: The handle is designed to be easy on your hands, so it's more comfortable when you're mowing the lawn.
  • Wheels Made for Easy Moving: It's got 7-inch wheels that make it easier to push around, especially in tight spots or around things in your yard.
  • Eco-Friendly and Quiet: The engine is better for the environment, doesn't use as much gas, and you don't have to mix the gas with oil. Plus, it runs quieter than some other mowers.
  • Prime N' Pull Easy Start: This feature means it's simple to get the mower running. Just prime it, pull the cord, and you're ready to go.
  • Comes with Oil: They give you the engine oil you need, so you can start using the mower as soon as you get it.
  • 2-Year Warranty: The mower comes with a promise that if something goes wrong in the first two years, you're covered.


  • Q:

    How do you adjust the mowing height on this mower?

  • A:

    There are three holes that the wheels can be mounted to. Remove the wheels and reattach them to the desired hole to achieve the preferred cutting height.

  • Q:

    What is the red lever at the top of the handle for?

  • A:

    The red lever is a metal rod that the operator must hold against the handle to keep the mower running. This is a safety feature common on most walk-behind mowers to ensure the mower stops if the handle is released.

  • Q:

    Is the handle adjustable?

  • A:

    The handle is not adjustable in terms of height once it is secured to the mower with bolts near the rear wheels. However, it can fold down for compact storage.

  • Q:

    Does this mower come with a bag?

  • A:

    This is a rear discharge mower and does not include a bag.

  • Q:

    What type of fuel does this mower require?

  • A:

    Please use 87 octane unleaded gasoline for this mower.

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