Earthquake 40314 Review

Walk Behind String Mower With 160cc Viper 4-Cycle Engine, 22” Cutting Diameter, 14” Never-Go-Flat Wheels, Easy Assembly, Adjustable Handlebar


Final Score

4.4 / 5 from 170 users

Earthquake 40314 | Tools Official
Earthquake 40314 | Tools Official
Earthquake 40314 | Tools Official


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We spent 7.5 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

6 reasons to buy

  • The Earthquake 40314 mower has plenty of cutting power, effectively handling high grass, thick weeds, and even woody stalks up to about 1/2 inch. (19 reviews)

    • “It cut high grass, those thick tough to break weed mini trees along fence and is same height as standard driveway. Just walk and steer, no issue with power, or engjne being over powered by weeds, best dang money I’ve spent in a long time!”

    • “Very strong, cuts powerfully and accurately, starts easily. It has a perfect balance of power and weight. Any less power, and you couldnt zip through high grass.”

    • “It cuts really well even in the heavy stuff. Woody stalks up to about 1/2” are no problem.”

    • “Extremely powerful. Gave it a tough workout on first try and it didn't disappoint. Used in on thick grasses, weeds, woody sunflowers, amaranth, kochia, thistle, tough dry woody stalks. Mowed down whatever I put in front of it. Took down plant stalks up to half in in diameter - in some places even thicker.”

    • “Makes quick work of the grasses and weeds.”

    • “This thing is a BEAST. It cuts like crazy whatever is in the way. Destroys tall brush and weeds. Even mows the lawn with ease.”

    • “Very powerful, walks right through blackberry bushes.”

    • “I was able to cut through 3.5 ft high weeds with no issue.”

    • “Enough power (about 5 hp) to cut the toughest, tallest, and most tangled weeds and grasses.”

    • “This machine is heavy and powerful.”

  • Reviewers noted that setting up the mower is simple, involving minimal steps like folding up the handle, tightening thumb screws, and adding oil. (16 reviews)

    • “It is so easy to setup:1) handle adjustment and tighten hand knobs2) Add oil don’t come with funnel I made one with dried out water bottle3) Uses 85% fuel no more than 10% ETH4) Push little gas prime rubber button to get gas to carburetor5) Pull the start rope6) Pull in safety arm at top of handle just like any mower to engage rotor”

    • “Easy setup.”

    • “Set up is literally just fold up the handle and tighten 2 thumb screws then add the oil. I was very happy that the motor oil came with it. Installed the strings and it was ready to go.”

    • “All you have to do is adjust the handles, put the oil and gas in and crank.”

    • “Very easy set up.”

    • “Easy to assemble.”

    • “Great little machine, set up was super easy.”

    • “Assembly was a snap.”

    • “First thing assembly there really isn't much to it quick and easy add oil add gas prime pull brrrrrrrrr perfect!”

    • “Unpacking and set up required no assembly other than putting the handles up and putting the oil and gas in.”

  • Multiple users reported that the mower starts easily, even on the first or third pull, thanks to features like the fuel primer bulb. (16 reviews)

    • “Mine has a fuel primer bulb and it started on 3rd pull.”

    • “Didn't expect it to crank on the first pull, but it did.”

    • “Started on second pull, very easy to start.”

    • “pumped the bulb three times as per instructions and it started on first pull!”

    • “First thing assembly there really isn't much to it quick and easy add oil add gas prime pull brrrrrrrrr perfect!”

    • “Easy to start.”

    • “plus this little beauty starts right up every time!”

    • “The unit started right up after 3 pulls.”

    • “Starts up after two pulls”

    • “easy to start”

  • Multiple reviews highlighted the big wheels which make it easy to steer and push around. (8 reviews)

    • “I just had back surgery and it is soooo easy to use.”

    • “It starts easily even when hot and is very easy push with no back ache when you’re done. I was surprised at how easily it pushes. The big wheels Really make a difference.”

    • “Super light and rolls very easy even on uneven ground. it was a lot more mobile than I expected.”

    • “the larger rear wheels make it easier to push across uneven ground.”

    • “I do love the maneuverability of this machine and it cuts in areas that were off limits to me with my regular handheld trimmer.”

    • “after being able to drive it through the ditches in my yard, and guiding it around the fence posts, I’m sold”

    • “Light weight and easy to push over rough ground.”

  • Several reviews praised the Earthquake 40314 mower's well-built and sturdy construction, mentioning that it feels robust and reliable during use. (7 reviews)

  • The mower cuts a two-foot path in one pass, making it efficient for large areas and reducing the need to go over the same spot multiple times. (1 review)

    • “Cuts a two foot path on a pass so riding mower set on three same height and no more pain in rear corners or high fence weeds or riding mowers catch a nail in fence.”

2 reasons not to buy

  • One review highlighted that checking, filling, and emptying the oil in the Earthquake 40314 is challenging and not as user-friendly as it could be. (7 reviews)

    • “The oil is also difficult to check, fill and empty.”

    • “the only issues is where you add oil, you will need a funnel, and tilt the mower to the side, dipstick is hard to read.”

    • “Oil was a little hard to fill , cowling gets in the way.”

    • “As with most small engines now you have to turn it over to dump the oil out the fill spout. That's not good but if you take the wheel off on the oil spout side you can avoid a mess.”

    • “Adding oil definitely requires a funnel. It is in a hard to reach spot.”

    • “Poor design on oil fill, not easy to access, fill or thread back in.”

    • “Oil is difficult to fill and dipstick difficult to read due to its color.”

  • Several reviews mentioned that changing the line is very difficult. One user specifically stated that they need to carry a pair of needle-nose pliers with them to make the process easier. (3 reviews)

    • “THE LINE IS VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO CHANGE !!!!! I am keeping this, but I will be carrying a pair of needle nose pliers with me.”

    • “the only thing I don't like is the way the string goes in”

    • “the strings are a pain to change.”

Bottom Line

The Earthquake 40314 mower offers powerful cutting capabilities, easily handling high grass, thick weeds, and woody stalks up to 1/2 inch. It's user-friendly with easy setup, starting usually on the first or third pull. Big wheels make it easy to maneuver, and it cuts a two-foot path efficiently. Built sturdy and reliable, it's ideal for large areas. However, checking and changing the oil can be tricky, and replacing the line may require needle-nose pliers.


Cutting Width (in)22 inch
Max Cutting Height3"
Min Cutting Height1.5"
Power SourceGas
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty5 Years
Weight70 lbs.

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Special Features

  • Powerful Performance: This mower has a strong 160cc 4-Cycle Viper engine that easily cuts through thick grass, weeds, and brush.
  • Durable Construction: It's made with a one-piece steel deck for strength and stability, and uses a tough nylon line to cut a wide 22-inch path quickly.
  • Easy Maneuverability: The large 14-inch never-go-flat wheels make it easy to move around uneven ground, so you can reach areas that regular mowers can't.
  • Convenient Operation: It has a clutch and hand bail system that keeps the engine running but stops the trimmer head when needed, so you don't have to restart the engine each time.
  • Hassle-Free Assembly: Setting it up is easy—just unfold and tighten the handlebar knobs. It comes with starter strings and engine oil so you can start using it right away.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: You can adjust the handlebar to different heights, making it comfortable for people of all sizes to use.
  • Compact Storage: When you're done, you can fold down the handlebars to make it easier to store.
  • Warranty and Service: It comes with a 5-year limited warranty and US-based customer service, so you can trust in its reliability.
  • User-Friendly: Customers say it's easy to use, starts easily, is lightweight, and rolls smoothly over uneven ground.
  • Cutting Power: It's designed to handle thick stalks up to 1/2 inch, making it great for trimming along fences and other tough jobs.


  • Q:

    What is the difference between a 160cc and a 163cc engine?

  • A:

    The primary difference is the brand; one engine is manufactured by Briggs and Stratton.

  • Q:

    How can the oil be changed? The drain hole cannot be located.

  • A:

    Instructions for changing the oil can be found on pages 11 and 12 of the manual. It is done through the oil filler spout.

  • Q:

    Is a magnetic dipstick available for this product?

  • A:

    No, a magnetic dipstick is not available for this product.

  • Q:

    What is the maximum cutting height of the mower?

  • A:

    The cutting height can be adjusted to a maximum of approximately 10 inches by tilting the handle.

  • Q:

    Is there a version of this product with an electric start?

  • A:

    Earthquake does not manufacture a string mower with an electric start.

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