LawnMaster ME1218X Review

Electric Lawn Mower 12AMP 19-Inch


Final Score

4.1 / 5 from 785 users

LawnMaster ME1218X | Tools Official
LawnMaster ME1218X | Tools Official
LawnMaster ME1218X | Tools Official


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We spent 8.5 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Users frequently note that the LawnMaster ME1218X mower is very lightweight, easy to lift, carry, and maneuver, even for individuals who don't consider themselves particularly strong. (52 reviews)

    • “Very lightweight (lighter than any carpet/steam cleaner I’ve had/used), easy to lift & carry.”

    • “No assisted push but light enough for just about anybody to operate.”

    • “Pushing this thing feels almost like vacuuming. It’s SO lightweight.”

    • “It's really light - so even though it's not the most maneuverable - you can pretty much man-handle it around any tricky spots.”

    • “Very light weight”

    • “Very light. I can lift it with one arm and cart it thru my house if I want.”

    • “Easy to use and light weight.”

    • “This little mower is lightweight”

    • “Light weight, easy to maneuver”

    • “It’s light and maneuverable, even though it s not self propelled.”

  • Users have observed that the mower cuts grass effectively, dealing with overgrown lawns and providing a uniform cut. (47 reviews)

    • “Mowed my overgrown backyard with ease, no bogging down or clogging like the gas mower.”

    • “Handled tall grass well - Even on my neglected lawn, the mower performed well.”

    • “This mower cuts better than anything I’ve ever used. The yard looks like I used a laser to cut straight across the grass.”

    • “It really cuts well and uniformly.”

    • “I was worried that it would not cut evenly because of the quality. So far i have cut my yard twice and have been pleasantly surprised.”

    • “has the power to cut grass like a gas powered mower”

    • “Otherwise, the thing cuts real well”

    • “It mows just fine.”

    • “We even had an opportunity to really put it to the test with a low cut on tall grass, and it did not fail to impress”

    • “It’s powerful. Goes through wet grass with no issues, even on a very low cutting level.”

  • Ease of use is frequently mentioned, with features like a one-switch adjustable wheel system and a simple safety button for starting. (29 reviews)

    • “Easy to maneuver & push, despite not being self-propelled, because it’s so light.”

    • “Plug n play.”

    • “Pushing this thing feels almost like vacuuming. It’s SO lightweight.”

    • “It has a safety button for starting”

    • “Easy to use”

    • “Just tightened the knobs to secure handle, charged batteries & it was ready to go!”

    • “Easy to push and makes mowing a breeze!”

    • “My teen daughter tried it and agreed it's very easy to use.”

    • “The mower is very lightweight, does not hurt my back.”

    • “Easy to setup and use”

  • Most reviews mention that the mower is incredibly easy to set up, often taking 15 minutes or less from unboxing to ready for mowing. (19 reviews)

    • “15 minutes from opening box to ready to mow.”

    • “Easy to assemble - A plus for those who aren't handy.”

    • “After opening the box, all I had to do was lift the push bar into place and screw the bolts to lock it in position.”

    • “Literally unfolded handle after lifting it from box. Just tightened the knobs to secure handle”

    • “Mower was easily assembled in a couple of minutes.”

    • “Runs right out of the box after assembling the handle.”

    • “It was very easy to assemble. Unfold handle, attach second handles, and tighten the well marked screws.”

    • “The mower took only a few minutes to set up.”

    • “Easy assembly.”

    • “All I had to do was open the box, unfold it, and tighten 4 knobs.”

  • Many reviews of the LawnMaster ME1218X appreciate its electric design, which eliminates the need for gas, oil, or spark plugs, and also removes the necessity of a pull-crank start, making it more convenient and user-friendly. (12 reviews)

    • “no more gas, oil, spark plugs, starter cords, filters to deal with.”

    • “No need to recharge batteries, haul on pull cords, mix and pour in fluids, or anything.”

    • “I was tired of the gas mowers that WON'T START or something else that's wrong with it.”

    • “No maintenance needed, no gas, no oil, spark plugs & best of all, no pull-crank!”

    • “saves me from having to run to the gas station with a piddly gas can to get a gallon of gas for 4 dollars”

    • “no gas or oil to mess with”

    • “I don’t want to mess with gasoline or oil or pulling my shoulder out of socket, trying to start a gas powered lawnmower.”

    • “no more running to the gas station to fill up a stinky can”

    • “No expensive batteries to charge or replace every year, fuel, oil, tune-ups, etc., with traditional push mowers.”

    • “this electric mower was perfect for me”

    • “no gas no smoke”

    • “I've always hate the smell of the gas and pulling the cord to get it to start it just wasn't my thing”

  • The ability to adjust the height of the cut grass is recognized as a useful feature that works well. (11 reviews)

    • “The height adjustment actually seemed to have some discernable effect on how high/low the grass ended up.”

    • “Cutting height is easily adjusted on all four wheels with just one lever.”

    • “I like that I can adjust the hight of desired grass.”

    • “Also love that you can adjust the height super easy.”

    • “Love that the height settings are in inches, since I had to cut at four inches and then drop the setting to three inches next time, for new fescue grass.”

    • “The ride height adjustment works better than it should! Easy enough to adjust, for young women or elderly to use.”

    • “Nice and light, easy cutting-height adjustment.”

  • The folding handle feature is highlighted because it allows the mower to take up very little storage space. (6 reviews)

    • “The handle folds forward so it takes up very little space.”

    • “When finished, ... folded the handle, picked it up and stuck it in the utility room.”

    • “It's lightweight enough I could fold it and tuck it under my arm to transfer from the front to back yard.”

    • “folds up for easy storage”

    • “Storage wise it can be seated vertically to save SPACE”

    • “Also I needed something that’s stored well in a small place.”

  • Reviewers note that the mower saves them time, with one stating it cut their mowing time in half compared to a gas mower. (6 reviews)

    • “It's a real time saver for me too”

    • “Usually takes an hour to do my back yard with a gas mower. Took me, maybe, 30 minutes with this!”

    • “It used to take me a long time to get that area and now, I can get it done in 30 mins tops.”

    • “I finished the lawn in less time that it would normally take me to use the riding lawn mower.”

    • “It is slightly wider than the one she had before, and gets the job done fast.”

    • “This handled the job in no time.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some users have reported concerns about the plastic body of the LawnMaster ME1218X mower, questioning its long-term durability compared to mowers with metal bodies. (25 reviews)

    • “Plastic body - I would prefer a metal body for durability.”

    • “their machine broke within four months of using it”

    • “The wheels seem to be plastic and it looks like a toy.”

    • “When this arrived I saw how light weight it was and immediately thought it wouldn't hold up to heavy spring grass.”

    • “The lever is plastic, so I imagine it will break at some point and be impossible to replace.”

    • “some of the plastic parts break easily”

    • “The wheels are woefully cheap. I am not going to replace them since I am wondering which will outlast which. The wheels or the mower itself?”

    • “The plastic cut deck scares me when the metal blade scraps it.”

    • “Worked really well, but only used a handful of times (if that) and broke in less than 3 months.”

    • “My only concern are the plastic wheels”

  • Users need to learn how to manage the cord while mowing, since it can get in the way and they have to be careful not to run over it. (23 reviews)

    • “The cord will take a little getting used to, I’ve mowed grass since I was a young teenager (30+ yrs), this is like a combo of vacuuming & mowing grass, by no means difficult just different.”

    • “Have a good extension cord and be sure not to run over it.”

    • “Non-pivoting handle - The handle doesn't pivot in the middle, making maneuvering a little cumbersome. This was a feature I particularly appreciate on my grandma's mower, which has a handle that will pivot in the middle, allowing for easy direction changes without worrying about running over the cord.”

    • “I do have to keep moving the cord out of the way”

    • “Sure the cord is cumbersome, but once you get used to it, it’s just as annoying as mowing the lawn anyway.”

    • “Putting the on/off lever on the right side, the same side as the cord, means that whenever you need to adjust the extension cord you have to change hands on the lever so that your right hand is free to move the cord (anyone who has used an electric mower knows you have to move the cord often).”

    • “There is the hassle of whipping that cord around to keep it out of the way so you don’t mow across it.”

    • “Have to be careful not to run over your cord.”

    • “It is so light i cut with one hand on mower one hand on cord.”

  • The trigger requires a firm grip to maintain consistent power, which can cause hand cramping during extended use. (3 reviews)

    • “The trigger need to be held down firmly. You can actually hear the motor rev down as your hand eases. After awhile my hand did start to cramp up.”

    • “There were half a dozen times just mowing my front yard when I turned the mower and loosened my grip and--you guessed it--the mower shut off and had to be restarted.”

    • “after about 0.5 an acre my right hand was on fire from holding the trigger to keep it turned on.”

Bottom Line

The LawnMaster ME1218X is a user-friendly electric mower that's a hit for its lightweight design, making it easy to lift and push. It offers a quick setup, often ready in under 15 minutes, and cuts grass efficiently, even if overgrown. The one-switch wheel adjustment and no-hassle electric start are big pluses. It folds up for compact storage and can halve your mowing time. However, its plastic build and cord management might need extra care, and a firm trigger grip is necessary.


Cutting Width (in)18 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Side Discharge, Bagging
Max Cutting Height4"
Min Cutting Height1.5"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Years under Normal Household Use, 30 Days under Commercial, Industrial & Rental Use
Weight35 lbs

Special Features

  • Powerful Motor: It's got a strong 12AMP motor that spins the blades really fast, so you can cut your grass quick and easy.
  • Big Cutting Width: The mower has a wide 18-inch cutting space, which means you can cover more lawn in less time.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality: You can either chop up the grass to leave it on your lawn as natural fertilizer (mulching) or shoot it out the side (side discharge).
  • Easy Height Adjustment: Changing the height of the blades is super simple with just one lever. You can pick from 6 heights, from really short (1.5 inches) to taller grass (4 inches).
  • Light and Easy to Handle: The mower is light, only 35 pounds, and the wheels make turning it around a breeze, so it won't wear you out.
  • Folds Down for Storage: The handle can fold down so the mower takes up less space in your garage or shed when you're not using it.
  • No Mess or Fuss: Since it's electric, you don't have to mess with gas or oil, and it's better for the planet because it doesn't spit out fumes.
  • Dependable Delivery: LawnMaster makes sure you get your mower safely and on time, right from their warehouses in the US.
  • Tried and Tested: Lots of people have bought this mower and given their honest opinions, so you know exactly what you're getting.
  • Greener Mowing: You're doing Mother Nature a solid by using this electric mower, because it doesn't cause pollution while you're keeping your lawn tidy.


  • Q:

    Does this come with a warranty from the manufacture on this mower other than the 3 year you can apparently purchase seperately?

  • A:

    I’m not sure but if it does get it! Mine only lasted after 7 uses

  • Q:

    Is there grass catcher for ME1218X?

  • A:

    yes, the mower I received came with a grass catcher.

  • Q:

    Are the wheels plastic or rubber?

  • A:

    Hello. The wheels are plastic. However the are not thin walled hollowed. I have had no issues with them since I have owned it. This year will be my 3rd year.

  • Q:

    Is a 16 guage 100 foot cord adequate? I'm guessing 14 guage.

  • A:

    Since it supposedly pulls 12 amps 16gauge would be on the light side @ 100'. According to the little booklet that comes with the mower 12A at 100' requires minimum 14 guage. If for some reason it bogs down in the grass that you're cutting 14 guage might be a little light also.

  • Q:

    Is this easy enough to assemble on my own?

  • A:

    It was very easy to assemble. Didn't keep it because it did not cut very well.

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