Black & Decker BESTA512CM Review

12-Inch 6.5 Amp 3in1 Compact Electric Lawn Mower


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4.2 / 5 from 8043 users

Black & Decker BESTA512CM | Tools Official
Black & Decker BESTA512CM | Tools Official
Black & Decker BESTA512CM | Tools Official


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We spent 9 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

11 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers note that the Black & Decker BESTA512CM is particularly good for small lawns, with one mentioning it is perfect for a lawn of about 1000 square feet. (54 reviews)

    • “For the money. As long as you have a small lawn. My lawn is about 1000 square feet.”

    • “Great for a small to medium size yard”

    • “I bought a new house with a tiny yard and didn’t want to hire a lawn service to do something that would take 5 minutes.”

    • “The only area I have to mow is an 80’ x 12’ ditch in front of my home.”

    • “I have a relatively small yard that I have been using a weed eater to mow it for several years.”

    • “This 3in1 is perfect for smaller yards”

    • “My backyard grows so quickly and it’s just perfect for me.”

    • “This little gadget did a great job on my little patch of lawn.”

    • “For small lawns it’s perfect.”

    • “This mower / weed eater is perfect for my small yard”

  • Several users mention the product is light and can be picked up with one hand. (47 reviews)

    • “Mower is of course light enough to easily pick up and swing around into position--something you can't do with a regular mower.”

    • “Light weight, can pick it up with one hand.”

    • “With this fun to use, light and nifty little edger/mower...”

    • “The lawn mower is described as light enough to pick up and swing into position”

    • “At 10 lbs it feels weightless.”

    • “For pluses It’s lightweight, corded, and has decent power from the 6.5 amp motor.”

    • “This little mower saves my back and I can go until the heat from our desert sun makes me quit.”

    • “This is so lightweight”

    • “Being able to carry the whole kit in one hand is also nice 👍”

    • “The item is very lightweight which makes it easier for a female like me to use it with no problem.”

  • Multiple reviews appreciate the value for money, as the product includes a lawn mower, an edger, and a string trimmer all in one. (35 reviews)

    • “So, you get a little lawn mower, an edger, and a string trimmer, all in one.”

    • “at $89 I have already paid for the machine with the savings from cutting my own lawn”

    • “However with the price point it’s an incredibly cheap method of mowing a small lawn and making it look much better.”

    • “a good budget 3in1 that’ll get the job done without paying 200 dollars for a gas powered push mower”

    • “But it was reasonably priced for what it is.”

    • “It was super easy, let me mow, edge, weedwhack.”

    • “I love that it’s lightweight, has the edger, and weed whacker in one.”

    • “It’s an incredible value”

    • “I’m obsessed with this Black and decker 3 in 1 lawn mower.”

    • “The reviews said it handled like a vacuum and that's very true. Easy to maneuver, lightweight, cuts the grass fairly evenly, adjustable height and you can quickly change to the trimmer/edger option.”

  • The product is easy to assemble, with only a few steps needed to put it together. (26 reviews)

    • “Easy assembly. Just had to connect shield to weed wacker, lock it in the base, and attach the trimmer/edger handle.”

    • “Easy enough to put together.”

    • “Not a wiz at assembling products, but this item went together very well. Not a lot of parts helped.”

    • “Being able to clip that bad boy into the trimmer and go and just as easily unclip it and use it to trim is awesome.”

    • “snapped in perfectly when first started”

    • “I think a whole 30 minutes and I’m done the front and the back of the house.”

    • “easy to put together”

    • “I do like how easy it is to remove and replace the weed eater so I can trim as I go instead of that being a separate task and taking more time.”

    • “Easy and fun to work with also.”

    • “Pop the weed eater into the base, plug it in and go!”

  • The edger is reported to work well with some practice. The trimmer is also effective with easy spool changes. (22 reviews)

    • “The edger takes some practice to do well but it's doable and the end result is nice. Trimmer string feed has not failed, and I know to keep the string cutter clean and sharp.”

    • “Super easy to change spools, no tools needed.”

    • “I could finish the edges like I’d wanted to.”

    • “I'm not done yet but just after mowing the whole yard once & quickly edging to 'test' it today, my yard already looks way better than it ever has before!”

    • “cuts grass well and edging on the spot”

    • “The only things I’ve had to do to it is to replace the string spool when it was used up”

    • “you can quickly change to the trimmer/edger option”

    • “Not only does it do a great job trimming the edges, but it's also perfect for those tight spots where I need to actually cut the grass.”

    • “I love that this helped a lot with cutting my weeds before they stated to grow back and to get the edges by my fence would recommend buying”

    • “I got the whole thing mowed and edged in about a half an hour the first time out.”

  • Users find it as strong as the best battery-powered models because it has an endless power supply from the cord. (21 reviews)

    • “it's probably as powerful as the most powerful battery operated ones, since it has an unlimited supply of all the power it needs.”

    • “Did exceptionally well on my tall grass! Many sections were well over 6 inches. It took a couple times going over, but this little unit worked great and never bogged down!”

    • “It’s lightweight, corded, and has decent power from the 6.5 amp motor.”

    • “this thing cut down 2 foot overgrowth like a beast”

    • “It is very powerful and works great, especially on sidewalks.”

    • “It tackled thick clumps of perennial rye grass up to 6 inches high with no problem.”

    • “it’s really powerful.”

    • “This mower breezed right threw it all.”

    • “This thing ate through the KNEE HIGH weeds in my backyard like it was NOTHING!”

    • “This corded weed wacker is powerful.”

  • The handle can collapse down for storage, making the product compact and suitable for small storage spaces. (9 reviews)

    • “And when you're done the handle collapses down to save space, which is nice.”

    • “Compact, can be tucked into a small corner.”

    • “It is also easy to store as I can hang up the Weed eater and I put the deck upright against the wall under it.”

    • “This is definitely a keeper for small yards.”

    • “Easy to store”

    • “Compact for storage”

    • “easy to store”

    • “The BEST part is storage - I don't have room for a big mower in my garage... This hangs on the wall, needs no floor space or gas.”

    • “and is super light and easy to store”

  • Beyond cleaning and replacing the trimmer cord, the product requires virtually no maintenance. (8 reviews)

    • “Great for a small to medium size yard, limited space for storage, people with arthritis, seniors, disabled, those who can't lift much weight, and want virtually maintenance free!”

    • “The only things I’ve had to do to it is to replace the string spool when it was used up and, after four years, I finally had to replace the orange cap for $7 here on Amazon”

    • “You don’t have to fuss with the line!! It does it on its own.”

    • “I simply hosed off the base and took a small brush to clean the trimmer part.”

    • “Keep it clean and it will do wonders for you.”

    • “Don’t forget to clean after use to avoid rust and bugs.”

    • “This hangs on the wall, needs no floor space or gas. I love it.”

    • “Even easier to clean. You can take the Trimmer off and just spray the base down easily.”

  • Compared to gas lawn mowers, the product is not considered loud and has a typical noise level for a weed wacker. (7 reviews)

    • “I didn't find it loud at all. Just a typical weed wacker. Definitely not as loud as a gas lawn mower.”

    • “Compared to gas lawn mowers, the product is not considered loud and has a typical noise level for a weed wacker”

    • “Noise level is the same as any other electric line trimmer in my experience.”

    • “It's not as loud as a gas lawn mower and less air gas pollution going into the home.”

    • “Pretty quiet.”

    • “without a noisy, heavy lawn mower”

    • “Not as loud as gas”

  • There are three height positions available on the mower for different grass heights, which are easily adjusted. (5 reviews)

    • “Mower has 3 height positions for different grass heights, easily adjusted.”

    • “Wheels adjust from about 1-2 inches high if you like your grass a little taller.”

    • “The LOWEST MOWER HEIGHT (from ground to button pressed): 22-1/2 inches. The HIGHEST MOWER HEIGHT (from ground to button pressed): 31-1/2 inches.”

    • “First the deck height adjustment. It has two height adjustment notches in the front and back, they are very easily adjusted...”

    • “I have the wheels set at the higher setting (2.3 inches). No issues with it keeping that setting. The low setting is 1.5".”

  • The handle can extend, allowing for some adjustment to fit the user's height. (5 reviews)

    • “Handle telescopes out approximately 12 inches.”

    • “The height adjustment is I’m sure okay for most people.”

    • “the handle extends to where I don’t have to stand on the hill”

    • “The handle is adjustable; I'm 5'8" and it was comfortable to use.”

    • “My only wish is that, for a tall person, the handle should extend a little higher”

3 reasons not to buy

  • The Black & Decker BESTA512CM has a badly designed locking system that might make it come loose from the base while being used, causing stops and irritation. (31 reviews)

    • “The mower attachment simply will not stay clipped on. The clip design is not sturdy enough to hold onto the weed whacker and pops off every time you need to turn the mower.”

    • “The first and biggest problem is that the 2 pieces come apart too easily while in use.”

    • “The small plastic piece that holds the trimmer in the frame is too small and flimsy. When you pull backwards or upwards the trimmer wants to pop out of the frame.”

    • “the attaching part in which turns into the mower detaches super easily with a light pull. (pretty ridiculous)”

    • “the clip holding the unit into the base needs to be stronger, 10 minutes of use and it started to come undone when I picked it up”

    • “That tiny tab is supposed to hold that big ol thing in place?? Well, it does not. So trying to maneuver this thing can be frustrating because it’s constantly slipping out from the base.”

    • “Pull up slightly, and it comes out of the wheelbase.”

    • “Mine did pop out of the base but not as frequently as other reviewers have said.”

    • “The only thing I can say to the manufacturer to adjust is the clip that holds it in place needs to be a little stronger with the grip. Wish it didn’t pop out as easy as it does, A little more tension on that clip.”

  • The spool that comes with the device depletes quickly, and users must purchase additional spools. This adds to the overall cost and can be a hassle. (15 reviews)

    • “The spool that comes with it will go FAST, so order extra spools as well.”

    • “the spool it came with ran out in under 15 minutes”

    • “The second issue is that the line only lasts for about 1.5 cuts front and back.”

    • “the automatic string feeder must have been designed by someone who works for the company that makes the string”

    • “The only things I’ve had to do to it is to replace the string spool when it was used up”

    • “Spool Depletion: The first couple I hit it took in stride but after about the 5th or 6th one the string broke at the housing and could no longer feed.”

    • “It came with a tiny 3ft tester of string. Buy the multipack of AF100 autofeed spools when you buy this.”

    • “I ran out of the string during the second cut”

    • “Only when I edged the lawn for the time with this, did the trimmer string go quickly.”

    • “In that little strip, I went through 3 reloads of line because it kept feeding out when it didn't need to.”

    • “B&D obviously cheap-ed out by including only about 1/4 the amount of trimmer wire I would expect on a normal spool.”

    • “The entire spool unwound in mere minutes and made a ton of noise while doing so.”

    • “Of course, the eater string needs constant replacement.”

  • The cord connector is made for certain power cords, which can be limiting. While there are ways to get around this, they might not be the best solutions. (8 reviews)

    • “The one negative is the cord connector which is designed to be used with only their power cords (sold separately) but I was able to squeeze my cord into it and it works fine.”

    • “To my disappointment and even trying to force it further into the plug hole, that extension cord does NOT and will NOT make a tight enough contact to fit but for 'brief' contact spurts.”

    • “The cord holder looked like it was going to work great but kept coming out of its holder because the little clip that hooks the cord was too large to grasp the narrow lawn extension cord that I had. (10amp two prong) To fix this annoyance I have to tie the extension cord to the handle which works.”

    • “the freakin extended power cord doesnt fit into the mower. like really stupid design that its stuck in a hole so pretty much you cant push the cord into the plug part because the sides of the hole is too small”

    • “As others have mentioned, you have to buy a 2 pronged extension cord, which many people won't have on-hand”

    • “Only issue I have is my extension cord I use comes out easily at least 3-4 times each time I use it”

    • “I did have a little struggle getting the cord to plug all the way in, but once I got the cord all the way in it was solid and never once did the cord unplug.”

    • “But this came in 4 pcs, and you had to buy a 2 prong outdoor extension cord, with only 1 plugger one the end.. in order to plug it in.”

Bottom Line

The Black & Decker BESTA512CM is a versatile tool great for small yards (up to 1000 sq ft). It's a lightweight, 3-in-1 machine that serves as a lawn mower, edger, and string trimmer. Easy to assemble and store, it offers good value and requires little upkeep. It's electric, so no loud noise or battery worries. However, it has a flimsy lock and the included spool runs out fast, adding to costs. The power cord connector is also restrictive.


Cutting Width (in)12 inch
FeaturesElectric Start
Max Cutting Height2-2/5"
Min Cutting Height1-2/3"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Years
Weight13 lbs
Additional InfoPower Drive Transmission, Automatic Feed Spool (afs), Cord Retention System

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Tips for Black & Decker BESTA512CM

  • It is recommended to have extra string trimmer replacement spools available to ensure continuous mowing.
  • The BESTA512CM works best when used in a vacuum cleaner like motion during mowing.
  • To keep it in the best condition, clean the mower after each use.

Special Features

  • 3-in-1 Functionality: Switch between cutting grass, trimming edges, and making edges look neat with just one tool.
  • Lightweight Design: Easy to lift and push around without getting tired, and you can change the handle and how high it cuts for a comfy fit.
  • Automatic Feed Spool (AFS): Keeps feeding the cutting line automatically so you can keep working without stopping to pull out more.
  • Compact Cutting: Good for small lawns and tight spots with its 12-inch wide cutter. It can trim down to 1.6 inches close to the ground.
  • Unlimited Runtime: Plug it in and use it as long as you need without worrying about running out of gas or battery. Just remember, it needs an extension cord that you'll have to get separately.
  • Power Drive™ Transmission: Has a strong 6.5 amp motor that gives you more oomph to cut through thick grass without bogging down.
  • Versatile Use: Works well on sloped lawns or places big mowers can't go, like around flowers or walkways.
  • Accessories Included: You get a bunch of extras like the trimmer, a detachable part that turns it into a mower, a spool of line, an extra handle, and a guard to keep things safe.
  • Maintenance-Free Motor: No need to mess with oil changes or fill-ups; this electric motor is a no-fuss, just plug it in and go.
  • High Performance: The motor spins fast at 8000 RPM, meaning it cuts quickly and saves you time.


  • Q:

    Is the BESTA512CM corded or battery operated?

  • A:

    The BESTA512CM is a corded electric mower.

  • Q:

    Can a blade system be used instead of string?

  • A:

    No. Only string is used for this mower.

  • Q:

    Does the mower fold down for storage?

  • A:

    No, the mower does not fold but the base is removable for easy storage.

  • Q:

    Is the mower 110V or 220V?

  • A:

    The BESTA512CM is 220V.

  • Q:

    What is the ideal yard size for the mower?

  • A:

    The mower is ideal for yards of up to 750 square feet.

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