Ariens Lawn Mower Repair & Troubleshoot Tips


Jeffrey Tung on Jan 1, 2024

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Lawn mowers are a costly investment that will surely prove its worth as time goes by. Ariens lawn mower is a brand of outdoor power equipment that is designed and manufactured in Brillion, Wisconsin. Other products they are offering include garden and snow equipment necessary for maintenance. In terms of snow removal products, Ariens Sno-Thro has been hailed the King of Snow because of its high quality and best-selling features. With that, you can expect to find the same kind of performance in their lawn mowers. You can find and purchase any products of Ariens at independent power equipment dealers in Europe and North America, such as True Value, The Home Depot, Lowes, and select online retailers.

However, just as much as they are top-notch and high quality, these units are not exempt from possible damage. There are many reasons behind each problem that your lawn mower might have. Keep reading to figure out the various Ariens lawn mower repair tips you should know.

Types of Ariens Lawn Mowers and Products

Below are the types of lawn mowers you can buy from Ariens. They mainly offer riding mowers and push mowers. Read on to find more details of each model they have:

Zero-turn Mowers

ZENITH. This zero-turn mower is equipped with high-end features that enable it to take on multiple yards. Coupled with a comfortable plush seat and isolators, the Zenith will make a day of mowing an enjoyable one. Its frame design is fully tubular with rails and fewer welds as strong support to this heavy machine. It also has a commercial-grade deck that allows for professional cutting performance. As a cherry on top, this zero-turn mower dons a padded seat and armrests for maximum comfort.

APEX. Although the APEX is not categorized as a commercial lawn mower, its performance is up to par with such models. Ariens has designed this with powerful features as well as those for ease of use and comfort. Its features aim to lessen operator fatigue through its commercial-style deck, and a padded and adjustable seat and armrests. Even though you’re just at home, the performance of this Ariens lawn mower

IKON XD. With this mower’s key features, the IKON XD is one of the most comfortable lawn mowers you can find. It has a high back seat together with the same padded seats and armrests. This will be able to fit anyone who can use a riding mower as it has an adjustable forward and back seat, as well as steering levers; you won’t have to worry about the positions of your controls. Like the mentioned models, the IKON XD also has a belt tension technology, which allows for an automatic belt adjustment.

EDGE. This is one of the latest lawn mower models that Ariens has put out. You can expect durability from its welded steel frame and commercial-style deck. Similar to the other models, this zero-turn mower is also equipped with padded seats and armrests with a breathable back to prevent sweat and moisture from accumulating. You can also avail of this model with various deck sizes, such as 36, 42, and 52-inch deck sizes, in order to fit your yard.

Walk-behind Mowers

Ariens’ walk-behind mowers have a 3-in-1 cutting system that makes lawn mowing efficient and easy – bagging, mulching, and side discharge. With its 159 cc engine, rest assured that you’ll have an effortless starting. Their decks are also powder-coated in order to prevent corrosion ensuring a long life span. Moreover, Ariens’ walk-behind mowers are self-propelled!

Ariens Lawn Mower won’t start

Issue 1: Carburetor and Carburetor Repair Kit

Your lawn mower might have a clogged carburetor. This happens when fuel is left for long periods of time, leaving a thick and sticky film over its inner parts. This can also occur when old or bad gasoline is left inside. To resolve this issue, clean the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner. If you’ve done this and your lawn mower still won’t start, try replacing the carburetor itself.

Issue 2: Spark Plug

Check if your spark plug has signs of damage or wear. There are spark plug testers available to determine if it’s defective or not. If there is a spark in between the terminals of your tester when the lawn mower’s engine is on, the spark plug is not damaged. If there is no sign of spark, you should replace your spark plug as this indicates that it’s defective. Another method is to check if there is a build-up of heavy carbon at the electrode, if the electrode is damaged, or if the porcelain insulator is cracked. If you see signs of any of these, you should replace your spark plug.

Issue 3: Fuel Pump

One of the most essential parts of a fuel pump is its pulse port, which is connected to the engine through a rubber tube. When the engine is overfilled with oil, it can enter this pulse port and prevent the engine from working properly or even starting. Another important part you should check out is the fuel pump’s check valves, which help keep the gas tank free of fuel. These parts are not invisible to failure. Watch out for these parts (pulse port and check valves) to know if your fuel pump is defective. If it is, replace it immediately as this is irreparable.

Issue 4: Fuel Filter

You may have a clogged fuel filter. Similar to a carburetor, this can happen if there is leftover fuel in the lawn mower for long periods of time. This can lead to a thicker and stickier film to clog up your fuel filter and prevent your unit from starting. To resolve this, drain out the old fuel and replace it with a new batch.

Issue 5: Start Switch and Safety Switch

You have to use a multimeter to test out the continuity of your start switch and safety switch.

Issue 6: Flywheel Key

This part is responsible for keeping the momentum to keep the lawn mower’s crankshaft turning in between power strokes. On some small engines, flywheels also distribute the air in the engine to help cool it off. Moreover, its fins also help maintain the engine speed of your preference. Given these, the flywheel key is susceptible to breaking if a hard object catches on your your lawn mower’s blades. Once this part is broken, your lawn mower won’t be able to start. To know if there is damage in your flywheel key, remove the flywheel, and check the key. If it’s broken, replace it.

Issue 7: Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is responsible for sending voltage to the spark plug as the engine runs. Consequently, if this part is defective, your engine won’t start. Make sure first that the spark plug is functional before replacing the ignition coil. If the spark plug is not defective, use an ignition coil tester. If it comes out as defective, you have to replace your ignition coil.

Issue 8: Recoil Spring and Recoil Starter Assembly

The recoil spring, as its name suggests, recoils the starter rope onto a pulley. Give that, if this is broken, the starter rope won’t be recoiled, hence, preventing the engine from starting. Although you can replace the recoil spring easily, we recommend that you replace the entire recoil starter to ensure optimal performance.

Ariens Lawn Mower battery keeps dying

Issue 1: Battery

Use a battery charger to revive one or more cells in your lawn mower’s battery. If the batteries are still not charging, this means that they are defective. You would need to replace them to prevent this issue from recurring.

Issue 2: Alternator

The lawn mower’s alternator is responsible for providing voltage as the engine runs as well as charging the battery. You can use a multimeter to determine if it’s defective or not. Take note of its voltage output through the multimeter’s wiring diagram.

Issue 3: Charger

Similar to the alternator, use a multimeter to check the charger’s voltage output.

Issue 4: Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator helps send the appropriate amount of voltage to the battery from the alternator. Consequently, if this part turns out to be defective, the battery won’t be able to receive the right amount of voltage. This could lead to your battery draining quickly.

Ariens Lawn Mower blades won’t engage

Issue 1: PTO Clutch

The Power Take Off clutch enables the operator to disconnect the engine from the blades. Hence, if the PTO clutch is not powered enough, the lawn mower blades won’t engage. Replace your PTO clutch if it is defective as this part is irreparable.

Issue 2: PTO Switch

The Power Take Off switch is responsible for powering the PTO clutch. If it turns out to be defective, it will not supply the PTO clutch power, leading the lawn mower blades to not rotate. You can use a multimeter to test the PTO switch and its continuity. Replace it if it’s defective.

Ariens Lawn Mower leaking gas

Issue 1: Carburetor Gasket and Bowl

If there is a gas leakage on the bottom, the carburetor gasket might be missing or is dried out. Replace these parts if this is the case.

Issue 2: Float Needle

The float needle allows fuel into the float bowl through its opening and closing functions. If it is defective or damaged, the oil will continue to overflow the carburetor. Replace the float needle if the float needle is not properly regulating the fuel.

Issue 3: Primer Bulb

The primer bulb, when pressed on, sucks gas into the carburetor from the fuel tank through the fuel lines. However, over time, this can wear and become brittle. Replace it once it gets to that stage.

Issue 4: Float

Your lawn mower’s float might be open. If this is so, remove the carburetor from the engine and clean the entire assembly thoroughly. If this does not resolve the issue, replace the carburetor or rebuild it.

Issue 5: Float Bowl and Float Bowl Gasket

If the gas is leaking at the bottom, the float bowl gasket might be missing or is dried out.

Issue 6: Fuel Filter and Fuel Line

If the connections of the fuel filter and filter housing are cracked or dry, replace them.

Issue 7: Fuel Pump, Body, and Shut-Off

Check the fuel pump and its body if they have tiny holes or cracks on it. If these are experiencing leakage, replace them.

Wrapping Up

Having a defective lawn mower can get really frustrating, especially when there are many possible reasons behind it. Given that a lawn mower has many parts comprising it, it’s not surprising that it can pose many issues as well. However, as frustrating as these may be, a simple regular check-up of your lawn mower can make things easier for you. You may also even find that these problems have easy solutions!