Swift EB137CD2-FBM Review

18 Inch 2-in-1 Cordless Brushless Push Lawn Mower, 40V Lithium-ion Battery, 5 Adjustable Cutting Heights


Final Score

3.8 / 5 from 922 users

Swift EB137CD2-FBM | Tools Official
Swift EB137CD2-FBM | Tools Official
Swift EB137CD2-FBM | Tools Official


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We spent 8.2 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

10 reasons to buy

  • Multiple reviews highlighted that the Swift EB137CD2-FBM lawnmower is very lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and navigate. (26 reviews)

    • “The mower is economically priced, very lightweight and easy to use.”

    • “Due to its lightweight feel, it pushes easily and is easy to navigate my yard.”

    • “Lightweight, easy to use, and cuts wonderfully!”

    • “This was lightweight and easy to assemble.”

    • “Very lightweight, easy to use.”

    • “I want the mower to be small, not heavy, easy to control, this mower has everything I need.”

    • “It's lightweight, easy to maneuver, and provides a neat cut.”

    • “It's very lightweight so I can actually do it alone when my husband is busy.”

    • “Compact and lightweight so easy for me to push or carry up to a 2nd parcel.”

    • “The machine is light weight so you don’t need to push very hard like the gas mower.”

  • Several reviews mention that the mower is easy to use, even for individuals with no prior experience in lawn mowing. (19 reviews)

    • “The mower is economically priced, very lightweight and easy to use.”

    • “Lightweight, easy to use, and cuts wonderfully!”

    • “As easy to operate and now my wife and my kids can help me do the job when I not around.”

    • “This was lightweight and easy to assemble.”

    • “Everyone with a bad back will appreciate how easy it is to push & move around.”

    • “easy to control, this mower has everything I need.”

    • “Compact and lightweight so easy for me to push or carry up to a 2nd parcel.”

    • “It’s easy to install and the battery are easy to put in and take out as need to be charge.”

    • “my 11-year-old daughter can easily operate it”

    • “Super lightweight and easy to use!”

  • Several reviewers noted that the lawnmower is simple to put together, with minimal assembly required. (12 reviews)

    • “The mower was simple to put together.”

    • “This was lightweight and easy to assemble.”

    • “It is fairly easy to assembly and actually does not need to do much to assembly.”

    • “When I received the package, only take a couple minutes to put everything all together”

    • “The lawnmower was in good condition and was easy to assemble.”

    • “The lawnmower was assembled easy enough (use instruction booklet provided)”

    • “The lawnmower was easy to assemble since you only have the handlebars and wheels.”

    • “I assembled it, which was relatively easy”

    • “Was able to assemble myself.”

    • “Assembly was easy”

    • “Super easy to assemble and use”

    • “it light weight and easy to assemble”

  • Reviewers appreciated the battery indicator that shows the charge level, helping users manage usage effectively. (4 reviews)

    • “double checking with the lights that it was fully charged.”

    • “It shows 2 charged bars but won't stay on.”

    • “It had two bars out of the four showing for power”

    • “Based on the LED lights on the battery, it looks like it only a quarter charge to my little yard.”

  • Users have mentioned that the Swift EB137CD2-FBM mower offers five different cutting heights, providing flexibility based on lawn conditions. (3 reviews)

    • “I like that I have 5 cut heights to choose from.”

    • “There are 5 adjustable heights, so my husband and I all can use this product by using our best height level.”

    • “The mower has 5 position height adjustment, so I can change the cutting height easily”

  • The one-button start feature is highlighted for its ease of use, making it convenient to operate. (2 reviews)

    • “One button push to starter up what a brilliant design.”

    • “just needs press a simple button on the handle to start”

  • The mower is equipped with a brushless motor, which has less vibration and lower noise. (2 reviews)

    • “The Cordless lawn mower is equipped with a brushless motor, which has less vibration and lower noise , longer service life than brush motors.”

    • “The noise level is half or less compared to a gas mower.”

  • The battery system can be used interchangeably with other tools from the same brand, making it versatile. (2 reviews)

    • “I also own the Leaf Blower and Trimmer/Edger from Swift as well, since they all operate using the same battery. Four batteries between all of that equipment, I'm able to mow the front, back, edge/trim, and blow all the clippings in one swoop.”

    • “I have bought a hedge trimmer from them and it same battery. So I am having to use my hedge charger for my mower. They are same battery and same model charger.”

  • The Swift EB137CD2-FBM mower has a large 40-litre grass box, reducing the time spent emptying grass clippings. (2 reviews)

    • “this lawn mower with a large 40 Litre grass box, meaning less time spent emptying grass clippings”

    • “large collection box”

  • It is noted for being able to get close to fences and flower beds effectively. (1 review)

    • “This mower is very easy to get close to fences or flower beds”

4 reasons not to buy

  • Multiple reviewers noted that the battery life of the Swift EB137CD2-FBM is shorter than expected, with some reporting it lasts only 15-25 minutes on a full charge. This requires additional batteries or frequent recharges, which take around 3-4 hours. (34 reviews)

    • “I charged it overnight to be sure it was fully charged & ready to go. It had 4 bars and then only lasted 15 mins :( I was SUPER bummed. Charged it again for 5 hours, back to 4 bars and lasted 16 mins.”

    • “Upon my first two forays, my battery barely lasted 20-25 mins. If your yard is a 1hr job, you will definitely need more than 1 battery (please note - as it takes 3 hours for recharge) so get the option with 2 batteries or buy an extra.”

    • “The battery life is very poor not even a year and will not hold a charge.”

    • “It works great, but only for 10 minutes. It took me 3 days to do my front yard, that usually takes only about 25 minutes. It would get a 5 rating if it lasted 20 minutes and I didn't have to recharge it overnight to use it again!”

    • “The battery lasts around 15 - 20 minutes.”

    • “Definitely needs two, takes 3 hours for recharge. Makes it hard to finish both back and front yard on same day.”

    • “Unfortunately, the battery life is terrible. I ended up buying extra batteries to be able to finish my yard in one cutting.”

    • “the battery that came with it only lasts 15 minutes”

    • “Takes long to charge and only last 30 minutes topsI won't recommend it to anyone.”

  • Several users reported receiving faulty batteries that needed replacement shortly after purchase. Some also mentioned that the battery would not hold a charge well after less than a year of use. (23 reviews)

    • “I charged it overnight to be sure it was fully charged & ready to go. It had 4 bars and then only lasted 15 mins :( I was SUPER bummed. Charged it again for 5 hours, back to 4 bars and lasted 16 mins.”

    • “The battery life is very poor not even a year and will not hold a charge.”

    • “the battery that came with it only lasts 15 minutes”

    • “Alas, after less than 30 seconds of mowing, the mower cut off. I thought maybe the battery was not fully seated, so I took it out and put it back in, which resulted in about 20 more seconds of mowing! I repeated the reseating process twice more, and after the third time it refused to start.”

    • “Charged the battery overnight again and it wouldn't charge. It had two bars out of the four showing for power and the machine would start and immediately die. I tried charging it again overnight and it still wouldn't get above two bars.”

    • “All was well till 60 days later after the arrival.the battery will run 5 minutes, start to smell, and Off.”

    • “Great product, batteries need improved. They overheat too easily and 2 batteries, as of yet, don't get my whole lawn mower”

    • “Nice looking, light weight product but the battery would not charge after the first use, very disappointing”

    • “Unusable now just 8 mos after purchase. The battery sitting on its charger says it has a full charge. When you put it in the mower, it says it has no charge and won't cut.”

    • “The combo I purchased only had one battery and that battery wouldn't take a charge.”

  • A few reviews indicated issues with the mower's durability. One user mentioned that the mower stopped working entirely after a few uses, while another reported that screws and parts started to fall apart after a year and a half. (13 reviews)

    • “I used this mower a total of 3 times and now it won't start.”

    • “All the screws have worked themselves loose, handle fell off, etc. Now the shaft that holds the blade is loose. Mower turns on and then goes BAM and stops. I don't know how to fix it, but I will try.”

    • “one of the wheels is falling off and I'm assuming the battery won't work anymore because it wont turn on.”

    • “Battery charger stopped working after two uses.”

    • “all parts are cheap material, probably not a durable tool”

  • One review highlighted that the mower struggles with tougher, less manicured grass and weeds, suggesting it may not be suitable for more challenging mowing conditions. (8 reviews)

    • “However, it only seems to cut well-manicured grass, not the weed-fest that is my yard.”

    • “I would not use for tall grass.”

    • “Found out the hard way my front and back yard were bigger than it could handle and I needed to upgrade to something larger.”

    • “The blades are dull, and it rips my lawn.”

    • “you have to pass over the grass 2 to 3 times to get the full strip of grass cut.”

    • “Cutting action was poor and had to go slow.”

Bottom Line

The Swift EB137CD2-FBM lawnmower is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect even for beginners. It’s simple to assemble and features a handy battery indicator. With five cutting heights and a one-button start, it's convenient and versatile. The mower is quiet, has a large grass box, and its battery works with other Swift tools. However, the battery life is short, and some users reported durability issues and faulty batteries. It struggles with tough grass and weeds.


Cutting Width (in)15 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Bagging, Mulching
Max Cutting Height3"
Min Cutting Height1"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Years
Weight35 lbs.

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Special Features

  • Brushless Motor Technology: The lawn mower has a special motor that runs smoother, makes less noise (96dB), and lasts longer than regular motors. It cuts grass really well at 3900 RPM.
  • High-Capacity Battery: This mower uses a strong 40V battery that can mow up to 2600 sq ft on one charge. Your mowing time might vary depending on your lawn and how you use the mower.
  • Precision Tidy Cutting: The steel blade cuts a clean 15-inch wide path in one go. You can adjust the cutting height from 1 to 3 inches to match the season or your preference.
  • Ease of Use: It has a big 40L bag for collecting grass, so you don't have to empty it as often. It also has a key that stops it from starting by accident, making it safe to store and transport.
  • Compact and Lightweight: This mower weighs only 33 lbs, so it's easy to handle and great for women and older folks. The handle folds down for easy storage and transport.
  • Low Maintenance: The special brushless motor needs very little upkeep, making it easy to use.
  • Advanced Wheel Design: The wheels are tough and easy to roll. They have a special tread that helps you move the mower easily and keep straight lines while mowing.
  • Instant Start: Just press a button to start the mower quickly and easily.
  • Versatile and Adaptable: You can easily change the cutting height with a lever, and it has a clear scale to show the current height.
  • Perfect for Various Lawn Conditions: This mower can handle different types of grass well, even thick grass, and keeps cutting efficiently.
  • Excellent Customer Support: You get a 24-month warranty on the mower and a 12-month warranty on the battery. If you have any problems, customer support will help you within 24 hours.


  • Q:

    Where can replacement blades be obtained?

  • A:

    Replacement blades can be ordered by contacting the seller through Amazon.

  • Q:

    What do blue lights on the battery charger indicate?

  • A:

    Blue lights on the battery charger indicate that it is fully charged.

  • Q:

    Does this mower have mulching capabilities?

  • A:

    Yes, it can mulch, but it may jam if the grass is wet.

  • Q:

    Can this mower be operated with one hand?

  • A:

    Yes, the mower is lightweight and can be pushed or pulled with one hand, similar to a vacuum cleaner.

  • Q:

    Is it easy to remove the battery for charging?

  • A:

    Yes, removing the battery is simple. Press the blue release button on the battery to remove it.

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