LawnMaster MEB1216K Review

Electric Lawn Mower 16-Inch 12AMP


Final Score

4.1 / 5 from 850 users

LawnMaster MEB1216K | Tools Official
LawnMaster MEB1216K | Tools Official
LawnMaster MEB1216K | Tools Official


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We spent 8.9 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

9 reasons to buy

  • People often say that the LawnMaster MEB1216K mower is easy to use, indicating that it's user-friendly and doesn't require extensive knowledge to operate effectively. (37 reviews)

    • “It’s simple to operate and does a great job!”

    • “This mower is powerful, lightweight, and easy to use.”

    • “The assembly of this mower was easy and fast.”

    • “Putting it together is rather simple”

    • “I took it out of the box, put it together, and had the grass mowed within an hour”

    • “It’s easy to use”

    • “it was fair easy to put together”

    • “this is an awesome lawnmower and I would definitely recommend it”

    • “So far I love this lawnmower.”

    • “Very easy to adjust height.”

  • The size and operation of the mower make it suitable for small to medium-sized yards, as noted by some reviewers. (30 reviews)

    • “it’s worth it for small yards”

    • “For the price it's good for a small basic yard without a lot of obstacles.”

    • “If you have a nice level yard it's fine.”

    • “I have a very small yard I have to mow”

    • “I have a small patch of a front yard. About 20' x 4'”

    • “this light and sturdy little mower”

    • “I don’t have a huge back yard and i only has to empty it twice.”

    • “I only need it for a small area, and thankfully, my bag doesn't fill up until I'm done. :) (I'm only cutting a small area”

    • “Also not meant for a big yard. I have a small yard”

    • “Great for small-med lawns”

  • Many reviews indicate that the mower cuts grass effectively, providing a clean trim, which is essential for the primary function of a lawnmower. (26 reviews)

    • “it cuts thick grass with ease.”

    • “This mower does a good job, cuts well, and maneuvers well.”

    • “cuts it all and even small branches and thick weeds”

    • “it cuts just as well if not better than the gas mower”

    • “Otherwise it cuts very nicely.”

    • “The blade cuts well.”

    • “and it did a great job”

    • “It cuts great!”

    • “Had a month of thick wet tall grass that the mower breezed through without much of a cough.”

    • “It cuts great is height adjustable, Gets into small areas,”

  • Customers found the lawnmower easy to assemble. (18 reviews)

  • Many users have praised the LawnMaster MEB1216K for its powerful motor, noting that it can easily cut through thick grass and is effective at maintaining a well-kept lawn. (14 reviews)

    • “The motor is powerful, it cuts thick grass with ease.”

    • “Had a month of thick wet tall grass that the mower breezed through without much of a cough.”

    • “powerful enough to cut thru thick grass”

    • “This exceeded my expectations. Cut it down like it was nothing.”

    • “It was able to power through the overgrown patches with no problem.”

    • “cuts the tough St. Augustine grass”

    • “strong enough to cut 5" high weeds”

    • “this little mower is powerful”

    • “I am so pleased with the power of this quiet mower”

  • The mower is reported to be relatively quiet, likened to the sound of a vacuum cleaner, which is a positive aspect for users and neighbors. (9 reviews)

  • Customers appreciate the electric design, which eliminates the need to store gas. (8 reviews)

    • “I didn’t want to fuss with a gas mower.”

    • “This is so much better than a gas mower.”

    • “Don’t have to store gas.”

    • “I feel good using it knowing I'm not polluting the air with gas fumes”

    • “I didn't want a gas mower and didn't want to buy a bunch of batteries, so this unit fits the bill.”

    • “no need for gas , checking oil , spark plug , or choke”

    • “no worries about gas”

    • “I don’t have to worry about gasoline”

  • The lawnmower offers multiple levels for different grass heights, adding versatility to its use. (7 reviews)

  • Many reviews state that the LawnMaster MEB1216K mower is lightweight and easy to carry, which simplifies the mowing process. (6 reviews)

4 reasons not to buy

  • The LawnMaster MEB1216K user experienced a breakdown only minutes into its first use, accompanied by smoke and a burnt odor, indicating potential quality control concerns with this model. (5 reviews)

    • “Suddenly I smelled the putrid smell of burnt rubber and immediately turned the mower off. When I turned the mower on its side to get a look underneath to see if it was clogged up (which it wasn't), it began smoking a lot.”

    • “started smoking and completely stopped working”

    • “Cheap- lawn mower started smoking and a big pop happened while using it”

    • “On my 2 nd use it got burned”

    • “The fourth time the starter button would not work. It is dead and the mower is being returned to Amazon.”

  • The mower struggles on uneven terrain and can come to a stop on any bumps, making it unsuitable for yards that aren't flat. (4 reviews)

    • “You can only mow on level ground only. The blades goes up and down but the mower and tires don't. If you mow over any bump what so ever it comes to a stop.”

    • “sometimes when i am backing up the mower it kind of gives me some problem turning or it will bounce up a little”

    • “While struggling to push with crappy wheels the mower tilts forward and the back comes up.”

    • “It's new sod and lumpy. But looks good after cutting.”

  • The mower may not last more than a couple of years with heavy use, suggesting it may not be the most robust option available. (4 reviews)

    • “it didn’t last more than 2 years before it stopped working but i over worked it probably”

    • “My last Lawnmaster lasted 7 years, this one may last a season.”

    • “I used it only twice and on the second use it started smoking and completely stopped working”

    • “bought it in June23, I threw it out Jan24, the ignition just didnt click, I just threw it away”

  • It does not mulch grass effectively, which can be a downside for those looking to naturally fertilize their lawn with grass clippings. (1 review)

Bottom Line

The LawnMaster MEB1216K mower is praised for being user-friendly and great for small to medium yards. It's easy to put together, with a powerful motor that cuts grass cleanly and operates quietly. It's electric, so no gas storage is needed, and it adjusts for various grass heights. Despite its light weight, some users had issues with durability, effectiveness on uneven ground, and a lack of mulching capabilities. It might not suit the tough demands of a landscaper but can be ideal for regular home lawn care.


Cutting Width (in)16 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Bagging, Mulching
Max Cutting Height3"
Min Cutting Height1"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Years
Weight32 lbs

Special Features

  • 16-Inch Metal Steel Blade & 12AMP High-Efficiency Motor: This thing has a strong blade that cuts a 16-inch path and a powerful motor that spins fast to get the job done quick.
  • 6 Cutting Positions (1" - 3") with One-Touch Height Adjustment: You can change the cutting height really easy, with a single lever, to make your lawn look just the way you want it—from really short grass to a bit taller.
  • Adjustable Handle for Different Heights: No matter how tall you are, you can make the handle longer or shorter so it feels right and you don't have to bend over or stretch while pushing the mower.
  • Efficient Grass Collection (98% Rate into 8 Gallon Bag): Nearly all the grass clippings get caught in a big bag as you mow, so you won't have to rake them up afterwards.
  • Folded & Lightweight (32lbs) with Big Wheels: It's not heavy to lift, can be folded down to save space, and the bigger wheels make it easier to push around, even if your lawn has some bumps or hills.
  • Eco-Friendly Electric Operation: It runs on electricity, so it's better for the environment than gas mowers—no gas smell, less noise, and you don't have to mess with engine oil.


  • Q:

    How can additional batteries be purchased?

  • A:

    Additional battery packs are currently unavailable. For information on availability, please contact customer service.

  • Q:

    Does the unit have self-propelling capabilities?

  • A:

    The unit is not self-propelled. However, it is designed to be lighter and easier to maneuver compared to some self-propelled models.

  • Q:

    What is the maximum duration of operation on a fully charged battery?

  • A:

    The operating time on a full charge is approximately 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the size of the lawn and the grass condition.

  • Q:

    What is the charging time for the batteries?

  • A:

    The batteries require approximately 150 minutes to fully charge.

  • Q:

    Is a side discharge chute available for the LawnMaster MEB1216K Electric Lawn Mower 16-Inch?

  • A:

    There is no side discharge chute available for this model; it is designed exclusively for use with a rear bagger.

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