LawnMaster MEB1114K Review

Electric Corded Lawn Mower 15-Inch 11AMP


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3.9 / 5 from 1378 users

LawnMaster MEB1114K | Tools Official
LawnMaster MEB1114K | Tools Official
LawnMaster MEB1114K | Tools Official


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We spent 8.3 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Many reviews highlight that the LawnMaster MEB1114K is light and easy to maneuver, making it an excellent choice for individuals who may find handling heavier yard tools challenging. (45 reviews)

    • “Lightweight made it easy to mow and lift up into the shed.”

    • “The good thing about this is how light it is.”

    • “Its very easy to maneuver.”

    • “very light weight (Im a Petie women)”

    • “it is lightweight.”

    • “Single woman with smallish but not tiny lawn. Used all summer still thrilled with my buy”

    • “It is so easy to use, just push and mow!”

    • “I really liked the idea of a light weight electric lawnmower”

    • “very light, easy to maneuver”

    • “shows no tire lines because of light weight.”

  • The mower being affordable is seen as a big plus. One person even said that it's a good deal for the price. (25 reviews)

    • “for the price it's great and I'm really happy with it overall”

    • “This is the CHEAPEST mower I've ever seen. It's perfect!”

    • “For the price its good.”

    • “I feel it was the best money savings I have made in a while”

    • “But for the price - seem like a good choice!”

    • “The price was great and I'd rather pay this price for something brand new, than something that requires a trade certificate from a mechanic's school.”

    • “at a great price”

    • “This was a great price!”

    • “Great quality for the price!”

  • Despite its small size, the mower is noted to be surprisingly powerful. One review mentions its ability to handle 3ft high grass without issues. (20 reviews)

    • “I was surprised at how powerful it is! The grass was 3ft high and this little mower powered through without skipping a beat.”

    • “It cuts tall grass as good as something 3 times it's size and price.”

    • “My grass was over ten inches, and I didn't struggle at all.”

    • “this little unit eagerly takes on tall grass and weeds”

    • “This little LawnMaster MEB1114K will cut thru the tall wet grass and the best thing is when the bag gets full, it just keeps going.”

    • “I was really impressed with how well this little thing mowed down the hearty dandelions in my yard!”

    • “It handled an area of overgrowth with no problems.”

    • “Now, I tested it in high grass and it handled it well.”

    • “My grass was so overgrown and it cut through like butter”

    • “For such a small mower, cuts the grass like a pro.”

  • The assembly process is described as straightforward, with one user reporting that it was easy enough to assemble without reading the instructions. (19 reviews)

    • “My 17 year old put it together without reading the instructions, it was that easy.”

    • “Assembly was straightforward.”

    • “it was easy to assemble”

    • “quick and easy to assemble”

    • “Out of the package, the lawnmower comes together fairly easily”

    • “easy to assemble”

    • “Very easy to assemble minutes.”

    • “Very easy to assemble”

    • “I’ve never used a lawn mower in my life but I decided to get my own to save some money & I'm genuinely surprised by how easy it is.”

  • The height adjustment feature of the LawnMaster MEB1114K is easy to use. According to some reviews, this lawn mower offers different settings to effectively handle grass of various lengths, enhancing its versatility and user convenience. (11 reviews)

    • “With the really tall weeds, he adjusted the height setting with no problem.”

    • “Adjusting the height is very easy (it's in millimeters).”

    • “It's easy to change the cutting height”

    • “The height adjustments are good and simple to set.”

    • “height adjustment is simple and effective”

    • “It also has settings to lower the mower to cut grass at a designated height.”

    • “Has a variety of height of cut settings which is why I purchased most other electric mowers had only 3 settings, this mower has 5.”

    • “Super easy to adjust cutting height.”

  • Several users have observed that the mower operates more quietly than expected. (4 reviews)

  • The mower is capable of rear mulching, which some people like because it's better for the environment. It also doesn't seem to bother users by blowing clippings on them. (2 reviews)

    • “It can rear mulch. I prefer to mulch, as I think it's better for the environment. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to blow on my legs. There's a flap that directs it downward.”

    • “best mulcher”

  • The mower includes a safety mechanism that ensures it turns off immediately if the handle is released. (1 review)

    • “It has a safety mechanism so that it turns off immediately if you let go of it -- and you have to use both hands to get it to turn on.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • Concerns have been raised about the durability of the LawnMaster MEB1114K mower, with some users questioning how well it will hold up over multiple uses. (18 reviews)

    • “I don't know how well it holds up with multiple uses as I only used it once.”

    • “is made of cheap plastic”

    • “I’m not sure how long it’ll last for.”

    • “Just don't know if it will last or melt in the sun.”

    • “problem with wheel coming off”

    • “the front wheel fell off and I couldn’t find the cap that held it on”

    • “I really was looking forward to use the mower but I thought I would be able to fix the front wheel, sadly wasn't so now I have to return”

    • “I got it some time in April and it has already stopped working. It’s the beginning of July! In all, I mowed my lawn, which isn’t large, approximately 5 times before the mower stopped working.”

    • “We got one year out of it and it just died irreparably.”

  • Many users have noted that the grass collection bag is too small. This requires frequent emptying, especially on larger lawns or when grass is high. (15 reviews)

    • “You have to empty the bag every 3rd row and thats a pain if you have a big yard.”

    • “The only issue I’d say is that it has a small collection bag as it’s meant for small yards”

    • “We used the clipping bag, and had to dump it many times.”

    • “A bigger clipping bag would be better”

    • “I wish it had a bigger collecting bag, but that is only because I could have finished the mowing quicker !”

    • “But because the catcher is tiny! I have to empty it every couple passes.”

    • “The catcher is small and has to be emptied frequently.”

    • “Because only small swath cuttings, and high weeds, the bagger filled quickly, but easy empty.”

    • “The bag is very small. You will have to stop constantly to empty the bag.”

    • “Now , you will have change the bag often it fills up.”

    • “If the grass is tall you need some muscle to push and bag fills quickly.”

    • “grass clipping bag realy small”

    • “The bagger is pretty much worthless!”

  • Users have said that the cord can be annoying. Some wish there was a better way to keep it from unplugging or getting in the way when they're mowing. (8 reviews)

    • “I wish there was some kind of hook that keeps the extension cord and the lawn mower cord in place. If you do not hold the area where the mower is plugged in, it unplugs while mowing, Very annoying.”

    • “The cord falls out fairly easily. It's kind of tricky to keep from pulling out the cord, while holding on to the handle and going back & forth.”

    • “The only issue we have is the extension cord gets in the way when we're cutting the grass and you have to keep moving and adjusting the cord so the lawnmower doesn't cut it.”

    • “Took the tip another reviewer gave and kept the cord over my shoulder, and wrapped the cord around the handle to keep the plug from unplugging”

    • “The only draw back was if you just let the cord hand it likes to unplug but that was remedied by tying it around the handle and then slinging the cord over my shoulder to prevent pulling.”

    • “Takes some getting used to because of the cord.”

    • “The cord holder was confusing at least to me”

    • “Electric powered can be a hazard as plug disconnects from outlets.”

Bottom Line

The LawnMaster MEB1114K is a lightweight, affordable electric mower that's easy to move and assemble. It surprises with its power, even cutting through tall grass, and offers several height adjustments. It's quieter than some and features rear mulching and a quick-stop safety feature. However, the mower's durability, small grass bag, tricky cord management, a flimsy power handle, and unstable height settings are drawbacks to consider. Perfect for those who want a no-fuss, eco-friendly lawn care option on a budget.


Cutting Width (in)14 inch
FeaturesElectric Start , Bagging
Max Cutting Height3"
Min Cutting Height1"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Weight28 lbs

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Special Features

  • High-Efficiency Cutting: The LawnMaster MEB1114K has a strong 11AMP motor. It spins the blade fast (3300 rounds per minute) to cut more grass in less time.
  • Multiple Cutting Heights: You can choose from 6 different heights to trim your lawn just the way you like, from really short (1 inch) to taller grass (3 inches), all with an easy lever.
  • Adjustable Handle: Make the mower handle longer or shorter to fit you best, so you can mow the lawn comfortably without straining your back.
  • Large Capacity Grass Collection: It has a big bag (7 gallons) to catch the grass clippings, so you don't have to stop and empty it out all the time.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The mower is light (only 28 pounds) and the handles can fold down, so it's easy to lift and doesn't take up much space in your shed or garage.
  • Durable Deck: The part of the mower that houses the blade (15-inch deck) is tough and won't rust, so it will last a long time even if you leave it outside sometimes.
  • Optimized Wheel Size: It has bigger wheels in the back (7.75 inches) and smaller ones in the front (5.5 inches), which makes the mower steadier and easier to push around bumps and holes.
  • Eco-Friendly Operation: Since it's an electric mower, it doesn't use gas or oil and doesn't spit out smelly fumes, making it better for the planet and easier on your wallet over time.


  • Q:

    What should I do if the mower got wet and won't start?

  • A:

    Leave the machine in ventilation for a period of time. When it is dry, try to start it again. Please refer to the troubleshooting written in the manual.

    If the mower still fails to start, contact the after-sales department. You can contact LawnMaster Customer Service at 1-866-384-8432.

  • Q:

    What trimmer line spool will fit this mower?

  • A:

    The mower features a 0.065” dual-line auto-feed.

  • Q:

    Can it deal with rocks in the lawn?

  • A:

    This lawn mower is not recommended for bagging rocks in lawn. The motor might burn out if a rock gets stuck under the blade. Use a heavy duty one instead, or clean all big rocks of car key size before mowing.

  • Q:

    How well does this mower mulch leaves?

  • A:

    It performs similarly to gas-powered mowers. Both use the same RPMs to cut or mulch the grass.

  • Q:

    What is the voltage range of this mower?

  • A:

    The voltage range for this product is 120 V ~ 60 Hz.

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