Greenworks 25302 Review

G-MAX 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH & 2.0 AH Batteries Included


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4.2 / 5 from 6548 users

Greenworks 25302 | Tools Official
Greenworks 25302 | Tools Official
Greenworks 25302 | Tools Official


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12 reasons to buy

  • Several reviewers comment on the mower's light weight, which makes it easy to push and maneuver even without the self-propelled feature. (72 reviews)

    • “It's not self propelled, but the mower is so lightweight I don't even notice.”

    • “The GreenWorks packs all of the power of those machines, but it’s very light, easy to maneuver”

    • “This mower is light, maneuverable, and the collapsing handle is a big bonus for me (limited storage).”

    • “I was pleasantly surprised by how easily the mower could be maneuvered and how little effort it took to push.”

    • “Opening the box I was completely surprised as this unit was much lighter than my gas powered mower”

    • “The Twin Force is so light that I don't miss the propulsion at all. It's like pushing a seed broadcaster.”

    • “So Light You Don't Need Self Propelled!! Hang it up out of the way.”

    • “The mower is very light and has a padded handle so it's easy to maneuver.”

    • “Lightweight: even though it isn't self propelled, it is light enough that I don't really notice. The light weight is really noticeable at the end of a pass when turning the mower around. Extremely easy maneuver.”

    • “It is really light weight! Even when I buy mowers that are self propelled, I rarely use the feature... it may be the only exercise I get in a week so I don't mind pushing. The wheels and light weight design of this mower make it great to push.”

  • Multiple reviews mention that the Greenworks 25302 runs quietly, making it less noisy than traditional gas mowers. (56 reviews)

    • “So much quieter than my gas mower.”

    • “It’s very light, easy to maneuver, and so quiet. It sounds no louder than a powerful fan on low speed.”

    • “The best part? It's SUPER QUIET! I have a lot of 3rd shift workers near and as a previous 3rd shift worker I know that a lawn mower in the middle of my sleep schedule can be horrible. This is VERY quiet operation!”

    • “It's also much quieter than I expected.”

    • “This mower is even more quiet than my electric corded black and decker, so, if noise is a problem, this is about as quite as I could imagine other than a sheep to cut your grass.”

    • “It is so much quieter than a gas powered mower. It sounds like a blend of a box fan and a drone.”

    • “We wanted a mower that wasn't as loud and noisy as a gas mower, this mower fulfilled all of our wishes.”

    • “It's much quieter than a gas mower. I can start mowing the lawn early in the morning and not worry about disturbing the neighbors.”

    • “It is VERY quiet. You can have a normal conversation with someone while mowing. No yelling or stopping required.”

  • Battery life is usually seen as good enough, with some users able to mow their whole lawn on a single charge. People also like that the batteries have indicators to show how much charge is left. (45 reviews)

    • “Battery life is quite good. I’m able to mow my whole yard without having to stop and recharge.”

    • “I can cut this using only ONE (large) battery - with plenty of charge left over if I need a little more juice for the edger!”

    • “My ¼ acre front lot is now of uniform height and it only took the one battery to make that happen.”

    • “The batteries even had a half charge or more in them so I was able to try it out right away.”

    • “I'm able to finish the entire thing without coming close to running down both batteries.”

    • “We have a 1/3 acre lot, and this mower with two batteries works just fine.”

    • “The batteries last a good amount of time. I have two of the large batteries and they give me at least 90 mins of power.”

    • “I was able to finish both yards with about a half charge left on the 2Ah battery, pretty impressive to me.”

    • “Battery life is excellent. When I'm just mowing grass (without also mulching leaves), I can mow both my front and back yards on just the one battery. With leaves, I'm able to finish before the 2nd battery dies.”

  • Many reviews appreciate that there's no need for maintenance like oil changes, winter prep, or storing gas. (35 reviews)

    • “Don't have to change the oil. In fact, at the end of the season, I don't have to do anything except put it away.”

    • “It’s such a joy to not have to get and store gas.”

    • “If this is the only "maintenance" I have to do on this mower, then I am still happy.”

    • “thanks to the light weight and not having to put gas in the tank or check the oil”

    • “battery operated, so no more gas tank to fill / store, and no oil to fill / store”

    • “On the positive side, there's no gas. There are no issues with starting the engine. I don't have to worry about stale gas gumming up the fuel system. There's no need to check or change the oil.”

    • “Since it's electric, it doesn't require any maintainence (gas, oil, etc) besides not letting wet grass get caked in it (which I know now).”

    • “No gas or oil to deal with (or store).”

    • “It's very convenient not to deal with a power cord while mowing. And it's great to avoid the mess of oil and gasoline.”

    • “Not having a gas can in the garage and having to deal with tune ups or stale gas make this unit worth it.”

  • Users find it convenient that the mower starts with a button and a pull of a lever, compared to gas mowers that need a pull cord to start. (32 reviews)

    • “Starting the mower is very simple -- push one button and pull back the lever.”

    • “With all other mowers you will pull back on the safety handle and then start the machine with this specific machine you hold in the start button and pull back on the lever once the machine is started you can let go of the start button.”

    • “Starting it is simple. Just press the button and then pull the bar back and you're off.”

    • “no more pulling a cord multiple times to start the mower, just push a button and pull up on a handle”

    • “No pull start, just press the start button and hold it then pull the operation handle.”

    • “Just slap in a battery, hold the button and pull back the lever. Your vacuum cleaner, I mean lanwmower, is now ready to slice and dice”

    • “The push button start is wonderful - no more string to pull. You just hold the button in, pull back the safety lever, and it starts right up.”

    • “It's a no brainer to turn on. Just press the button, and hold down handle.”

    • “My wife uses it some also, and she loves it because she can just push the button to start it, and it’s very easy for her to push.”

  • The mower's design to automatically switch to a second installed battery when the first one runs out is seen as a practical feature. (25 reviews)

    • “The mower comes with two batteries, a 4ah and 2 ah. Both can be installed at the same time, and the mower automatically switches to the second battery when the first runs out.”

    • “Once one battery dies the second battery automatically kicks in.”

    • “Auto battery selection while mowing is seamless”

    • “It does come with a 4 amp hour and a 2 amp hour battery and will automatically switch over when one battery is depleted.”

    • “This time I put both batteries in the mower to start off ... about 1/3 the way through with the back yard, I heard it switch over to the other battery”

    • “The first battery lasted nearly the entire time until the front yard and then died, the second battery kicked in immediately so there was no down time and finished the last 5 minutes I had.”

    • “You can easily tell when one battery is dead and it switches to the other, in case you want to start charging the dead one while running with the other one.”

    • “The change over from dead battery to fresh is nothing more than a slight pause”

    • “Dual batteries-4.0 Ah+2.0 Ah have automatic switchover, very nice feature.”

  • The mower can be put together quickly and without needing any tools. (16 reviews)

    • “Assembling the GreenWorks is easy; you just take it out of the box and attach the handle. The process involves no tools and takes only minutes.”

    • “This is very easy to assemble and requires no tools.”

    • “The setup couldn't have been easier unless someone else did it for me. Slice the box open at the 4 corners to make it easier to remove from the box (my back was bothering me at the time of delivery), unfold the handle and away you go.”

    • “The quick start instructions were easy to follow, and it took no more than five minutes to put everything together.”

    • “BTW It came 95% assembled. They really wanted us buyers to get it put together quick and easy.”

    • “The mower arrived the next day and was incredibly easy to put together.”

    • “You just have to fold up the handlebar and tighten a couple of lever-nuts (no tools required)”

    • “Assembly was easy (pop out of box and tighten handle).”

    • “Putting the mower together was very simple.”

    • “Very easy to assemble.”

  • People see it as a plus that there's just one lever to adjust the height, instead of having to adjust each wheel individually. (16 reviews)

    • “Then set the cut height using the sliding lever on the top – no need to set each wheel individually!”

    • “The height adjustment is really easy to use.”

    • “Nice easy height adjustment”

    • “It does have a great feature with one handle raising and lowering the height of the wheels. This is so simple and very easy to do unlike classic mowers which you usually had to do each individual wheel and sometimes struggled with it. This actually does all four wheels at once.”

    • “The height-adjust is on top of the mower which sure beats adjusting a rusty, grass-encrusted lever on each wheel.”

    • “The one handed deck height adjustment is just smart as heck.”

    • “The deck height adjustment is easy to use.”

    • “The one lever height adjustment is very nice and easy to use and no figuring out front notches vs back notches.”

    • “It has a single handle to adjust the height of the cutting deck. That's much nicer than the heights on all four wheels needing to be adjusted individually.”

    • “You can adjust the mowing height from 1-5, with 1 being shortest... Adjusting it up and down is simple, and you do the whole thing with one lever, rather than having to adjust individual wheels like I used to.”

  • The ability to fold down the handle and the lightweight design make the mower easy to store, which is great for those with limited space. (15 reviews)

    • “I store the GreenWorks in my one car garage. It fits between the wall and my car, and I fold down the handle to make it as compact as possible.”

    • “the collapsing handle is a big bonus for me (limited storage)”

    • “Has quick lock release clamps so that you can quickly and easily fold up The handle for quick storage.”

    • “I hang it up out of the way it is so light (resting most of the weight on the front wheels).”

    • “I like the folding handle, which saves space in the garage.”

    • “The handle has quick-release levers to fold down easily. You can tilt or hang the mower because it's light and has no fluids to leak.”

    • “Also review videos showed that this unit is quite light allowing me to store it without taking up floor space in my garage.”

    • “The black side adjusting handles that allow you to collapse the handle bar for storage.”

    • “It handle collapses so it can go easily on the back of your sedan.”

    • “The handle folds down so you can store it upright in your garage to save space”

    • “can store on a hook on the wall as there is no fluids to leak”

    • “I love that it is so light weight, super quiet and folds into a small space.”

    • “Oh and it takes a very small foot print in the garage or shed.”

  • The mower is described as robust and well-constructed, with high-quality components that feel durable. (13 reviews)

    • “The GreenWorks mower is very nicely made. All of the components feel of high quality in the hand.”

    • “The components seemed solidly built.”

    • “Made out of very sturdy plastic type materials. It doesn't FEEL plastic-like and flexible though. It really feels strong.”

    • “It has a quality feel and seems to ride smoothly over bumps and tree roots.”

    • “Great quality and worth every penny!”

    • “Although I don't think that would happen because all electronic areas have well made plastic covers.”

    • “Do not let the plastic put you off--it is sturdy and durable”

    • “still pleased overall. Durability, despite the light weight has been very good and I have had no issues with components breaking.”

    • “Pretty rugged for a mostly plastic mower.”

    • “Some people might be concerned about the durability for that reason, but it seems to be well built.”

    • “very impressed with the quality of the equipment.”

    • “The single-blade model comes with robust metal body as compared to the twin-blade.”

  • The electric operation is seen as a greener alternative due to the lack of emissions. (10 reviews)

    • “I can charge the batteries from our solar panels, which makes this a very green solution.”

    • “didn't require burning oil”

    • “Obviously a chemical free experience is not just better for me and the environment but for the lawn as well.”

    • “Since it's electric, it doesn't require any maintainence (gas, oil, etc) besides not letting wet grass get caked in it (which I know now). Plus it doesn't have asthma triggering exhaust!”

    • “I used to use about one gallon of gas per lawn cut, and as someone noted, it costs about 5 cents to charge these batteries.”

    • “It is stated that gas mowers emit 11x the pollution of a CAR.”

    • “This is in addition to no further spewing of hydrocarbons into the air.”

    • “obviously it has no fumes or exhaust, which is nice.”

    • “it doesn't create a plume of gasoline smell”

    • “I would recommend this equipment anybody who desires equipment that is easier to work with and wants to move away from using gasoline.”

  • Users praise the mower's feature that automatically adjusts the blade speed when it hits thicker grass. (8 reviews)

    • “In a couple of thicker patches the electric engine rev'd up automatically and handled the denser turf just fine.”

    • “The auto-sensing feature does an excellent job of ramping up the blade speed in areas where the grass is taller or thicker.”

    • “This new one seems to have had an update to the software that controls the motors. ... So, I think I like this new method.”

    • “The mower is very quiet... and has an automatic high speed mode that kicks in when you are in heavy/high grass.”

    • “When the mower hits taller (or wet I assume) grass it speeds up the blades automatically”

    • “When it needs more power, it turns on turbo and chews the grass.”

    • “When I got to the areas where the grass was longer, the mower sensed this difference and automatically increased the speed of the blades to compensate for the increased length.”

    • “because it doesn't sense enough load/thickness of the grass isn't enough to jack up the speed, which it does automatically”

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some users say the Greenworks mower is struggling to cut tall grass or weeds. This can result in an uneven cut, needing multiple passes over the same spot, and it might not mulch or collect tall grass properly. (41 reviews)

    • “If you like a well manicured lawn this is NOT the mower for you. On regularly mowed normal height grass it produces a very ragged cut, even after several passes. If you have a need to mow anything taller than normal grass (edge of cutting area, high grass, weeds, or plants) it will only flatten them down and pass over them without cutting them. If it manages to cut them it will not mulch them or collect them. Basically anything tall does not cut easily or mulch.”

    • “My front yard had very thick grass and here I had to slow down, even with the 50% overlap. I found myself moving about as slowly as my gas mower, but with more overlap to handle cleanup, so I think for yards with a lot of thick grass you’re going to either see 25% increased cutting time or a sloppier cut.”

    • “If your grass is longer then you need to go slower or it will have a hard time cutting it. If you don't slow down you will likely end up with the mohawk everyone talks about.”

    • “Sometimes it leaves a few wisps of uncut grass in the middle. I guess this is because it has two small blades instead of the usual single blade.”

    • “This Greenworks mower will sometimes flatten and not cut taller grass. It will require backing up over the same path to ensure you get it down to the height you want.”

    • “Very uneven mowing results. I don't know if this is related to the fact that the mower uses twin blades or what, but I cannot get a nice, even mow out of this mower without covering most of the yard two or more times. In a single pass, it looks like the yard was trimmed by sheep, not a mower.”

  • The mower is not self-propelled. This is fine for some people because it's light, but it might be a problem for others, especially when mowing uphill or bigger yards. (28 reviews)

    • “The lawn mower is NOT self-propelled, however it is light enough that's not necessary.”

    • “If pushing that mower had been less demanding, I might have just gone ahead with the exposed replacement battery plan, but I was usually beat after lugging that thing half way around the yard.”

    • “My last mower was a self-propelled, but that was really only needed due to its weight, and maybe navigating around some obstacles on a tough hill. The Twin Force is so light that I don't miss the propulsion at all.”

    • “This mower is fairly easy to push, since it is much lighter weight than a gas mower.”

    • “It makes the mower very light and easy to push (there is no 'assist').”

    • “This mower is not self-propelled, but is very easy to push.”

    • “It’s actually even easier to use than the self-propelled Honda mower, because it’s so much lighter.”

    • “Lightweight: even though it isn't self propelled, it is light enough that I don't really notice.”

    • “Keep in mind this is a push mower, it is not self-propelled.”

    • “it is hard to push on slight inclines. My yard slopes upward with a slight grade toward the back of my property. My kids have a hard time pushing it.”

  • Some users say the battery compartments get dusty and need to be cleaned. This adds a step to the maintenance routine that might not be expected. (5 reviews)

    • “Although marketed as low maintenance, some users note that the battery compartments get dusty and require cleaning.”

    • “My only critique of this mower is that the battery compartments get dusty. It's not a big deal, the connectors are on the upper side of the compartment (away from the dirt) and I just do a quick vac before putting the mower away.”

    • “The battery compartments get dusty and require cleaning, adding a step to the maintenance routine that might not be expected.”

    • “This worked fine for the first few sessions, but doesn't seem to work now that dust has accumulated in there.”

    • “After I finished cutting the grass I did clean up the mower. I got my shop vac and removed most of the clippings from the battery housing and other places on the mower.”

  • The design of the wheels has been criticized for not allowing tight turns. This makes it hard to mow close to edges or in tight spaces. (5 reviews)

    • “The weird wheel design causes you to be unable to cut tightly against corners because the wheels hit everything.”

    • “Another drawback to this mower is the two-blade system. When making 90 degree turns in the lawn, there always seems to be a missed section of grass that's cut. I'm guessing this is due to the two blade system. A typical single-blade mower will cut grass closer to the front of the mower deck. With this mower you have to make sure you walk it well past the next row to be cut, make the 90 degree turn, back it up, then start the next row. This take a little getting used to.”

    • “The height adjustment is fine, but it would be nice to be able to adjust each side separately when at the edge of the lawn where the wheels ride on the cement edging.”

    • “Two blade positioning: This isn't an issue for the majority of the lawn, but there are always those sections where you pushing the mower into a corner and pull it back out. Because of the offset blades, this works well on one side but not the other.”

    • “due to the twin blades being smaller and staggered, you don't get the head on cutting area that you do with one large blade. For example, when mowing into a 90° corner, there will be a long spot left because the blades don't go as close to the corner of the mower as a traditional mower blade does.”

  • The safety toe guard is reported to be too flexible and short, which could be a safety risk. It can fold under the deck when the mower is pulled backward, potentially exposing the user's feet to the blades. (2 reviews)

    • “The safety toe guard is reported to be too flexible and short, leading to potential safety issues.”

    • “Safety toe guard is very flexible rubber, is way too flexible, and way too short. When mower is moved backwards it immediately folds right under the deck and offers NO PROTECTION from rolling back over your toes.”

Bottom Line

The Greenworks 25302 is a lightweight, easy-to-use electric mower ideal for keeping your yard neat without the hassle of gas. It starts with a button, runs quietly, and has a decent battery life with a handy indicator. Adjusting the height is easy with just one lever, and it's designed to switch to a backup battery automatically. Plus, it's eco-friendly with zero emissions. While it's not self-propelled and struggles with tall grass, its durable build and simple storage make it a solid choice for small to medium lawns.


Cutting Width (in)20 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height3-3/8"
Min Cutting Height1-3/4"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty4 Years
Weight42.5 lbs
Additional InfoLi-Ion Battery System, Innovative Smart Cut Technology, Dual Battery Port, On-Board Battery Life Indicator

Video Reviews

Tips for Greenworks 25302

  • To ensure clean even cuts, avoid setting the cutting height too low for the grass height especially when the grass is high and check the bag often in case the bag is full.
  • It is recommended to mow in the afternoon when the grass is dry to consume less power and extend run time.
  • When removing the batteries, push the battery back in slightly and pull down on the lock tab to release it.
  • For clean even cuts and maintaining good mower run time, check the blades often and replace when needed. You can purchase replacement blades here.

Special Features

  • Cordless Convenience: You don't need to mess with cords or fill it up with gas. Just charge the battery and you're good to cut the grass for up to 45 minutes.
  • Dual Battery Ports with Auto-Switch: The mower has two spots for batteries. When one runs out, it automatically switches to the other, so you keep on mowing without a break.
  • Smart Cut Technology: The mower senses how thick or tough your grass is and uses more or less power so it cuts better and saves battery life.
  • Lightweight Design: It's not heavy, so you can push it around the yard easily, even if your lawn has tight spots or turns.
  • Twin Blades: Two blades instead of one means it cuts the grass cleaner and you get less clumps and better mulching (which is like chopping the grass really fine).
  • Maintenance-Free: No oil changes, no tune-ups, and it's quieter than a gas mower. Just push a button to start it up.
  • Eco-Friendly: It doesn't spit out fumes or smoke, so it's better for the air and for your lungs.
  • Versatile Cutting Options: You can choose to spread the grass clippings back onto the lawn, collect them in a bag, or shoot them out the side.
  • One Battery System for All: The same battery powers over 40 different tools, like trimmers and blowers, so you don't have to keep buying different batteries.
  • Durable Deck Material: The part that holds the blades is made of tough plastic that can take a beating.


  • Q:

    Can the mower mulch?

  • A:

    Yes. Simply remove the bag and insert the mulch plug to set it to mulch.

  • Q:

    Does the mower and battery come with a warranty?

  • A:

    Yes. The mower has a 4-year warranty while the batteries have a 2 year both through the manufacturer.

  • Q:

    How does the mower perform on grass 3 inches or higher?

  • A:

    The mower cuts very well even on tall grass thanks to its dual-blade design.

  • Q:

    What is the mower’s run time with 2 fully charged batteries.

  • A:

    Based on consumer reviews, the mower has an average run time of 45 minutes on 2 fully charged batteries.

  • Q:

    How do I store the batteries when the mower is not in use?

  • A:

    It is best to store the batteries outside the mower with ½ charge when storing it for more than 4 months.

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