YARDMAX 201cc Review

22 in. Select PACE 6 Speed CVT High Wheel RWD 3-in-1 Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower, Black


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3.8 / 5 from 608 users

YARDMAX 201cc | Tools Official
YARDMAX 201cc | Tools Official
YARDMAX 201cc | Tools Official


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10 reasons to buy

  • The YARDMAX 201cc mower is self-propelled, which assists with movement and reduces the effort required to push it, especially on tough terrains. (32 reviews)

    • “Luckily, you don’t have to push it, only turn.”

    • “This mower will pull you forward around well.”

    • “It goes in straight lines and will pull like a mule all day.”

    • “The rear drive pulls you around turns”

    • “I'm pretty happy with this mower (22" RW drive)”

    • “The self-propulsion was strong.”

  • Starting the mower is generally easy, with reports of it firing up with one or two pulls. (32 reviews)

  • The mower has a capable engine that can cut through thick grass easily without bogging down, providing strong performance. (31 reviews)

    • “Cuts through thick grass easily.”

    • “The 201 cc motor with new blades... just cut clean.”

    • “This mower is powerful and will chop down my yard's thickest grass without loading the engine down.”

    • “This 201cc mower is powerful”

    • “it cuts grass great, has plenty of power”

    • “200+cc motor - it’s really hard to stall this one.”

    • “Good power, cuts well”

    • “This lawnmower is big and it isn't phased by tall grass.”

    • “I've had no problems with the motor and cuts and bags pretty good.”

    • “Cutting power and force is effective.”

  • It comes with various speed settings allowing users to adjust the pace according to their mowing needs and the condition of the lawn. (21 reviews)

    • “Has multiple speeds. That can be nice depending on what I’m cutting.”

    • “I only use it in 1/2 of the speed for it geared up to go fast.... really fast which will be great at times.”

    • “The speeds start fast, but once the belt stretches and wears in the speeds slow down. We find 3 or 4 is a good speed.”

    • “has a lot of power higher the level, I had to dial it back to the first setting”

    • “Noise is normal for a gas mower and level 1 was very comfortable for walking with high grass.”

    • “I love the speed.”

    • “multi speed transmission has perfect speed for any body”

    • “The adjustable speed is nice”

    • “the travel speed selector works excellent. Use the #2 for my yard”

    • “It does move quick on the top setting but the bottom speed isn’t really as fast as everyone complains about in the reviews.”

  • Several users noted that the YARDMAX 201cc mower is easy to set up, requiring little to no assembly upon delivery. (21 reviews)

    • “Second with 10mins I had assembled, oiled and fueled.”

    • “Upon taking it out of the box, the mower is assembled already.”

    • “This mower was quite easy to assemble. Actually, unlike other mowers I’ve had delivered, there was really no “assembly” required.”

    • “Easy setup”

    • “Fast assembly”

    • “It is very easy to set up(already done in the box mor or less).”

    • “Comes pre-assembled, one only need extend the cool folding push bar.”

    • “The unit was pretty easy to set up.”

    • “Assembly was a breeze.”

    • “It was all put together except the handle when it came.”

  • The mower offers versatility with its ability to bag, mulch, and side discharge, providing users with various mowing choices. (7 reviews)

    • “Has a bag, mulches, side discharge.”

    • “I have used the mulching and bag options. I haven't used the side discharge as of yet, but I can be sure it is fine.”

    • “cut it side discharge looked like I bagged it”

    • “The mowing options gives me the choice of mulch or bag”

    • “mulching side discharge and bag discharge.. I like having these three options”

    • “Haven't used the bagger or side-discharge yet but trial-fitted both with ease.”

    • “Cuts great bag and side discharge chute attach and detach easily”

  • There are multiple height levels for the cutting blades, which allows for customizing the grass height according to the users' needs. (6 reviews)

    • “It has multiple height levels to meet your changing needs for grass height.”

    • “is very easy to adjust height”

    • “I mowed at the tallest setting.”

    • “height adjustment is very easy”

    • “I can now adjust the height with one handle instead of having to adjust four wheels”

    • “I also love how it has 7 height settings”

  • The mower is equipped with an extra-large bag, which reduces the frequency of emptying it when collecting grass clippings. (3 reviews)

    • “I extra large bag allowed me to empty one time each for the front and back”

    • “The grass bag holds quite a bit”

    • “Has enough power to compress so much grass in the bagger and it won’t fall out and back into the deck while mowing”

  • The presence of rubber wheels on the YARDMAX 201cc provides better traction compared to plastic wheels, improving the product's maneuverability. (3 reviews)

    • “I like the rubber wheels better than plastic, the grip better.”

    • “Rubber tires not hard plastic”

    • “The large rubber rear wheels really dig in to help power the mower forward.”

  • The steel deck is mentioned as sturdy and not prone to vibration, contributing to the overall solid feel of the mower. (2 reviews)

    • “22 inch steel deck - yep, it’s still 22 inches and it’s still steel. More importantly, the mower does not vibrate like flimsier decks and it feels like a tank.”

    • “Looking well worth the purchase price at the point. Sturdy and great features for the price”

4 reasons not to buy

  • Several reviews mention that the YARDMAX 201cc mower is heavy and large, which makes it hard to handle and might not be a good fit for everyone, especially those who are smaller or have less strength. (21 reviews)

    • “The downside is it is heavy and bulky. This is not a nimble and light mower. It goes in straight lines and will pull like a mule all day. Turning takes some planning and effort to spin it around.”

    • “this mower is quiet heavy. So, if you're a smaller person, such as myself, pushing this monster could prove quiet difficult, especially on hillsides. It can be quiet challenging to control, most certainly for smaller guys and girls.”

    • “this 201cc mower is powerful but quite heavy”

    • “The mower still runs and cuts, but too heavy to just push it around.”

    • “It’s much heavier than our previous mower so not great for her.”

    • “This lawnmower is big and it isn't phased by tall grass. Not designed for weaklings.”

    • “It's a bit heavy to push but the self-propulsion was strong.”

    • “The mower itself is kind of heavy, but not too heavy to use without self propel.”

    • “All features are excellant but the mower is heavy and difficult to manuver by hand”

    • “Mower is good quality, but too heavy for me to handle.”

  • The mower does not move easily without the power lever being engaged, making manual pushing very difficult, especially in narrow or tricky areas where powered speed is not desirable. (9 reviews)

    • “(4) when wheel is not powered, the m/c doesn't move. You can't do manual lawn moving, super hard. For narrow places, you can't power the wheel (bcoz Ferrari speed) and you can't do it manually.”

    • “It was difficult to push even without being in operation.”

    • “Should the motorized function fail, as happened with my previous mower, there would be NO way anyone could use this beast.”

    • “I wish it had a "neutral" position that disengaged the drive, for those areas where drive is unwanted.”

    • “The propulsion stopped working the third time I used the mower.”

    • “The belt housing will then fill up with lawn debris and the self-propel function stops working.”

    • “twice used, and self propelled does not work”

    • “Halfway thru the yard the self propulsion slowed down noticeably and I could no longer feel a difference in speed or power between setting 1 thru 6”

    • “now having self propel issues”

  • Multiple reviews mention that the height adjustment handle for the wheels does not stay locked in the notches, causing the mower to drop to the lowest setting unexpectedly, which requires a workaround like using a bungee cord to hold it in place. (8 reviews)

    • “The worst part is the height adjustment handle for the wheels. It doesn’t stay in the notches, causing the mower to drop down to the lowest setting.”

    • “the blade height adjuster never stick to the highest level. It's a wrong design, easily slips to the lowest level.”

    • “The cutting height lever gets knocked around and changes so keep an eye on that.”

    • “the mower height adjustment wouldn't stay in place it would vibrate out of place had to use a zip tie to keep in place”

    • “The height adjustment bar was not usable as I received it. I took it off and had to bend it to get it to work.”

    • “The handle keep going up and down. Size was nice but the hight adjustment handle keep going up and down and I pull back.”

    • “If you bump into something with front wheels it knocks wheel height adjustment to the bottom.”

    • “lever would not stay in position during use. Any slight vibration would drop deck to lowest level, scalping grass. Had to zip tie lever to frame to stay in place”

  • The handle on the mower is described as a little flimsy, which could raise concerns about its durability and handling during use. (5 reviews)

    • “The handle is a little flimsy.”

    • “the handles quality is kinda mediocre”

    • “My last mower even had a broken handle... 😒”

    • “Deck adjustment lever handle broke off immediately before I even turned it on”

    • “Handle is bent”

Bottom Line

The YARDMAX 201cc is a self-propelled mower built to make cutting grass easier. It starts up quickly, often in one or two pulls, and powers through thick turf without trouble. It has adjustable speed and blade height settings, can bag, mulch, or side discharge, and boasts a durable steel deck and rubber wheels for better traction. The extra-large bag means less emptying. However, it's heavy and hard to push manually. The wheel height adjustment can slip, and the handle may feel flimsy to some users.


Cutting Width (in)22 inch
FeaturesMulching, Bagging
Max Cutting Height3.55"
Min Cutting Height1.38"
Power SourceGas
CategorySelf Propelled Mowers
Warranty2 Year Residential
Weight84.2 pounds

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Special Features

  • Industry-Leading CVT Technology: The fancy CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) means the mower can change speeds smoothly to match how fast or slow you walk, so you won't have to push too hard or chase after it.
  • Exclusive Rubber Tires with Spike Tread: These special tires grab the ground better, so the mower can handle bumpy or slippery spots without slipping or getting stuck.
  • Deck Cleanout Port: There's a handy spot where you can hook up your garden hose to wash out all the grass gunk from under the mower, without having to tip it over or scrape it out by hand.
  • Single-Lever Deck Adjustment: You can easily move one lever to raise or lower the blade, which means you can quickly change how short you want to cut the grass.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Deck: The steel part that holds the blade is extra tough, so it can take a beating without falling apart, and it stays steady so you won't feel as much shaking.
  • Maxflow Deck Technology: The mower's got a special design underneath that sucks up the grass and chops it up really well, so whether you're mulching or bagging, it does a neat job.
  • Double Ball Bearing Wheels: The wheels have these tiny parts inside that make them roll super smooth and last longer, so it's easier to push and won't wear out quick.
  • Space-Saving Storage: When you're done mowing, you can fold the handle over so the mower takes up less space in your shed or garage.
  • 3-in-1 Functionality for Grass Clippings: You can choose to spread the cut grass back on the lawn as mulch, shoot it out the side, or catch it in a bag to keep things tidy, whatever works best for you.
  • Easy Start Engine: The engine's got a built-in helper to make it start up fast every time, without having to pump a primer bulb or mess with a choke.


  • Q:

    how long is the warranty, what brand of motor does it come with, what type of blades does it come with and where are the spare parts?

  • A:

    This company has terrible customer service. I sent them an email 3 days ago asking about the product and havent heard back from anyone. Based on all the bad reviews, I really cant understand how anyone would buy this. I was going to, but since they never got back to me, the writing was on the wall. I am buying the Honda 200CC. Yes its pricey, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

  • Q:

    Is the front wheel suspension supposed to be loose on one side?

  • A:

    On the side with the bar mine comes loose. The screws came put and we had to get new ones after mowing 3 times. Now we have to keep checking them while we are mowing because as we mow they come loose!! Very frustrating!!

  • Q:

    what is the product adapter used for ?

  • A:

    The adapter allows the use of quick connect/disconnect water hoses in place of the usual screw on hose connection to clean the underside of the mower.

  • Q:

    what is the engine model number so i can download the engine manual.?

  • A:

    My mower came with the engine manual.

  • Q:

    is the price a little high for china made ?

  • A:

    A lot of product for the money. What is not made in China today? I would of liked to buy American but not even close in price to what this one does

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