WORX WG775 Review

24V 14-Inch 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


Final Score

3.8 / 5 from 846 users

WORX WG775 | Tools Official
WORX WG775 | Tools Official
WORX WG775 | Tools Official

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8 reasons to buy

  • The mower is notably light, making it easy to maneuver and suitable for users who prefer not to deal with heavy equipment. (61 reviews)

    • “It's a nice little light weight mower that is perfect for my small yard.”

    • “The highlights of this mower are that it is very lightweight”

    • “At 14" inch and mostly plastic except the handles, the base frame, the blade, the motor and the battery, the ease of manoeuvring has no equal.”

    • “It is very lightweight and easy to push.”

    • “Very lightweight and easy to handle.”

    • “I liked this little guy very much due to it's light weight”

    • “The biggest benefit is that it is only 33 lbs! Meaning it is easy to maneuver”

    • “It weighs a little over 30 pounds, so I am able to carry it up and down my deck stairs for mowing”

    • “I would recommend this item to anyone wanting a light weight”

    • “It weighs about 30 lbs. I could hold this thing above my head for at least 15 min with no issue.”

  • Starting and using the WORX WG775 is simple, making it easy for anyone to use, even if you're not good with machines. (51 reviews)

    • “It's easy to start and use, which is perfect for my wife because she doesn't like "mechanical things."”

    • “SO easy to start”

    • “You just lift the battery up by the handle to recharge and drop it in after.”

    • “LOVE, LOVE that this is battery and not a pull string.”

    • “Plus it is so easy to use my mom and I can help dad mow when he will let us help him.”

    • “I was also looking for a battery powered mower because I needed something that would start easily and I wouldn't have to deal with gasoline fumes or oil.”

    • “easy to start no gas and spark plugs etc mower”

    • “Another plus is this thing is easy to start and is extremely quiet.”

    • “LOVE the push button start (starts & stops very quickly)”

  • The electric motor is quieter than traditional gas mowers, allowing for a less disruptive mowing experience. (38 reviews)

    • “Quiet compared to gas mowers”

    • “very quiet (I chatted with my next door neighbor while I worked)”

    • “I can mow at the break of dawn without waking up anybody else.”

    • “And starting it is so easy and it runs so quietly!”

    • “The mower is awesome, it’s quiet, and very easy to use.”

    • “it is so quiet I mowed at 7:00 a.m. when my yard was completely shaded. My neighbors didn't even know!”

    • “All you hear is the spinning blade, which is no louder than a food processor.”

    • “I was able to talk on the phone while cutting the grass and my friend on the other line hardly heard it.”

    • “Once I got it on the grass it was nice and quite”

  • The battery is easy to take out for charging, and since the mower runs without gas or oil, it's even more convenient to use. (36 reviews)

    • “You just lift the battery up by the handle to recharge and drop it in after. There are charging indicators on both the battery and the charger.”

    • “I was also looking for a battery powered mower because I needed something that would start easily and I wouldn't have to deal with gasoline fumes or oil.”

    • “LOVE the concept of no gas or oil!”

    • “Removable chargable battery”

    • “I keep the battery charging on my workbench during the week and then drop it into the mower when it's time to mow.”

    • “The battery is removable so you can charge it inside. This is a great feature”

    • “And to go from the front to the back yard, I just take the battery out and carry it thru the house!”

    • “The battery is very easy to get in and out”

    • “the battery is removable so I can charge it away from the mower. The battery has an indicator button so I can tell when the charge is getting low or when the recharge is complete”

    • “The battery is very easy to remove for charging and charges quickly”

  • On a full charge, the mower can handle small to moderately sized yards. In one case, it was able to mow a small lawn with knee-high and wet grass for a few days. (20 reviews)

    • “as long as I didn't go too fast, it took care of all of them easily”

    • “One charge can take care of them all with overgrown grass and weeds.”

    • “But, the next day, after letting the battery charge for 24 hours, I mowed my back yard and it handled it beautifully.”

    • “the battery easily lasts through the cutting and even into the next”

    • “I only charged the battery for a few hours but was able to get all but a small patch of grass mowed before letting it charge for a bit longer to finish the job”

    • “It has been running about 20-30 minutes on a full charge.”

    • “At least a 66% battery can last through my tiny lawn.”

    • “The rechargeable battery can handle more than you might expect.”

    • “For the first 3 months it could mow on a single charge”

  • It needs very little upkeep, with no oil or filter changes needed. You also don't have to do anything special to store it. (16 reviews)

    • “I know that there will be very little maintenance without having to deal with oil changes, filter changes, or having to take special steps to prep it for storage in the off season.”

    • “LOVE the concept of no gas or oil!”

    • “Great value, quiet, stores easily, and works great! Added bonus - no gas, oil or cords!”

    • “No gas, no oil, no smell, lightweight and not much noise---everything I was looking for in this purchase.”

    • “For 5 years I have owned this little mower it is still going strong. I do now need to sharpen the blades, and almost ready for a new battery.”

    • “The only maintenance has been to scrape out accumulated clippings from the bottom a couple of times per year.”

    • “I no longer have to deal with noisy, dirty, gas powered machines.”

    • “If you don't like dealing with gas cans and engine maintenance on a regular lawn mower then this is the mower for you.”

    • “Looking forward to several more years of not buying and storing gas (and all the money saved not doing so!).”

  • The assembly process is simple and quick, often requiring only basic tools like a Phillips head screwdriver. (15 reviews)

    • “Assembly was quite easy; took about 5 minutes with a Phillips head.”

    • “Install is easy. There are two screws to fix the handle, and two lock and release mechanism for the folding part of the handle.”

    • “Piece of cake to put together!”

    • “It took about 5 minutes to set up completely”

    • “The only assembly required is attaching the lower handle to the unit and the upper handle to the lower handle.”

    • “When I opened the box, it was a piece of cake to assemble... All you need to attach is the handle, and to charge the battery... it only took about 10 minutes to assemble.”

    • “It was super easy to put together. Literally 2 screws, and you are done.”

    • “Easy to assemble”

    • “I assembled it myself pretty quickly and easily and I'm not particularly strong.”

    • “Easy to assemble.”

    • “My husband put it together in about 15 minutes--so easy!!”

  • It has options for mulching, bagging, or rear discharge, so you can take care of your lawn the way you prefer. (13 reviews)

    • “All three functions (mulcher, bagging, and rear discharge) all work as expected.”

    • “I mulched this time around, next time I will try bagging.”

    • “There is only rear discharge under a flap... The munch attachment plugs the discharge outlet... The collecting bag is convenient.”

    • “You can either use the collection bag, the mulcher, or just have the grass spit out the back.”

    • “wanted to try the mulching feature first”

    • “We don't always use the bag, but we like it when we do it's easy to attach and remove and holds a decent amount of clippings (about 1/2 our yard either the front or the back).”

    • “It also has a removable mulching attachment located inside the rear discharge hole.”

    • “The first time I used it, I didn't realize there was a compost plug attached to the mower, so no grass went into the bag. But once I figured out what was going on, I removed the plug, and voila the cut grass went into the bag...”

    • “The difference this time is mowing with the recycle plug in. I can't believe how well this thing recycles.”

    • “I have not used the rear bagger yet tho again, this thing seems to mulch really well. I see no clippings in my yard.”

    • “3-in-1 mower mulches, rear-discharges, and bags”


    • “There is a great mulching feature or you can have the grass clippings go into the bag.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • The battery might not hold up for medium to big yards, meaning you might have to recharge it halfway through mowing or buy extra batteries. (37 reviews)

    • “Battery lasted long enough to do my small yard, but it was pretty much done after that. Obviously a con if you have a moderately sized yard.”

    • “I got 2 and half mowings out of my first charge. I was about 2/3 done and the battery dropped to 1 bar and performance dropped off dramatically, eventually stopping all together even though it was still showing 1 bar.”

    • “Even having just sharpened the blade, the battery goes for maybe 20 minutes, if that.”

    • “At first I was disappointed because it took three days and numerous charges to cut my small lawn.”

    • “Also the battery pack sometimes gives out before she can finish the yard. I estimate it is good for 30 minutes.”

    • “HATE the battery life! They advertise it cuts 6000 sq ft in a single charge. FALSE! My yard is around 1300 sq ft & the battery lost power BEFORE I could even get the front yard done.”

    • “It takes me about 3 batteries to cut my yard: one for the front lawn, one for the back, and one more for the sides where the grass is thicker.”

    • “It's taking me 3 charges of the battery to mow 500 square feet at this point, and I can whole heartedly say this is not a very useful product at all.”

    • “This year, I have to charge it twice, once for the back lawn and once for the front lawn.”

    • “My backyard is about 3500 square feet and it takes about an hour to mow it with this thing. if it gets too long I cant even do the whole thing on a single charge.”

  • The small size of the WORX WG775 often means more passes are needed to cover the yard. This can be time-consuming and may not be suitable for larger yards. (30 reviews)

    • “It's a bit small. It will take many passes even with a small yard.”

    • “Is 14" cut length sufficient? In theory, I have to walk around 40% more compared to a 20" mower.”

    • “I would not advise getting the 14" mower for a yard that is larger then 1,000 sq ft. You will probably hate it.”

    • “It definitely takes a few more passes back and forth because of the 14-inch width”

    • “Due to the small size of the mower (only 14 inches), it takes MUCH longer to mow the whole yard!”

    • “It is smaller than the average mower, so you’ll have a few extra strips/laps to mow”

    • “The width of your cutting lane is smaller than you might be used to, making for a few extra "laps"”

    • “The cutting path is smaller, it takes me about 20 passes instead of 15”

    • “It takes extra passes due to 14" cutting deck”

    • “Just a couple more passes to get the job done.”

  • Some people think the mower feels cheaply made, mentioning the slick plastic wheels and the overall build doesn't seem like it will last a long time. (14 reviews)

    • “generally kind of a cheap build (the wheels are slick cheap plastic)”

    • “it is plastic, not built to last a thousand years.”

    • “Yes, the right front wheel abandoned me and the mower after the first sweep of the lawn”

    • “Because the mower is made with mostly plastic which makes it so light it also flexes when maneuvered and even a slight flex while running caused the blade to nick away at the plastic shelves.”

    • “the wheels are falling off, and not in a way that you could just pop them back on...”

    • “instead they use cheap clips at the end of the rod, leaving the mower I had literally taken out of the box 15 minutes before, completely useless”

    • “When I opened it up I thought it was a kids toy.”

    • “Made of plastic, so I would buy for smaller or flat lawns.”

    • “When I unboxed this mower I thought it was a kids toy.”

    • “It is small, and almost looks like a toy mower!”

Bottom Line

Get your lawn looking sharp without the hassle of a heavy machine with WORX WG775. This lightweight mower's a breeze to push around, and even if you're not a whiz with tools, you'll have it running in no time. Enjoy a peaceful cut thanks to its quiet electric motor. No mess with gas or oil—just pop out the battery to charge. It'll keep small yards trimmed with ease. Assembly's a snap, plus it mulches, bags, or discharges. Just note, big yards may need more juice or passes. Some folks question its durability, but its simplicity and ease make it a solid choice.


Cutting Width (in)14 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Rear Discharge, Mulching, Bagging
Max Cutting Height3-1/2"
Min Cutting Height2"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Years
Weight32 lbs
Additional InfoRemovable Battery, Indicator Valve, Collapsible Handle

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Tips for Worx WG775

  • To prolong battery life it is advisable not to overcharge the batteries and follow the manual’s recommended storage guidelines.
  • Clean the mower after use to prevent debris build-up under the mower’s deck that can affect battery run time.

Special Features

  • No cords, no mess: You won't need to trip over cords or deal with oil and gas. Just push a button and start cutting your grass.
  • Quiet and clean: This mower won't make a lot of noise or stink up your yard with exhaust like gas mowers do.
  • Light and easy to use: It's not heavy, so pushing it around is a breeze, and the handles are comfy on your hands.
  • Mow the whole yard on one charge: The battery lets you cut the grass for a good while (up to 6,000 square feet) before it needs recharging.
  • Easy battery charging: The battery comes out and has a handle, so you can charge it wherever you want without lugging the whole mower.
  • Cut the grass your way: Whether you want to collect the clippings, chop them up fine to help your lawn, or just shoot them out the back, this mower has you covered.
  • Choose your grass height: You can easily change how short the mower cuts your grass, with three settings from 2 to 3.5 inches tall.
  • Know when the bag's full: The mower has a special valve that pops up to tell you when it's time to empty the clippings bag, so you don't have to keep checking.
  • Get the most out of your clippings: The mulching feature chops up the grass so it can put good stuff back into your lawn, like water and nutrients.
  • Warranty for peace of mind: It comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer, so you can mow your lawn without worrying about the mower breaking down.


  • Q:

    Does the mower come with a charger?

  • A:

    Yes. A charger is included.

  • Q:

    Can the Worx WG775 fit in the trunk of a small car?

  • A:

    Yes. The mower can fit in a small car’s trunk with the handles folded down.

  • Q:

    Can the mower be stored vertically?

  • A:

    Yes. The mower is lightweight enough to store vertically or hanged on a wall with the battery detached.

  • Q:

    Can I mulch with the bag on?

  • A:

    To set the mower to mulch simply remove the bag and let the discharge flap down.

  • Q:

    What is the battery run time?

  • A:

    The battery has an average run time of 30 minutes. Run time is also affected by grass height, thickness, and dampness.

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