Senix X6 LPSX6-H Review

60 Volt Max 21-Inch 3-in-1 Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


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4.4 / 5 from 14 users

Senix X6 LPSX6-H | Tools Official
Senix X6 LPSX6-H | Tools Official
Senix X6 LPSX6-H | Tools Official


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We spent 5.9 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

10 reasons to buy

  • The Senix X6 LPSX6-H mower supports mulching, bagging, and side discharge. This versatility is appreciated by users who have different yard needs and prefer various methods of handling grass clippings. (8 reviews)

    • “It comes with a 60 volt 8 amp hour battery, an 8 amp hour charger, a side discharge shoot, a mulching plug, and a bag. I have not tried the discharge shoot yet, but the mulching plug works great, and so does the bag.”

    • “When I got this, I happened to have very long grass, so I was able to try out bagging, discharge, and mulching. The bagging was excellent with the long grass so I didn't have a ton of shavings everywhere. The side discharge attachment also worked really well, I especially like that it attaches to the back so you can still get close to obstacles on either side without interference. After having it for a few weeks and routinely cutting, I prefer to mulch. It does a great job and it's healthier for the lawn.”

    • “The 3-in-1 indication is for the expressing of the clippings - mulching, bagging, or side discharge.”

    • “It has 7 height adjustments, plus a mulcher and side discharge attachments.”

    • “I like that it bags, discharges or mulches.”

    • “I tried it with the grass catcher bag, with the side chute, and with the mulcher. All worked fine, but I was very impressed with the mulcher.”

    • “I love the versatility of this too, with bagging, mulching, and side discharge as options, you can't go wrong.”

    • “It has options for mulching or bagging and both work perfectly.”

  • The mower operates with a 60-volt battery, which provides ample power to cut through long and thick grass effortlessly. Multiple reviews indicate that this is a significant step up from the 40-volt alternatives. (6 reviews)

    • “While the 40 volt would struggle on grass longer than 8 in, this just breezes right through it.”

    • “The battery and charger work as expected, 60 volt for a consistent cut.”

    • “There is no comparison to be made with this 60 volt cordless. It has ample power for anything I would need on my little 1/4 acre.”

    • “I was impressed by the battery capacity at 60V. I knew that this size should provide decent power and it does.”

    • “I can't believe the amount of power I get from a battery operated mower.”

    • “BIG battery equals excellent power and longevity.”

  • The mower has a high-quality build with shielded bearings on all wheels, indicating a long-lasting and sturdy construction. (5 reviews)

    • “All four wheels of the mowers have shielded bearings, so that should last a while.”

    • “This machine feels like quality and cuts a clean lawn.”

    • “Very sturdy and solid, great performance, hassle-free in every way.”

    • “Because this is so well built, I really felt like this was a name-brand mower, even though I had never heard of Senix. The quality is outstanding.”

    • “Feels solidly built.”

  • The battery charges fully in just over an hour, allowing for minimal downtime between mowing sessions. (4 reviews)

    • “As far as charge time goes, that's just over an hour. It's an 8 amp hour charger, and a 8 amp power battery, the last time I charged it it took an hour and 8 minutes.”

    • “Recharging the battery takes about 65 Minutes after using the mower to cut just over half an acre of thick Fescue.”

    • “I charged the battery before taking it to the back. It took just under 1 hr 15 minutes to fully charge. The smart charger shut itself off when done.”

    • “the battery is fully charged in another hour.”

  • Weighing 67 pounds with the battery installed, the Senix X6 LPSX6-H mower is lighter and easier to maneuver compared to gas-powered mowers. (4 reviews)

    • “With the battery installed the mower is 67 lb, so much easier to maneuver than a gas-powered mower.”

    • “One really nice thing about this mower is its weight. Since it is really light, my wife and her sister will find it really easy to use and operate (even though I do the great bulk of the cutting).”

    • “It makes this thing a lot easier to push than a normal mower.”

    • “Not heavy, not light…just right. Easy to maneuver, but feels solid.”

  • Starting the mower is simple with an easy-to-use handle and button mechanism. The digital display provides important information about battery life and power modes. (4 reviews)

    • “In order to start the blades you pull the handle back and you push the button. Or you can push the button, hold the button and then pull the handle back, both ways work.”

    • “I love the mower's digital display, which takes any guesswork out of battery life, power mode, and other critical data.”

    • “The mower itself is very user-friendly (all the buttons make sense and whatnot) and was a LOT easier on my body (joints) than a traditional mower.”

    • “The fact the battery indicator warns you when you are running out of power is nice since you can get the mower closer to where you have the charger before it runs out.”

  • A single lever adjusts the height of all four wheels simultaneously, offering seven height settings. This feature makes it simple to customize the cutting height. (3 reviews)

    • “It has one of the easiest adjusting height levers, a single lever adjusts all four wheels at once, ranging from level one up to level seven.”

    • “I like that the height adjustment raises all 4 wheels at the same time for an even cut.”

    • “Deck height adjustment with single lever which is spring loaded so it’s very easy up or down.”

  • The mower is noted to be much quieter than gasoline mowers, providing a more pleasant mowing experience without the loud engine noise. (3 reviews)

    • “It startled me on first use there is no vibration or noisy engine, Just pure power and a Clean Cut.”

    • “This mower is much quieter than any gas-powered mower I've ever used (see video with volume on).”

    • “It's also about half the noise level of my gas mower.”

  • The handle of the Senix X6 LPSX6-H folds back for compact storage, and the mower can be stored in any position without concerns of leaking gas or oil. (3 reviews)

    • “The handle folds back on itself for easy storage, and you can store this any way you like, there's no gas or oil in it to leak out.”

    • “I love that the SENIX X6 Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has a vertical storage feature, with a short pull of a lever the mower folds up and easily lifted into position for cleaning, inspecting the Blade, and stored out of the way.”

    • “The handle folds nicely to accommodate reduced storage space.”

  • The mulching function is particularly effective, leaving no trail and finely chopping the grass clippings. (3 reviews)

    • “I have not tried the discharge shoot yet, but the mulching plug works great, and so does the bag.”

    • “After having it for a few weeks and routinely cutting, I prefer to mulch. It does a great job and it's healthier for the lawn.”

    • “I was very impressed with the mulcher. It chopped it so fine it left no trail. The blade has a narrow hollow grind edge, which I have never seen on a mower blade.”

2 reasons not to buy

  • A reviewer mentioned that the knob controlling the self-propel speed on the Senix X6 LPSX6-H is too sensitive and can be adjusted by accident, leading to unexpected changes in mowing speed. This requires users to be more careful, which could be seen as a minor inconvenience. (2 reviews)

    • “The only negative is that I bumped the self-propel speed knob without realizing it several times. I noticed the mower slowed way down and it took me a minute to figure out why and dial the speed back up. It's something I'll get used to and not a real issue. So I'd say it's a little too easy to, inadvertently, turn the speed down.”

    • “The speed control is easy to adjust as you go but it's super easy to bump up to full speed.”

  • One review reported that after about five uses, the battery life consistently decreased, leading to only about twelve minutes of usage before depletion. This was a significant drop from the initial performance, which allowed for close to an hour of mowing on a full charge. (1 review)

    • “I’ll start with the reason for one star-after about five uses the battery has consistently given less life so I’m not sure if it’s the battery or the charger.”

Bottom Line

The Senix X6 LPSX6-H mower is a versatile, battery-powered tool perfect for various yard tasks. It supports mulching, bagging, and side discharge, making it adaptable for different needs. Powered by a robust 60-volt battery, it efficiently cuts thick grass and charges quickly in just over an hour. Lightweight at 67 pounds and easy to maneuver, it features a simple start mechanism, adjustable cutting heights, and quiet operation. However, some users noted the sensitive speed control and potential battery life issues.


Cutting Width (in)21 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height4"
Min Cutting Height1.5"
Power SourceBattery
CategorySelf Propelled Mowers
Warranty5 Year Limited
Weight61 lbs.

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Special Features

  • 60V Max Battery Power*: The battery lasts up to 60 minutes so you can mow your lawn without stopping.
  • 3-in-1 Cutting System: You can choose to mulch, bag, or side discharge your grass clippings.
  • Smart Display: A screen on the mower shows how much battery is left, lets you choose how to mow, and control the lights.
  • Brushless Motor Technology: The mower has a powerful motor that lasts longer and works like a gas-powered one.
  • Single-Point Handle Height Adjustment: You can easily adjust the handle to a comfortable height for mowing.
  • Pro Tested, HOA Approved: This mower is powerful and lightweight, perfect for home use and approved by homeowners' associations.
  • Convenient Bag Storage: There's a hook to store the bag when you are using the side discharge option.
  • Intelligent Power Management System: The system makes sure the battery gives the best performance and lasts longer.
  • 21-Inch Blade Length: The mower has a 21-inch blade that cuts grass smoothly and efficiently.
  • LED Lights: Built-in lights help you see better when mowing in the early morning or late evening.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: The mower comes with a 5-year tool warranty and a 3-year battery and charger warranty.


  • Q:

    Is this mower front or rear-wheel drive?

  • A:

    This mower is rear-wheel drive.

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