Ryobi RY40190 Review

20-Inch 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Self Propelled Lawn Mower


Final Score

3.7 / 5 from 48 users

Ryobi RY40190 | Tools Official
Ryobi RY40190 | Tools Official
Ryobi RY40190 | Tools Official


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We spent 6 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

10 reasons to buy

  • A large number of reviewers love that the Ryobi RY40190 runs so quietly.
  • Most purchasers appreciated that cutting height was easy to adjust via a single lever.
  • The mower is lightweight and is very maneuverable.
  • Various users were pleased that the mower took up very little storage space and folded down easily.
  • A good number of users appreciated the availability of a second battery compartment to make changing batteries easy and convenient.
  • The mower is easy to start with a simple pull of a lever and push of a button.
  • Its self-propel feature makes mowing slopes easy.
  • Various users were pleased with how easy it was to change the mower's setting from bagging to mulching.
  • The mower has good power and was not noted to bog down.
  • A couple of users liked that the mower automatically adjusted speed depending on grass thickness without affecting cutting quality.

1 reasons not to buy

  • At least one purchaser mentioned that the batteries drained quicker than expected when engaging the self-propel feature.

Bottom Line

Ryobi’s self-propelled battery-operated mower the RY40190 is met with much enthusiasm. Many love the overall aesthetic look, its various cutting features and freedom from the regular maintenance of gas-powered mowers. Owners commended the RY40190 for being so efficient and easy to use. Everything from cutting/mulching setting to cutting height and speed is either automated or simplified. The only drawback so far was the battery drain when using its self propel, which is a given. Ryobi smartly added a second battery compartment to make carrying and switching to a fresh battery easy as well. Overall, the RY40190 comes highly recommended and is definitely a good buy.


Cutting Width (in)20 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Bagging
Max Cutting Height4"
Min Cutting Height1-1/2"
Power SourceBattery
CategorySelf Propelled Mowers
Warranty5 Years
Weight55 lbs
Additional Info5.0 Ah Battery and Charger Included, Rear Wheel Drive, Gas Like Power, LED Light, Telescoping Handle

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Tips for Ryobi RY40190

  • Battery life will depend on self propel usage and grass height and thickness. It is recommended to purchase a backup battery to ensure uninterrupted use.
  • For the best cuts, sharpen the blades before the next season.


  • Q:

    Can the Ryobi RY40190 be used without the bag?

  • A:

    Yes. The mower can be used without the bag. Simply insert the mulching plug after removing the bag and you’re all set.

  • Q:

    Does the battery charger have a 110v input or 110v to 240v input?

  • A:

    The battery charger has an input of 110v only.

  • Q:

    Do you need to keep the batteries attached to its charger over the winter?

  • A:

    It is recommended to remove the battery from its charger once fully charged and store in a dry and warm location to get the best of its battery life.

  • Q:

    What material is the mower’s deck made of?

  • A:

    The mower’s deck is made out of plastic.

  • Q:

    Can the mower’s speed be adjusted?

  • A:

    Yes. The RY40190’s speed can be changed.

  • Q:

    Can the mower be used on slopes?

  • A:

    Yes, the mower is lightweight and has self-propel. It does very well on sloped yards.

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