Makita XML03PT1 Review

18-Inch 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium‑Ion Brushless Cordless (5.0Ah) Lawn Mower Kit with 4 Batteries


Final Score

4.5 / 5 from 266 users

4 - Makita XML03PT1 | Tools Official
4 - Makita XML03PT1 | Tools Official
4 - Makita XML03PT1 | Tools Official

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10 reasons to buy

  • The quietness of the mower is frequently mentioned, allowing for lawn mowing early in the morning or late at night without disturbing neighbors. (23 reviews)

    • “The quietness of the mower will allow you to mow early in the morning or late at night and not bother the neighbors.”

    • “The mower is quiet enough that you could almost have a normal conversation while it's on”

    • “It's so quiet my neighbors and family don't even know that I'm mowing my lawn.”

    • “It is very quiet compared to a gas unit.”

    • “Super quiet and I’d have no problem mowing in the morning.”

    • “Mower is so quiet yet not lacking an ounce of power.”

    • “It's surprisingly quiet”

    • “But it is way quieter than my gas powered mower and it is quieter than other electric mowers I have heard.”

  • The mower uses the same 18v batteries as other Makita tools, which is convenient for users who already own Makita products. (22 reviews)

    • “The 4 5aH batteries make this deal even better, since all my rechargeables are Makita LXTs and you can't have too many batteries.”

    • “I got a Makita specifically because I'm already in their ecosystem and frankly I don't want to have multiple batteries/chargers around my already cluttered basement.”

    • “I have several other Makita products that I have been using professionally for past ten years and they have served me very well so, it was natural for me to purchase this mower that shares the same batteries.”

    • “Good battery life, plus extra batteries come in very handy since I also purchased the Makita string trimmer and leaf blower”

    • “Every power tool I own is Makita, so one of the big selling points is that you receive 4 5.0 batteries as part of the deal.”

    • “I bought it for Makita tool battery system compatibility, and I'm not disappointed on that level.”

    • “It comes with 4 batteries, so you can probably keep mowing by swapping batteries for real yards. Primarily bought to match my other Makita tools but this mower beats any plug in or battery operated mower I have tried and would be a good start to a Makita tool collection.”

    • “If you own any makita battery operated tools, this just add more capacity for the rest of your system as well.”

    • “Couple it with the Makita weed eater and you have a pool of interchangeable batteries.”

    • “The batteries interchange with my other Makita power tools.”

  • Putting it together is easy, and using the mower is simple too. (19 reviews)

    • “The mower came mostly assembled except for the handle bar. Assembly was fairly simple. Using this mower is extremely straight forward.”

    • “The height adjustment is a dream compared to having to adjust four individual wheel heights.”

    • “Assembly was quick and easy.”

    • “Easy to use and assemble”

    • “Set up was straightforward and easy.”

    • “It's easy to start and easy to use.”

    • “Simple to assemble.”

    • “Love the simplicity of it.”

    • “The mower itself was easy to assembly and get everything together.”

    • “4 bolts and it was assembled which was all for the handle.”

  • The mower is described as extremely light and easy to handle, making it suitable for pushing up hills and moving around obstacles without the need for self-propulsion. (18 reviews)

    • “The mower is extremely light and maneuverable.”

    • “It runs... is easy to maneuver.”

    • “Very lightweight- no need for a self-propulsion feature”

    • “On the plus side it’s lightweight”

    • “It is lightweight”

    • “I'd say it's lighter and more maneuverable any gas lawn mower I've used in the past”

    • “This is a great lightweight lawn mower.”

    • “It isn't self propelled but it is light enough that pushing isn't an issue.”

    • “I was worried about the weight since it's not self propelled, but it maneuvers with extreme ease.”

    • “Very light and cuts, mulches and bags well.”

  • Since the mower is electric, you don't need gasoline, which is great for people who want to be more eco-friendly or stay away from the mess and smell of fuel. (14 reviews)

    • “I'd still take over a gas mower any day.”

    • “I swore off of gasoline powered anything years ago”

    • “No more buying fuel, spilling the fuel while filling up, having to check oil, cleaning the air filter, etc.”

    • “I love not having to mess with gasoline any more.”

    • “The best part is you can mow your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening and you won't be "that guy" with the gas mower.”

    • “NO more gas mixing for me”

    • “No more gas pain in the ass pull starting for me”

    • “no gas why not?”

    • “The mower is powered by batteries”

    • “no pull cord to start.”

    • “the old gas mower just wasn't worth replacing with another”

    • “No Gas, Oil, Air Filter, or Spark Plug”

  • The mower is described as being solid in construction and reliable in performance. Despite its small size, it does the job effectively. (11 reviews)

    • “The mower still performs great with no maintenance whatsoever.”

    • “All minor criticisms aside, though, this is a very good and capable mower.”

    • “Makita has yet to disappoint performance or robustness-wise.”

    • “Mower itself is solid”

    • “It seems like a really powerful mower”

    • “This mower is quality! Makita designed this with... a quality tried and tested motor designed to last.”

    • “It works way better than expected.”

    • “The mower itself is very good.”

    • “Good Looking Mower appears Solidly Built using high quality metal and plastics in appropriate places”

    • “Love this mower.”

  • Users noted that the mower does a great job in mulching mode, effectively chopping up the grass without leaving clumps that require raking. (5 reviews)

    • “It doesn't generate clumps of grass that I have to rake up afterwards.”

    • “Mulches or bags (I always mulch)”

    • “this thing does have a mulcher attachment thats removeable”

    • “mulches and bags well”

    • “It comes with a grass catcher ad a plug to put in the grass chute if you choose to mulch instead of collect.”

  • The mower is easy to clean and store, according to reviews. (5 reviews)

    • “Easy to clean and store”

    • “I also wish it could sit up vertical for better storage”

    • “It’s tough and easy to clean.”

    • “Handle Folds for more compact storage (many gas models now do also)”

    • “Very easy to store in my garage.”

  • The height of the handlebar can be adjusted to suit the user's height, improving ergonomics during use. (4 reviews)

    • “There are three settings for the angle of the bar to suit your height.”

    • “Height adjustment very easily done.”

    • “Has 3 handle height adjustments”

    • “One thing that would make it better is if there was an easy way to adjust the height of the push handle”

  • At least one user is happy with the metal deck because it's strong and lasts a long time. (2 reviews)

4 reasons not to buy

  • The price of batteries is a downside, especially since you might need more than one set for bigger lawns or thicker grass. (19 reviews)

    • “It would be nice if Makita made something higher than a 6.0 amp/hr battery for things like the mower and blower... price, expensive batteries”

    • “Bottom line, if you’ve got really thick grass make sure you have several sets of batteries. The mower can still handle it - but at the expense of battery life.”

    • “This mower costs three times what your average gas mower does”

    • “Would have 5 stars if they included 2 6.0 batteries instead of 4 5.0.”

  • Several reviews mention that the maximum cutting height is not high enough, even on the highest setting. This can be a problem for certain types of grass that require a higher cut to remain healthy. (9 reviews)

    • “Other reviewers have stated that the cutting height is much too short. While I agree that Makita should have raised the mower's cutting height to 3.5 or 4 inches, I believe the max cutting height of 75mm (about 3 inches) is adequate.”

    • “My first issue is with its maximum height, which is just barely enough for the St. Augustine in my yard.”

    • “Cutting height adjust is to WAY too low, even at setting "10". Major design flaw.”

    • “Maximum mowing height is too low”

    • “This mower on almost every wheel setting besides 8-10 would completely stop the blades and I’d have to pull back and restart.”

    • “Too bad that you can't raise it higher,my high faces doesn't like to be scalped.”

    • “The only problems with it bogging down were in really tall grass”

    • “even when the mower is on the highest adjustment level”

    • “this mower at its highest setting (10) cuts way too short”

  • Some users are annoyed that they can't control the mower's RPM. Sometimes users wish they could keep it at high speed to cut very tall grass without it automatically changing power. (6 reviews)

    • “I think adding a high speed function where the mower spins at a constant 3500 rpm would be great... The mower senses when the grass is thick and boosts power to improve cutting. This constant changing annoyed me a little bit. I would like to have more control over the mower's power.”

    • “There is an eco button which keeps the RPM at a constant (low) speed.”

    • “Mower motor bogs down and quits in heavy grass and low battery levels (1 out of 4 less).”

    • “It automatically adjust the blade speed based on the height and density of the grass you're cutting.”

    • “would like to be able to toggle the high/low speed manually”

    • “Even w/Auto Turbo feature, which increases RPM when the blade struggles in tall/thick/wet grass—it’s not quite as powerful and clean-cutting as most gas mowers.”

  • Some users would like to have a side discharge feature for situations where the grass is too long to mulch effectively but they do not wish to collect the clippings in a bag. (2 reviews)

    • “I would have liked to see a side discharge option. If the grass gets really long but you don't want to bag it, trying to mulch can be very difficult.”

    • “When not using the collection bag, it tends to drop the grass straight down, which can lead to small piles when the grass has gotten a bit too long”

Bottom Line

The Makita XML03PT1 is a user-friendly electric mower known for its quiet operation—ideal for early morning or late-night mowing without bothering the neighbors. It's compatible with Makita's 18v batteries, making it convenient for those with other Makita tools. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, this mower doesn't require gas, making it eco-friendly and mess-free. It is praised for its solid build, effective mulching, and simple storage and cleaning. However, it can be pricey due to battery costs, has a limited maximum cutting height, lacks RPM control, and misses a side discharge option.


Cutting Width (in)18 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Rear Discharge, Mulching, Bagging
Max Cutting Height2-15/16"
Min Cutting Height13/16"
Power SourceBattery
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty3 Years
Weight92 lbs
Additional InfoHeavy Duty Steel Deck, Quiet Mode, Folding HandlesProtection Technology (XPT), Dual-Port Rapid Optimum Charger, Slide-Style Batteries, Star Protection, Real-Time & Monitor

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Tips for Makita XML03PT1

  • To protect the mower’s deck from corrosion and prevent debris build-up, use a fluid film spray on metal surfaces.
  • Clean the mower after each use to keep the mower in the best running condition.

Special Features

  • Cordless and Clean: No need for gas or oil, just push a button to start and enjoy less mess and fumes.
  • Long Battery Life: Mow up to half an acre without needing to recharge, thanks to the four powerful batteries included.
  • Tough and Rugged Deck: The 'Commercial-grade steel deck' means it's built strong to last long, even with rough use.
  • Powerful Cutting Speed: The 'BL Brushless motor' spins the blades super fast, up to 3,300 revolutions per minute, to cut grass quickly and cleanly.
  • Keep the Peace with Quiet Mode: It's got a 'Quiet mode' that keeps the noise down, so you can mow early or late without bothering the neighbors.
  • More Power, No Extra Hassle: Uses two 18V batteries at the same time for extra power, but these batteries fit with all your other Makita tools.
  • Easy to Use Features: Change the cutting height fast, catch lots of grass in the big collector, and fold it down small for easy storage.
  • Everything You Need in One Package: This kit gives you the mower, four batteries, and a quick charger so you can get going right out of the box.
  • Built to Survive Tough Conditions: 'Extreme Protection Technology (XPT)' means it's designed to keep working even when it gets wet or dirty.
  • Part of Makita's Big Battery Family: It works with the same 18V batteries you already have for your other Makita tools, which charge up faster than others.
  • Stay Safe with Smart Tech: 'Star Protection Computer Controls' keep an eye on things to prevent damage from overloading, running out of juice, or overheating.
  • Flexible Battery Options: You can use the bigger, longer-lasting batteries or the lighter ones; as long as they have the Makita 'Star' symbol, you’re good to go.


  • Q:

    Does the Makita XML03PT1 come with a bagger?

  • A:

    Yes, a grass catcher is included.

  • Q:

    How many batteries are included?

  • A:

    The mower comes with four fast-charging 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0AH batteries.

  • Q:

    Does the mower come with a battery charger?

  • A:

    Yes, an 18V Dual Port Rapid Optimum Charger is included.

  • Q:

    Is the mower self-propelled?

  • A:

    No, the mower is self-push but is very maneuverable and lightweight enough to be used on inclines.

  • Q:

    What is the recommended lawn size for the mower?

  • A:

    The Makita XML03PT1 can cut up to half an acre on a single charge.

  • Q:

    Can I use only one battery at a time?

  • A:

    No, the mower uses two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0AH batteries simultaneously.

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