Greenworks MO13B00 Review

21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower


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4.4 / 5 from 1092 users

Greenworks MO13B00 | Tools Official
Greenworks MO13B00 | Tools Official
Greenworks MO13B00 | Tools Official

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7 reasons to buy

  • Equipped with a powerful motor that handles thick and tall grass well, especially in mulching mode. It does not lose RPM and can cut through overgrown grass. (41 reviews)

    • “The motor is powerful and cuts the lawn with ease in mulching mode.”

    • “This thing has eaten through five yard's worth of high grass and weeds without so much as a whimper.”

    • “First of all, it definitely has power. A LOT of power.”

    • “It is very powerful. I have no problem cutting the thickest grass on my yard.”

    • “This mower does the job with lots of power.”

    • “The torque/power of 13A motor equals any small gas powered mower.”

    • “Using the bagger I cut through a section with about 1ft tall grass with the ease of a gas powered mower”

    • “Plenty of power for the average lawn. I have thick bermuda grass and it slices right through it without to much problem.”

    • “I was completely impressed with its power. It was able to handle the wet, heavy grass about as well as my gas mower”

  • You don't need gas or oil, just an extension cord. This makes the mower easier to manage without worrying about fuel. (37 reviews)

    • “No gas or oil required; just a long extension cord or two.”

    • “really didn't want to deal with a gas mower: fuel, 2-stroke/engine oil, carb, spark plug, leaks, pull-start, choke, prime, exhaust, heat, smelling up the garage, so much stuff!”

    • “I so happy that I do not have to buy and store gas. Change motor oil, spark plugs or gas filters.”

    • “I am glad to get away from storing the gas and the oil, and the other maintenance and hassles of storing and starting the gas ones!”

    • “no more messing with gas, oil, sparkplugs, batteries, etc.”

    • “No more gas, or oil changes, spark plugs or air filters. Just plug in, and away you go!”

    • “no oil changes, fuel, or smoking to worry about”

    • “If you have a yard which can be accessed by a power cord I can recommend the product, at only half the cost of those cordless battery models.”

    • “No rip cords, no gas, no oil. Just plug it in and push to start.”

    • “you just plug it in and go”

  • Putting it together is fast and just involves attaching the handlebar and tightening bolts. (27 reviews)

    • “Assembly is super simple, consists of attaching top portion of handle bar and tightening of two bolts, and also tightening of two bolts of lower portion of push bar.”

    • “Assembly was simple”

    • “Assembly was very easy and I didn't really have to read the manual to figure out how to get this operational in a few minutes.”

    • “It is pretty easy to assemble and it is mostly assembled and you just need to install the handle.”

    • “No-tool-light-assembly necessary (screwing on the handles) and this thing is ready to go in less than 5 minutes!”

    • “This one just unfolds the handles and folds them back up with a quick release when you are done”

    • “All I had to do is unfold the handle.”

    • “Just put the handles together and I was ready to go.”

    • “The only assembling I did was attach the handle.”

    • “Easy to assemble just unfold the handle and tighten the handle bolts and your ready to plug in and go.”

  • The mower starts easily with the push of a button and pull of a handle. (18 reviews)

    • “Starting: Easy. Push a button and pull back on a handle. Instant start.”

    • “starts with the push of a button”

    • “It starts right away every time”

    • “much easier to start, (no starting cord to yank on)”

    • “Totally worth the trade in for being able to stop and start back up again at will -- starting at the push of a button really feels great if you've had trouble with gas mowers before.”

    • “it's always going to start on the first try.”

    • “easy to start if you know the proper push the button then pull the handle protocol”

    • “Starts right up every time.”

    • “Really easy to start. Cranks right up.”

    • “Just press the button and pull the handle back and it starts instantly Everytime”

  • It's quieter than gas-powered mowers, which is great for people who don't like loud noises. (15 reviews)

    • “Noise level is lower than gas powered mowers, but no no means is the operation quiet.”

    • “is quieter than gas (I hear my neighbors' mowers over this one!)”

    • “This mower is also fairly quiet which is great for people who may be stuck mowing either early in the mornings or late in the day so you won't bother your neighbors much at all.”

    • “it's much quieter”

    • “This Greenworks mower is just as good, except it's much quieter”

    • “It was quieter than I expected even being an electric mower.”

    • “it’s quiet”

    • “This lawnmower isn’t really loud. I can finally play my music without blasting it.”

    • “Super Quiet - Wind from blades”

    • “it's very quiet the dogs don't even bark at it and lay down close to it while I'm mowing”

    • “There is still some noise with the blade spinning but it is much more bearable that a traditional gas mower”

    • “So quiet!”

  • The height can be easily adjusted with just one lever, making it convenient to use. (12 reviews)

    • “Also, the single lever blade-height adjustment is something that's been a long-time coming.”

    • “Love the one touch control to raise and lower the cutting level.”

    • “it's super easy to adjust the height; just move one control and it goes up or down as you wish”

    • “Also, it's super easy to adjust the height; just move one control and it goes up or down as you wish.”

    • “I very much like the adjustment control for the mowing deck: one lever allows me to change the height without any trouble or injured fingers.”

    • “really easy to adjust height”

    • “The height adjustment is very easy to use and has plenty of positions available.”

    • “The one-lever height adjustment is slick.”

  • The mower is made of metal, which makes it strong and long-lasting. (10 reviews)

    • “The frame is made of metal and heavy, which is a relief as review of other electric mower I crossed shopped have plastic body or not sturdy.”

    • “The handles are sturdy and don't show any sign of flipping over unexpectedly”

    • “Also, wanted to have a metal body on the mower - most all others were plastic.”

    • “It’s constructed well. There’s a lot more metal than plastic, which is comparable to gas mowers.”

    • “Not all plastice the deck is metal.”

    • “Shocked by how heavy it is.”

    • “The mower is a bit heavy, as compared to a 19" one I had previously, but that one broke and this one has not, so maybe the extra weight is worth it.”

    • “I thought this would be a better mower for her to use with the large wheels and strong metal deck.”

    • “It looks nice, felt well built”

    • “I like that the chassis is made of metal instead of plastic -I think it will last longer.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some people think the handle is shaky or not strong enough. One user had to turn a nut around for a tighter fit and use zip ties to make it more stable. This suggests that the handlebars might not hold up well to being folded and unfolded over time. (12 reviews)

    • “the entire handle bar assembly was very weak and wobbly”

    • “Only noticeable issue was handle attach hardware. Knobnuts are quite small and make tightening handle sufficiently, quite difficult. Also, upper quicklatching type bolts are short. In order to get threads to engage upper and lower portion of handle, a firm grip or clamps are needed to tightly match handle together to get knobnuts to thread correctly.”

    • “The plastic locking handle and plastic hut/hubs/knobs arrived stripped/broken so the handle would not stay open and would fold into the storage position at the lighted touch.”

    • “The instruction didn't mention how exactly to attach the handle. I put the handle on and started spinning the little piece in place to tighten the handle. It kept spinning, even though it looked right. I eventually figured that the spinning was to keep you from over tightening it. The plastic around it broke off on both sides and it became wobbly after a few uses.”

    • “The folding handle will give you some grief, as the retaining mechanism isn't very tight, and the handle will try and fold on you during use.”

    • “But all nuts and knobs need to be tightened before use. I lost two nuts in my lawn. They are nowhere to be found and the handle is loose.”

    • “Happy with it except for one of the handle adjusters coming loose while mowing and getting lost so I had to use a bolt and nut instead.”

    • “one of the screws that keep handle from folding is stripped and will not tighten”

    • “The only problem is that the clamps that secure the handle in the straight position do not tighten fully, so when the clamp is set the handle will still fold when any significant pressure is put on it”

    • “Am disappointed to find that the metal arm has so easily twisted and broken.”

  • Although the mower is described as heavy duty, its weight can be a problem for some users, particularly because it is not self-propelled. (9 reviews)

    • “this is a heavy duty metal deck mower that is not self propelled, if your thinking it's a lite easy to push around electric, look elsewhere it's built like a tank”

    • “being non-self propelled means you get an extra good work out”

    • “It’s not lightweight”

    • “While it is very easy to push, it's a little too heavy for me to lift.”

    • “This greenworks one was also significantly heavier than the Black & Decker, which I didn't mind for the flat part of my lawn, but it was a little troublesome on the hills.”

    • “Shocked by how heavy it is.”

    • “Not a lite wait by any means weighing in at 55lb”

    • “The mower is a bit heavy, as compared to a 19" one I had previously”

    • “The wheels are large, but really hard to push, even for me, so she had no chance.”

  • Many reviews say that the bag for grass clippings is too small, so you have to empty it a lot, especially when mowing larger areas. One person also said that the bag's design can cause clippings to jam, and you have to take them out manually. (7 reviews)

    • “The clippings bag is too small. I'm used to larger bags that require emptying less often. Also, the bag does taper toward the opening, which creates a jam point when emptying.”

    • “The grass catcher is a little small. I have to empty it three or four times while cutting my yard.”

    • “Although I did have to empty the bag more frequently, of course.”

    • “The bag on this one also seemed rather small, but I can't really tell how well it fills because the grass doesn't really make it back there.”

    • “The only bothersome thing is that the grass doesn’t get thrown to the back of the bag so sometimes I have to stop and shove it back to get the bag full.”

    • “Also, the catch bag was not very good at keeping the grass INSIDE the bag. after about 5 mins of use the grass was literally being blown through the large holes in the bag.”

    • “The only thing i don’t like is the grass bag. As my dad is mowing the dries grass seems to go through the bag causing dust as he is walking the mower”

Bottom Line

Get the job done with the Greenworks MO13B00 electric mower. This tough metal machine powers through overgrown grass with ease, starting with just a button push. It's quieter, and there’s no hassle with gas or oil—just plug it in. Adjusting its height is a breeze, and set-up’s as simple as tightening a few bolts. Some folks find the handle a bit wobbly and the grass bag small, but for most, it's a solid choice for keeping lawns tidy without the noise and fumes.


Cutting Width (in)21 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height3-3/4"
Min Cutting Height1-1/2"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty4 Years
Weight51.4 lbs
Additional InfoFoldable Handles

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Tips for Greenworks MO13B00

  • It is advisable to plot your mowing course beforehand and mow away from the power source to avoid moving over the cord.
  • When cleaning the mower, use a dry or damp cloth to wipe debris and avoid getting the mower wet.
  • It is recommended to purchase an orange extension cord to make it easier to see the cord while mowing.

Special Features

  • Powerful 13 Amp Electric Motor: This mower has a strong engine that can easily cut through tough grass, so you don't have to struggle or go over the same spot many times.
  • Durable Steel 21-Inch Cutting Deck: The part that cuts the grass is made of strong metal and is wide enough to cover a big area fast, saving you time.
  • 3-in-1 Grass Clippings Management: You can choose if you want to collect the grass clippings in a bag, throw them out the side, or chop them up fine to feed your lawn.
  • 7 Position Height Adjustment: You can easily change how short you cut the grass to get the look you want, whether it's really short or a bit longer.
  • Wide Wheels for Easy Movement: The big wheels on the back and smaller ones in front make pushing the mower around smooth and easy, even in tight spots or on bumpy ground.
  • Mulching Plug Tucked Away: There's a special part hidden under a cover that helps to mulch your grass. You won't lose it because it stays attached to the mower.
  • Light Enough to Handle and Store: This mower isn't too heavy, making it easier to push around your yard and put away when you're done.
  • Greenworks' Guarantee of Quality: This mower is made by a company that's known for reliable yard tools that work well without needing gas, so it's good for the environment too.


  • Q:

    Are batteries and a charger included with the mower?

  • A:

    The mower is an electric corded mower and does not need batteries.

  • Q:

    Is the mower self-propelled?

  • A:

    The mower is not self-propelled but is lightweight and a breeze to maneuver.

  • Q:

    Is it possible to hang the mower on a wall for storage?

  • A:

    No, it is not recommended to hang the mower on a wall as it weighs around 53lbs or 24kg.

  • Q:

    Can I use a 150’ cord for a large-sized lawn?

  • A:

    No, it is recommended to use a 50’ cord at 12AWG. For larger sized lawns, it would be advisable to use a cordless variant.

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