Greenworks 25142 Review

16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower


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4.4 / 5 from 7432 users

Greenworks 25142 | Tools Official
Greenworks 25142 | Tools Official
Greenworks 25142 | Tools Official


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We spent 9.4 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

9 reasons to buy

  • The mower is light and easy to move around, making it a great choice for people with physical limitations or smaller yards. (52 reviews)

    • “I am also happy to report the 25142 is more than ergonomic / light enough to handle around the yard with one hand - leaving the other hand free to cord-wrangle as needed.”

    • “For a lawnmower, this machine weighs nothing.”

    • “The mower is relatively light weight. I can pick it up off the ground.”

    • “The mower is light weight and maneuvers easily.”

    • “It seems very light which was a plus after putting a lot of work into planting my new lawn and fearing the first mowing and the dents in the soft ground that a heavy mower could do.”

    • “More and more, the benefit of the smaller size and light weight of this mower becomes apparent.”

    • “Small and lightweight.”

    • “It is extremely easy to maneuver and wife can handle it, too!”

    • “It folds up fairly well and is fairly light so I am able to carry it into my small shed and store it under a cabinet.”

    • “The weight is perfect. It's easy to lift but weighs enough to keep it on the ground.”

  • Reviewers find the mower very easy to operate. It has simple height adjustments using a single control. The mower also has an easy start-up process with just the press of a button and squeezing the bail. (49 reviews)

    • “It is very easy to change mower height with one control. To start, you press a button, squeeze the bail (just like your gas mower).”

    • “It’s easy to start. The squeeze handle is easy to keep engaged, even for somebody who has small hands like I do.”

    • “It's really easy to start and stop. Hold the button near the handle then pull up the bar and that starts it.”

    • “Easy to figure out and put the bag on. Starts right up and light enough that it's easy to use one handed.”

    • “The mower is ready to use right out of the box. Unfold and lock the handles in place, hook up the power cord, and start mowing.”

    • “Starting it was a breeze, push the button and grab the handle.”

    • “It has a push button start, which is if the plug comes loose or you need to fiddle with the cord or remove obstacles, no problem, there won't be any pull cords or cussing to deal with.”

    • “The cutting height adjustment is a joy. One lever, and it's easy to move up and down.”

    • “I love how easy it is to start this mower.”

    • “It's quiet, it starts on demand with no effort and it is so light to push.”

  • The Greenworks 25142 is reported to have plenty of power for mowing grass effectively. (36 reviews)

    • “It has plenty of power to mow grass.”

    • “Set on level 2, the mower can handle tall grass in one pass. It takes out the swamp weeds in one pass. It takes out the prehistoric size dandelions in one pass.”

    • “but with the corded, you always have 10 amps, 120V of power, no recharging.”

    • “Motor works great, feels solid enough, and cuts perfectly.”

    • “The grass was literally 6 inches high when I mowed it with the Greenworks Electric Mower and the height adjustment was on second to the highest level and it did great!”

    • “With the cutting height shifted into high, the little mower gobbles up weeds and even moderate brush as it maneuvers in and around, over and under, various obstacles and edgings.”

    • “It cuts the grass. Tall/medium/short. Never had any hiccups or stalls. I can walk pretty fast with it and it won't miss anything.”

    • “As for power, I have observed the motor slows down a little while cutting grass that is about 5 inches tall, but in such cases, just slow your pace down a little and it will do a great job.”

    • “the mower starts easily, runs quietly, cuts grass well, and generally works very well”

    • “The power had zero trouble with my first-of-the-season overgrown spring lawn - including a bunch of giant weeds.”

  • Users like that the mower doesn't need gas, oil, or air filters, and doesn't require tune-ups. This shows the benefits of an electric mower over a gas one. (35 reviews)

    • “lighter, much less vibration, much quieter, much easier to start, no gas, no oil, no air filter, no tuneups.”

    • “Buy the right mower, buy a cord, and you're basically done spending money on this particular first-world annoyance for years.”

    • “And no gas fumes, running to the gas station, oil changes, air cleaner filters, etc.”

    • “This one seems so clean and easy to use that it makes the days of the gas mower seem like dinosaur days.”

    • “No oils or gas to worry about.”

    • “I gave up on constantly servicing my gas mower and my only alternative would have been using my reel mower in very humid 90 degree weather. So far, I like this mower on 1st use.”

    • “So to me, storing fuel and oil for the lawn mower seemed like an unnecessary risk, even if it is a small risk.”

    • “Remember, by using a corded mower, you're saving at least half the price of cordless one and you don't have batteries that need to be replaced (including recycled).”

    • “After mowing it's easy to clean, just lay the mower on its side (no gas or oil to worry about) and clean off the accumulated grass clippings, no need to worry about buildup.”

    • “Virtually no maintenance.”

  • The mower has a foldable handle, so it's easy to store and doesn't take up much space. This makes it good for users with limited storage areas. (24 reviews)

    • “The handle folds in two places so you can fold it flat up against the top of the mower, then the whole thing takes up fairly little space.”

    • “Very compact, handle folds up nicely, can store vertically if wanted with bike hooks(?), but I'd have trouble lifting up that high on my wall.”

    • “It folds up to so portable that it is very easy to store and very easy to adjust the handles which fold down to store and then back up to use again.”

    • “This lets it fold in a very compact way where the handle lies on top of the mower body and the mower can be easily stored in a corner without taking up much room at all”

    • “It folds up fairly well and is fairly light so I am able to carry it into my small shed and store it under a cabinet.”

    • “Best feature for me has turned out to be the folding handles. I can store the mower off the floor, on a shelving unit shelf.”

    • “The unit is much easier to fold down and store”

    • “After use it takes about ten seconds to unlatch the handle in four places and fold it up for storage. The mower takes up very little space in my garage.”

    • “It actually folds up (the handle folds in) for easy storage and transport.”

    • “The handle easily folds and unfolds for ease of storage in small places.”

  • The Greenworks mower comes pre-assembled out of the box, which makes setup easy and convenient for users. (24 reviews)

    • “Heck, unlike the B&D, you won't even need to get a screwdriver to put this together out of the box - it comes all pre-assembled and ready to go (once you remove the requisite packaging materials, of course).”

    • “I unpacked it (minimal set up and with no instructions took 5 minutes)”

    • “No assembly required, boxed with no superfluous packaging.”

    • “The mower is ready to use right out of the box. Unfold and lock the handles in place, hook up the power cord, and start mowing.”

    • “Basically ready to use out of the box. No tools required for any assembly.”

    • “This basically came pre-assembled- you just have to set up the handlebars”

    • “after tightening the handle and attaching the grass catcher bag i was ready to go( 5 mins tops)”

    • “This was ready right out of the box, seriously there is no need for tools, just pull it out of the box, straighten the handles, tighten them down and go.”

    • “It came partially assembled so you just have to do was attach the handle and bag. It literally took 2 seconds to do that.”

    • “It arrived fast and was built quickly and easily out of the box.”

  • The grass catcher is noted to work really well, even with heavy, wet grass. It fills up completely and does a better job than other models. (23 reviews)

    • “I did not expect the grass catcher to work at all, but it not only works great, it works better than any other one I have ever used.”

    • “Bag works very well, held more than I thought it would!”

    • “I was also surprised at how much the vacuum bag can hold; the mower chops up everything finely and blows it all to the back of the bag; it takes much longer than I expected to fill it up.”

    • “And the bagging feature picks up quite well.”

    • “that grasscatcher bag is great and there is little or no spillage (unless you are still moving after the bag is full)”

    • “hold a lot of grass and leaves in the bag”

    • “Placing and removing grass catcher is also a plus.”

    • “The bag is very easy to put on and take off. Moreover, it's small enough that emptying it into a trash bag is also easy. Its pick-up is very good, too.”

    • “It vacuums the grass up and collects it in the bag while you mow.”

    • “The bag attaches easily and collects all of the clippings.”

  • Multiple reviews mention that the mower works great for mulching. It is also very easy to switch between mulching and using the basket. Plus, the mulching plug is simple to use. (20 reviews)

    • “The mower also works great for mulching. It is very easy to change from mulching to basket. The mulching plug is very easy to use.”

    • “I don’t use the bag. I let it mulch.”

    • “I was VERY happy with how well it vacuumed up the Oak leaves! And the grass clippings left on the lawn were nearly none existent.”

    • “The grass was literally 6 inches high when I mowed it with the Greenworks Electric Mower and the height adjustment was on second to the highest level and it did great!”

    • “I just mulch the grass cause I've read that grass clippings are the bee's knees for lawn development.”

    • “It can mulch the grass or you can attach the supplied bag to it and catch all the clippings. Normally I just mulch it.”

    • “the mower does an excellent job of mulching. I've used the mower several times and there is no clumping of the cut grass, the cut grass blades are thoroughly mulched.”

    • “Saved on buying bags for leaves by mulching them with the mower.”

    • “mulching is fantastic”

    • “It has a removable mulcher so I used that.”

  • The Greenworks 25142 seems to have a very good build quality. The mower has a well-designed structure that helps it work efficiently. (17 reviews)

    • “This particular mower is very well designed. I do not know how well it will hold up over time, but ... I think the build quality is very good and I expect it to last.”

    • “Thoughtfully designed and solidly built.”

    • “Motor works great, feels solid enough, and cuts perfectly.”

    • “A very neat feature is that the push handle folds in two places”

    • “The wheels were sturdy, the mower appeared to be well engineered.”

    • “First off, I love the design, the neighbors will definitely look at you while you mow. The packaging is done very well.”

    • “The outside of the wheels line up with the cutting bed so you can get close to the edges.”

    • “Very sturdy. We hit some rocks while we were mowing and it didn't break anything or stop the machine.”

    • “What sold me on this particular model was the T-handle height adjustment.”

    • “The mower feels solid and has a built in handle on the top of the body”

3 reasons not to buy

  • Users mention that managing the cord can be tricky and you need to come up with a plan to avoid running over it. But it gets easier as you get more experience. (27 reviews)

    • “You do have to learn how to manage the cord and devise a new plan to mow your lawn”

    • “Getting used to the cord management took a bit of getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, pretty easy.”

    • “The cord is annoying, but like others mentioned, once you get a regular routine and pattern established, it's not bad at all.”

    • “Dragging around an extension cord is a bit of a pain until you get used to it.”

  • While the mower is generally strong enough for small yards, it can slow down on thick or tall patches of grass. It might not have as much power as some users would like. (21 reviews)

    • “This is not to say that the Greenworks isn't sufficient to get the job done, but it does slow down more noticeably over particularly thick / tall patches... not enough to bug me personally or hinder my yardwork in any way, but the B&D was undeniably more unfazed by such things.”

    • “In taller St Augustine grass, the 2nd position would bog down and it would be very slow going, so 3rd height is better.”

    • “if it seems to slow down or start to sound noisier than usual, stop and turn it over to see if there's an accumulation of grass around the blade.”

    • “The lawn grows much higher in that time, and when hitting patches of high, thick grass the mower slows down slightly as it cuts it. After that tough spot is passed, it spins back to the normal speed.”

    • “The only other complaint I have is, that at 10 AMP is slightly underpowered and seems to struggle with taller grass. You just needed to move a bit slower. If I buy another it will be the more powerful model.”

    • “It struggles a little bit in tall grass, although it will still cut tall grass. It just slows down and labors a bit.”

    • “If you have long AND thick grass, you want a more powerful mower.”

  • Needing a properly rated extension cord can increase the initial cost, especially for those who need a very long cord. (16 reviews)

    • “The LM175 pulls down 12 amps, the 25142 only 9-10. Around here, with the current absurd price of copper, a hundred-foot extension cord rated for anything over 10A would have set me back *fifty to sixty bucks* more than a cord that could handle the 25142's smaller current demands.”

    • “Needs electricity and an extension cord long enough to reach all areas to be mowed.”

    • “Cord not included though, so have one ready.”

    • “do not use a heavy duty extension cord that's heavy and bulky as those tend to be very in-flexible...i used a 100ft 16 gauge extension cord that i bought at home depot for $17”

    • “This mower requires a 14 gauge extension.”

    • “A note for first time electric tool buyers: you will have to buy an extension cord separately.”

    • “Not fun wrangling / lassoing extension cord for half-acre property.”

    • “If you are considering a corded mower, I would spend more for the battery power, or just go with gas. If you're concerned about air quality, consider bike commuting, planting trees or really any other option before tying yourself to a corded mower.”

    • “Just be sure to use the right extension cord, its not about length, is about amps, if you use a regular cheap indoor extension cord, you most likely will burn it or have overheat in the wire.”

Bottom Line

Looking for a hassle-free lawn mower? The Greenworks 25142 is a lightweight, electric mower that's easy to use, ideal for those with smaller yards or physical limitations. With simple height adjustments and a push-button start, this mower is a breeze to operate. It packs enough power for effective mowing, doesn't need gas, oil, or tune-ups, and is a champ at mulching. Storage is no sweat with its foldable design. However, be mindful of the power cord during use and note that tackling thick grass might slow it down. No more trips to the gas station—just plug in and go!


Cutting Width (in)16 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Rear Discharge, Mulching
Max Cutting Height2-5/8"
Min Cutting Height5/8"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Years
Weight37.5 Pounds
Additional InfoFoldable Handle, 6-Inch Front Wheels, 7-Inch Rear Wheels, 5-Position Cutting Height Adjustment

Video Reviews

Tips for Greenworks 25142

  • The mower gives off a “vacuum” sound and sucks up the blades of grass so that it stands taller, allowing for cleaner cuts and avoids bruising the grass.
  • Since the handle is foldable, you can fold it down temporarily to mow under obstacles such as low hanging branches from trees.
  • If the mower starts to sound noisier than usual or slows down, turn it off and flip it over to see if too much grass has been caught around the blade and remove it before continuing.
  • Use a bright orange extension cord that’s easy to see to avoid running over it while mowing.

Special Features

  • Powerful 10 Amp Motor: This mower has a strong engine that can easily cut through thick grass, so you don't have to struggle when you're mowing.
  • Compact 16-Inch Deck: The part that cuts the grass is 16 inches wide, which means you can finish mowing your lawn faster and it's also easy to move around.
  • 2-in-1 Mulching and Rear Discharge: You can choose to either shred the grass into fine pieces to feed your lawn or just shoot it out the back into a bag to clean up later.
  • 5-Position Height Adjustment: You can change the cutting height to 5 different settings, so you can get your grass to the perfect length, whether it's short or tall.
  • Convenient Wheel Size: The wheels are a good size (bigger in the back, smaller in the front), which makes pushing the mower around your yard smoother and easier.
  • Corded Electric Mower: Since it plugs in, you don't need to worry about gas or batteries. Just remember you have up to 150 feet of cord to work with from your plug.
  • Lightweight Design: The mower isn't too heavy, making it simpler to push around and put away when you're done.
  • Hardened Plastic Deck Material: The material the mower is made from is tough plastic, which means it can take a beating and last a long time without rusting.


  • Q:

    What is the lifespan of the Greenworks 25142?

  • A:

    It varies but some customers have had it for over 5 years and it’s still running. But the black rubber grip on the handle has been reported to start to peel off over time, and the blade will need to be sharpened after a couple years.

  • Q:

    Can I store the mower outside? How is it affected by weather?

  • A:

    Don’t store it outside because it is electric. It’s best in a shed or someplace that avoids rain/snow.

  • Q:

    What is the tallest grass or weeds this mower can cut?

  • A:

    Users have reported being able to cut weeds and grass at over a foot high if the mower is angled properly. However, 6 inches would be the tallest for regular use.

  • Q:

    Is there a grass catcher?

  • A:


  • Q:

    Do you need to buy a separate extension cord?

  • A:

    Yes. If you need a 50-foot extension cord, considering this mower is 10-amp we recommend a 16 gauge cord. If you need 100-150 ft, get a 12 gauge cord.

  • Q:

    Can the mower cut well when pulled backward?

  • A:

    Yes, it works the same forwards or backward like a vacuum cleaner.

  • Q:

    How well does the mower cut grass? Does it give a nice, even cut?

  • A:

    Yes, it cuts very well with its dual blades and vacuum effect. Unless the grass is really thick, wet or long, you should only need to go over it once to cut for regularly mowed lawns.

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