Greenworks 25022 Review

20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower


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4.4 / 5 from 12149 users

Greenworks 25022 | Tools Official
Greenworks 25022 | Tools Official
Greenworks 25022 | Tools Official

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9 reasons to buy

  • Even though it's electric, the mower has enough power to deal with different lawn conditions, including tall grass and some debris. (61 reviews)

    • “It has power and reliability and is just an overall great value.”

    • “It has the power of a gas mower, at least for my suburban purposes.”

    • “Everyone told me this would not have the power I needed, but they were flat-out wrong.”

    • “It is surprisingly powerful. It has been able to mow the foot tall weeds and grass we had without stalling out.”

    • “Even given the overgrown grass, working at a steady pace the mower kept up and the electric motor didn't get bogged down.”

    • “I had some high grass that it cut easily”

    • “This thing was trudging through like a soldier!”

    • “I was a little concerned if a 12 amp motor was powerful enough for a 20" blade, but so far so good”

    • “It cuts with no problems.”

    • “This thing has plenty of power. Definitely more than I was expecting. My grass was upwards of 6-7 inches long and it cut right through it just like a 'regular' lawnmower.”

  • The mower is noted for being light, which makes it easier to use and reduces fatigue during lawn mowing. (37 reviews)

    • “She loves it for its light weight”

    • “Very lightweight yet sturdy.”

    • “This mower is very light weight and easy to push and maneuver.”

    • “I wanted something less messy than a gas mower, quieter, and lighter”

    • “Was happy this mower is so light & easy to move around.”

    • “I love the light weight of the mower and it is much like pushing a vacuum cleaner over the lawn.”

    • “One advantage of the mower being of lighter construction than a gas mower is that if I bend the blade on a rock or edging timber I can just take it off, sledge hammer it straight again, sharpen it up a little and put it back on.”

    • “It' lightweight enough to push around”

    • “It is lightweight, easily maneuverable with one hand, up hill, while using the other hand to manage the cord.”

    • “The mower is lightweight so it's easy to push around”

  • The Greenworks 25022 features a simple push-button start. This removes the need for the often-frustrating pull-cord start associated with gas mowers. (34 reviews)

    • “Startups are dirt simple and easy.”

    • “Press the control handle down, press the start button, start mowing. I admit I get a cheap thrill out of the simplicity of button-start.”

    • “The mower can be started and stopped at the push of a button. It is SO much easier than the stupid pull-to-start gas-powered mower engines.”

    • “It’s so simple to push a button to start too.”

    • “That little black button on the side of this mower requires one push and one pull back of the lever, and you're ready to go!”

    • “the push button start is much better than the old method of pull start”

    • “The mower is very easy to start, I’ve had electric start gas powered mowers and was a little nervous about buying an all-electric mower due to having bad experiences with the electric starts going out or not working after a couple uses. So far this one has given me no issues.”

    • “mow full-blast right up to the cord, let go of the handle, and it instantly shut off... push the button to INSTANTLY turn it back on full blast”

    • “The GW mower has a two step start process that initially takes both hands but then the lever can be held by either or both hands.”

  • The mower has options for bagging, mulching, and side discharging. This meets different needs for taking care of the lawn. (34 reviews)

    • “It's easy to maneuver and switch between bagging/mulching/side discharging.”

    • “Switching from bag to mulch is done via a block that you put in place in the back, and is done easily enough. There's a side attachment as well.”

    • “The clippings bag is so handy. It snaps on/off so fast. I use it every time, in fact I have never used the mulching door, but the grass is cut very small and the mower really packs the bag tight.”

    • “You get the side chute where it spits out the grass (if you choose to use this mulching feature) and you get the bag as well.”

    • “However I have tested the mulch and side shoot options both of which work well.”

    • “The bag design is good. Easy on and off and carries a decent amount of grass before getting too heavy.”

    • “Bagging seemed to go fine, the bag attaches relatively easily, dumps easily, etc. The mower also supports side discharge and mulching”

    • “options for a rear bagger or side chute exit that are easy enough to figure out”

    • “Then, you decide do you want to mulch, use the bag, or side-shoot the trimmings and you're good to go.”

    • “The mower works very well when bagging clippings.”

  • The electric motor runs about as quietly as a vacuum cleaner, making it quieter than gas-powered mowers and less likely to disturb the area. (33 reviews)

    • “It's also feels lighter and is way quieter than a gas mower (it's about as loud as a vacuum cleaner)”

    • “No more noise than a vacuum cleaner, and outside this is very tolerable.”

    • “Not to mention it is relatively quiet. My neighbor came over that morning and commented on how quiet it was”

    • “My vacuum cleaner makes much more noise and vibrates more than this green shed princess.”

    • “I love the light weight of the mower and it is much like pushing a vacuum cleaner over the lawn.”

    • “This corded motor is very powerful, and it's not too loud.”

    • “It’s quiet - although still an order of magnitude louder than my reel mower, the noisiest part of mowing with this is the rotor action of the spinning blade.”

    • “The lower up-front cost, low weight, low maintenance costs, lack of emissions and smelly gasoline (and need to keep gasoline at the house), reduced noise”

    • “Electric operation is not silent -- sounds a bit like a large vacuum cleaner -- but I didn't feel that I needed ear protection.”

    • “Very quiet (especially when wearing ear protection; quiet in the neighborhood)”

  • Electric mowers like this one require less maintenance compared to gas mowers, saving time and effort for the user. (32 reviews)

    • “I quickly came to prefer the electric for its light weight and ease of maintenance.”

    • “It is, however, MUCH less hassle than the gas mowers I've owned in the past.”

    • “The mower requires less maintenance compared to gas mowers, saving time and effort for the user.”

    • “I am very much enjoying not having to worry about oil or put gas in the mower before mowing.”

    • “It needs very little maintenance. A blade sharpening here or there will help, but i hardly ever even bother to clean it, and it's still worked perfectly.”

    • “Don't have to change the oil, dirty air filter, or spark plug or clean out the carburetor like with a gas mower.”

    • “Greatest part of all....I don't have to deal with gas or maintaining a gas engine. No fumes, just the smell of fresh cut grass.”

    • “Electric is awesome and less maintenance than gas.”

    • “Maintaining it is MUCH easier than the gas mower (No Oil, No Spark Plug, No Gas, No Air Filter... to replace).”

    • “Of course the other bonus is the reduced maintenance compared to gas driven. No gas, no plugs, no oil. Just plug and go.”

  • Users like the convenience of a single lever to adjust the cutting blade's height, making it easier to customize lawn care. (30 reviews)

    • “It's easy to adjust the height of the blade, there's only one lever to adjust.”

    • “It's got a single place to adjust the height of the mower, which is a neat feature.”

    • “But when I got it in person and tried it out, it was almost orgasmic. If you have ever struggled with those individual spring adjusters on each wheel, you will love this.”

    • “Height adjustment level is so fast and easy to adjust, has a wide range of adjustments.”

    • “The height adjuster is very easy to use. It only takes one hand and adjusts all four wheels at one time.”

    • “The single lever for height adjustment works equally well.”

    • “It's height adjustment is very easy, smooth & one handed operation”

    • “GONE are the days of bending down and cranking a tiny, rusted lever at each wheel... this thing has ONE big lever, clearly marked, on top, in plain view, that a bird could push.”

    • “Other niceties include a single lever height adjustment”

    • “It adjusts height surprisingly easily. I have had gas mowers that were single lever adjustable but this is the easiest and lightest to change heights.”

  • The mower is known to last a long time. People have used it for many years without major problems. (27 reviews)

    • “I've had this mower for 8 years now and it still runs just fine.”

    • “Starting my second year with the mower. Still easy to use and works great.”

    • “I have used this for past four years and still I’m using it, so I can say it’s very durable”

    • “My old one is fantastic & still works like a champ despite years of abuse.”

    • “I bought one in Aug. 2014 the year I retired and I am still using it here Apr. 2020.”

    • “it looks fairly well made and has a 4 year warranty so I expect many years out of it”

    • “I've now had this for more than 4 years, and i've been completely satisfied with it.”

    • “Originally purchased 4/2014!! SIX YEARS AGO!”

    • “After eight years of ownership, I can tell you it's a tank.”

    • “For the past 6+ years, this mower has been up to the task of maintaining my St Augustine backyard of roughly 5000 square feet.”

  • The electric mower has lower operating costs. It eliminates the need for purchasing gas and is efficient in its electricity use. (26 reviews)

    • “If I mow for an hour, at full tilt, it's about $0.20 in electricity with this thing, so over time I expect this thing to almost pay for itself.”

    • “if you are tired of having to remember to buy gas... then an electric mower is for you!”

    • “Because the yard is small, using an extension cord was not a problem and I didn't have to mess with expensive battery with a cordless.”

    • “Doing the [ballpark] math: 2014: mower $149 + $95 for a better grade cord = $244/66mos = just under $4/mo to own the equipment PLUS add any electricity, which I haven't noticed on the meter (not a lot). Compare to a gas mower which would have cost me avg $2.50 in gas each (1gal) mo X 46 months (excluding non-mowing winter) = $115 + $300 for a decent mower = $415/66mos = just over $6/mo over same time frame.”

    • “I considered Li-ion cordless, but they were a lot more expensive, usually smaller, and replacement batteries cost about $100 and only last a few years”

    • “I am very much enjoying not having to worry about oil or put gas in the mower before mowing.”

    • “I got this mower for a "junk" mower to trim a river lot (electric is available at some lots) so I would not have to haul around a can of gas”

    • “I thought $200 for two years of grass cutting was a pretty good deal!”

    • “When i bought this mower in 2018, it was only $130 - probably 4 times cheaper than the battery mower i wanted (without the batteries themselves!)”

    • “No batteries to die, no gas tank to fill, no engine to maintain, no pull-start, no exhaust, quieter than a gas powered mower.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • The cord can be annoying and may get tangled during use. There is also a risk of accidentally running over it if not careful. (40 reviews)

    • “The toughest part about using a corded mower is figuring out the best way to maneuver/cut the lawn without having to constantly adjust the power cord.”

    • “Power cords can be remarkably potent weapons in the hands of someone who is clueless. And let's get one thing out of the way right now...yes, I have run over the cord by accident.”

    • “Controlling the cord is not easy, Now I wish I had bought cordless one cause sometimes it can be frustrating with wire cord and it is time consuming.”

    • “The first time I used it I kept stepping on the cord and unplugging the mower.”

    • “The chord did not get in the way as much as I thought it would. It will cost you a few extra minutes in the total cut time by having to deal with it from time to time, but you get used to it and you get more efficient as you go along.”

    • “You have to plan your mowing pattern due to having an electric cord (I ran over my cord once, easy fix).”

  • Because the mower is connected by a cord, its range is limited. You might need to buy a long, strong extension cord, which can be a hassle. (24 reviews)

    • “Buy yourself a nice extension cord that will A) stand out from the lawn color and B) reach from the power source to the farthest corner of your lawn and then some.”

    • “I needed 150 ft. of heavy cord to get to every place on my lawn, which is extreme but did not cause me any problems.”

    • “First - to start out - as other reviewers have commented, to get the maximum length away from an outlet, you need a tougher and fatter 12 gauge extension cord to run this puppy safely, so if you don't have one of those, you'll also need to order one, and they're significantly more expensive than the normal ones you're used to.”

    • “Limited distance you can go, depending on the length of the cord.”

    • “Don't forget that there is no extension cable included so buying a cable reel and suitable gauge cable may be necessary if you don't have them already.”

    • “Also, you need a serious power cord if you want any distance.”

    • “For the cord, I recommend a contractor-grade extension cord, at least 14 gauge for 100 feet and 12 gauge for longer.”

    • “I needed to move the cord to three different outlets in order to reach everything with a 100 ft extension (14 gauge).”

  • While the mower can handle overgrown grass, it may struggle more than gas mowers and require multiple passes or adjustments. (22 reviews)

    • “The electric can handle overgrown grass, but you have to slow down and the side discharge will clog occasionally.”

    • “Even given the overgrown grass, working at a steady pace the mower kept up and the electric motor didn't get bogged down.”

    • “once in a while when we're having a lot of rain and I'm a day or two late the grass does get thick in one spot of maybe 25' by 10'. Even that I can do without raising the blade height if I go slow and back up/go forward a bit as needed. If it stalls from too heavy grass I just release the power control, move it back and start again.”

    • “The motor bogs down as soon as I mow through some tall grass.”

    • “Struggles a bit in thick or overgrown grass. Needed to adjust the height in thick grass which is understandable.”

    • “St. Augustine grass can be a serious challenge for this mower, It really struggles with St Augustine during peak warm season (when St Augustine grows thick and luscious).”

    • “The grass was about 5 inches long combined with lots of leaves. There were moments when it seemed to struggle but I just adjusted the height and solved the problem.”

    • “For the power, it had trouble in slightly tall dense grass.”

    • “This mower *could not* mulch the zoysia. Even walking at a snails pace it was just not able to cut it, bogging down and sounding like it was going to stop. I HAVE to bag it and even then it struggled in thicker areas.”

    • “Each time I've mowed it has been few and far between, so my grass has had a chance to grow quite a bit. This mower has done a fine job cutting the grass without slowing down. I've even had to mow some wet grass... This mower had very little problem with the wet grass. Because I was mulching, I did have to stop every few rows to clean out the bottom because the wet cut grass was sticking to it.”

Bottom Line

The Greenworks 25022 is a powerful electric mower made for easy yard work. Its lightweight design prevents strain, and the push-button start means no more pull-cords. With options to bag, mulch, or side discharge your clippings, it adapts to any job. It runs quietly like a vacuum, needs less upkeep than gas mowers, and the blade height adjusts with one lever. Long-lasting and cost-effective, it does struggle with a cord that can tangle and limit reach. A sturdy extension might be needed for bigger lawns.


Cutting Width (in)20 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Max Cutting Height3-3/4"
Min Cutting Height1-1/2"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty4 Years
Weight56 Pounds
Additional InfoExtension Cord Not Included, Foldable Handles For Compact Storage

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Tips for Greenworks 25022

  • When purchasing an extension cord, it is recommended to consider a cord with a contrasting color to your lawn and a length that can reach the farthest corner of your lawn to the power source. Buy an orange extension cord to make it easier to see while mowing.
  • Use 303 Protectant all around it and Fluid Film spray on the underside as well as any exposed metal to prevent corrosion and sticking.
  • Determine a mowing pattern fit for your lawn size without having to reposition the power cord constantly and mow away from the power source to prevent tripping over the cord.
  • To keep it in the best condition, clean the mower after each use.

Special Features

  • 12 Amp Motor & 20-Inch Steel Deck: This mower has a strong engine and a big blade to cut grass fast and easy.
  • 3-in-1 Cutting Options: You can chop up the grass to feed your lawn (mulching), catch it in a bag, or just shoot it out the side.
  • Push Button Start & Height Adjustment: Starting the mower is as easy as pushing a button, and you can change how short it cuts with one simple lever.
  • Cam Lock Handle for Easy Storage: The handle folds down so you can tuck the mower away without it taking up too much space.
  • Durable Steel Cutting Deck: It's got a tough blade cover that helps you finish mowing quickly and lasts a long time.
  • Unlimited Mowing with No Pollution: Since it plugs in, you can mow as long as you want without hurting the environment with gas fumes.
  • Specific Extension Cord Needed: You'll need to get a certain long cable to make sure the mower runs its best, which isn't included.


  • Q:

    Is the Greenworks 25022 self-propelled?

  • A:

    No. The mower needs to be pushed but is lightweight and shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Q:

    Does the mower come with an extension cord?

  • A:

    No. An extension cord is sold separately.

  • Q:

    Is the bag attachment included with the mower?

  • A:

    Yes. The bag is included and is easy to attach.

  • Q:

    What is the recommended extension cord rating for the mower?

  • A:

    A cord rating of at least 12 Amps is recommended.

  • Q:

    Does the mower require any fluids or oil?

  • A:

    No fluids are required for this type of mower.

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