Black & Decker BEMW482BH Review

17-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Push Lawn Mower


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4 / 5 from 734 users

Black & Decker BEMW482BH | Tools Official
Black & Decker BEMW482BH | Tools Official
Black & Decker BEMW482BH | Tools Official


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We spent 8.6 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

11 reasons to buy

  • Many users say the Black & Decker BEMW482BH is easy and simple to use. (25 reviews)

    • “The lawn mower is easy to use”

    • “plug the unit in to power, and start mowing”

    • “Easy set up out of the box.”

    • “extremely comfortable to use”

    • “The lawn mower it self i really like its light weight and has a extension cord storage bracket on the head of the machine.”

    • “It's light weight and easy to maneuver Round....easy to piece”

    • “I have been using it for a few months. It is perfect for a typical small yards like mine.”

    • “This does a great job! It's easy to assemble (almost already fully assembled when pulled out of the box) and easy to use.”

    • “super easy to use- just plug it in press the button”

    • “It works and handles great.”

  • Users reported that the mower does a great job at cutting through both regular lawn grass and overgrown grass. (17 reviews)

    • “This mower cut through that over-grown grass with no problem. At all.”

    • “phenomenal cutting power”


    • “This is a great buy, I had long over grown grass this machine cut through it with ease.”

    • “We were Amazed how well it worked.”

    • “Honestly, this is the mower I’d recommend to everyone.”

    • “I like that it does the job needs to do which is cut the grass”

    • “it works great!!”

    • “This does a great job!”

    • “Works really well for its size, now that I have a nice mower there won't be anymore tall grass!”

  • The mower is reported to work well on very small lawns, which can be an advantage for users with limited space. (13 reviews)

    • “I like it for my application. It leaves a few stragglers on those tough stalky weeds that invaded my rather small backyard but it's such a small yard”

    • “for a quite small yard.”

    • “I don't have a very big lawn so I thought electric would be the way to go.”

    • “Only for super small lawns”

    • “It is perfect for a typical small yards like mine.”

    • “I have a very small area of lawn to maintain and this mower does the job!”

    • “Not a huge yard so this mower works great for what I need”

    • “Perfect for SMALL yards. Our yard space is small and a 100ft cord lets us get our whole yard.”

    • “Works great on my small lawn”

    • “Perfect mower for my postage stamp sized yard.”

    • “Good option for small parcel”

    • “Perfect for small yards.”

    • “Used for small areas”

  • Several reviews say the mower is light, which makes it easier to move around. (12 reviews)

    • “This is lightweight and powerful and can handle any lawn.”

    • “The lawn mower it self i really like its light weight”

    • “I needed the least weight of a corded mower, due to my age and physical limitations.”

    • “light weight because it is mostly made of plastic.”

    • “It's quiet and light weight.”

    • “It's light weight and easy to maneuver Round”

    • “Perfect, small, lightweight mower!”

    • “It is very lightweight”

    • “Liked the lightweight feature.”

    • “Light, powerful, easy to store.”

    • “Light,cuts just fine.”

    • “Enjoy the reliability and lightweight.”

  • Assembly is noted as being easy, often involving attaching the handle and starting to mow. (12 reviews)

    • “The unit was easy to assemble. You basically just attach the handle with four fasteners”

    • “Easy set up out of the box.”

    • “Very easy to assemble”

    • “Very simple to assemble.”

    • “This was very easy & quick for me to put together myself with a Phillips screwdriver.”

    • “It's easy to assemble (almost already fully assembled when pulled out of the box)”

    • “So simple to put together”

    • “Easy to assemble”

    • “The mower was easy to assemble”

    • “Easy to put together”

    • “easy to assemble and use”

  • The electric nature of the mower means there's no need to refill gas, which is convenient for users. (10 reviews)

    • “We don’t have to worry about getting gas every time to fill it up”

    • “The benefit of an electric motor”

    • “so I didn't want to yank a pull start to mow a 40x20 yard”

    • “I haven't had any issues with this electric mower, gas mowers are a thing of the past.”

    • “I thought electric would be the way to go.”

    • “this is a small price to pay if one doesn't want to deal with the mess and the expense of a traditional gas engine mower”

    • “You will save a lot on gas”

    • “se acabaron los problemas de bujía, carburador, comprar un aceite apropiado para este equipo, la gasolina, etc, etc”

    • “this is great and much more environmentally friendly”

    • “I thought it would be environmentally friendly to have an electric lawn mower”

  • The mower operates quietly, a marked difference from many gas-powered mowers. (5 reviews)

  • The handle is described as very comfortable, which is important for prolonged mowing sessions. (3 reviews)

  • The mower is reported to leave a nice, even cut on the lawn. (2 reviews)

  • The high lift blades are noted to work well, indicating effective cutting and collection of grass clippings. (1 review)

  • The mower has safety features that need to be actively used, like pushing buttons on the handle, to prevent it from starting or running by accident. (1 review)

    • “Safety device requires pushing a button in the center of the handlebars then continue holding a button on the handle.”

5 reasons not to buy

  • Several reviews express worries about how long the lawnmower will last because of its plastic parts. The mowing deck and parts like the housing that connects the blade to the deck are plastic, which might not last as long as metal. (18 reviews)

    • “Upon closer examination it's simply appears that the parts we're such cheap plastic that there was no way this thing was going to last.”

    • “The plastic housing holding the blade to the deck broke and is no longer useable.”

    • “The Body and wheels seem very "Cheap"”

    • “The gear to adjust the height of the blade is cheap plastic. I doubt it will last long. Even the tires are made of plastic.”

    • “First, the mower is cheaply made.”

    • “Wheels cheap plastic.”

    • “The cheap plastic lever that adjusts the height of the grass doesn't stay”

    • “The weight of the mower pops the selection out and your mower will drop to ground level destroying your yard.”

  • The Black & Decker BEMW482BH needs an extension cord to work, which can be a hassle and limits how far it can move. Users might have to plan how they mow to avoid the cord, or they might need to run the cord through windows if there are no outdoor outlets. (15 reviews)

    • “It is a corded unit, and I had some concern about the cord providing the power being a tether that would just get in the way. A little minor planning of movement in tackling my yard space really made the power cord a non-issue in my use.”

    • “I did how ever have to buy 100ft outdoor extension cable, which was a rather cheap investment.”

    • “The "corded" version can be a bit tricky”

    • “So the two things I don’t like about it is,1) that it’s corded”

    • “Cabling can be a hassle sometimes.”

    • “Yes, it requires an extension cord;”

    • “Only problem is you need to fix the cable every time in the lawn during mowing.”

    • “even though it's extra work managing the cord”

    • “It took some time to get used to the cord management”

    • “I use it every weekend with a 100 ft extension cord purchased separately”

    • “After a little practice with the cord It works and handles great.”

    • “Takes a little bit of time to adjust to the cord having to be moved all the time however”

    • “A bit awkward to cut grass with the electric wire”

    • “Used it once was not happy with having to move the cord all the time.”

    • “You have to buy very long extension cords”

  • At least one user had the motor overheat, which caused melting and eventually made the mower stop working. (9 reviews)

    • “When I begin to use it again this season it overheated, melted and the motor burned out.”

    • “and it would frequently stall, need the bag to be emptied, or overheat”

    • “the motor blew started smoking”

    • “The previous b&d mower I bought the motor burnt”

    • “Used three times and the motor all of a sudden wouldn't go above a few ram and started smoking.”

    • “the motor started smoking just after 10 minutes into mowing”

    • “2nd time using this year motor seized up, checked for any blockage and could not find any.”

    • “Motor won’t work and is blowing smoke.”

    • “Caught on fire after 10 minutes of first use.”

  • The mower's cutting width is 17 inches, which some users might find small, especially for larger lawns, leading to longer mowing times. (5 reviews)

    • “17" is a more narrow cut”

    • “Only for super small lawns”

    • “this lawn mower with the size of my lawn may not be powerful enough [...] it's also smaller than the ones I've had so it should say is for a smaller yard my yard is rather large”

    • “Perfect for SMALL yards.”

    • “Works great on my small lawn”

  • One user was unhappy with how the grass catcher bag is attached, suggesting it might be a design problem or not easy to use. (3 reviews)

Bottom Line

Get your lawn looking sharp with the Black & Decker BEMW482BH electric mower. Ideal for small yards, this lightweight machine is a breeze to maneuver and assemble. No gas refills needed; it's electric and eco-friendly. Enjoy a quiet, comfortable mow with its ergonomic handle and high lift blades that ensure an even cut. However, its plastic parts may raise durability concerns, and you'll need an extension cord. With safety features and great performance, it's a solid value for keeping your turf in check.


Cutting Width (in)17 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Rear Discharge, Bagging
Max Cutting Height3"
Min Cutting Height1"
Power SourceCorded Electric
CategoryPush Mowers
Warranty2 Years
Weight39.8 lbs
Additional InfoRugged Wheel Treads, Comfort Grip Handle, Winged Blade

Tips for Black & Decker BEMW482BH

  • Clear the lawn from any hard objects or debris to protect the deck from damage.
  • It is best to use an orange extension cord to make it easier to see while mowing.
  • Clean the mower after use to keep it in the best running condition.

Special Features

  • Lightweight Design: Easy to push around without getting tired because it's not heavy.
  • Comfort Grip Handle: The handle is like a bike's handlebars, so it's comfy to hold and makes turning the mower a breeze.
  • Winged Blade Technology: The special blade design picks up more grass as you mow, so you don't leave clumps behind.
  • Effortless Start-Up: Just press a button to get it going, no yanking a cord or messing with complicated switches.
  • Adjustable Height: You can change how short it cuts the grass, with six settings from really short to longer.
  • Clipping Collection Bag Included: A bag comes with it that catches the cut grass, so you don't have to rake after mowing.
  • Durable and Corrosion-Resistant: It's made with tough stuff that doesn't rust easily, so it lasts longer even if you leave it in a damp shed or it gets rained on.


  • Q:

    Does the mower need batteries?

  • A:

    No, this model requires a heavy-duty extension cord and does not need batteries.

  • Q:

    Can you use the mower without attaching the bagger?

  • A:

    Yes, the mower can be used without the bagger attached.

  • Q:

    Does this model mulch?

  • A:

    No, this mower does not mulch.

  • Q:

    Is the mower self-propelled?

  • A:

    No, this mower is not self-propelled but is very lightweight and easy to push.

  • Q:

    Is the cord included with the mower?

  • A:

    No, the extension cord is sold separately.

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