Greenworks 80V 25" Review

Brushless Cordless (Self-Propelled) Dual Blade Lawn Mower (LED Headlight + Aluminum Handles), Battery And Charger Not Included


Final Score

3.9 / 5 from 27 users

Greenworks 80V 25" | Tools Official
Greenworks 80V 25" | Tools Official
Greenworks 80V 25" | Tools Official


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We spent 6.2 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Some users noted that the Greenworks 80V 25" mower works quickly and is more efficient compared to their previous mowers. (4 reviews)

    • “It's quick and easy- and quiet!!”

    • “The 25 inch cut it makes quick work of a large yard.”

    • “Works better than my Honda mower did, and 20% quicker!”

    • “Some how this mower is using the batteries way more efficiently. I know the extra 4 inches of deck helped a little, but a whole 100% more efficient……I’m shocked.”

  • The 25-inch wide cutting deck helps in making quicker work of larger yards, a feature that several users have found advantageous. (3 reviews)

    • “The 25 inch cut it makes quick work of a large yard.”

    • “Love the width of the cutting blades.”

    • “I know the extra 4 inches of deck helped a little, but a whole 100% more efficient……I’m shocked.”

  • The mower's mulching and bagging capabilities are well-regarded, with users noting their effectiveness. (2 reviews)

    • “mulching and bagging works well”

    • “You get a mulching plug and a grass catcher. The grass is blown out the back.”

  • Multiple reviews have highlighted how quiet the mower is, making it a popular feature among users. (1 review)

  • Several users noted that the battery of the Greenworks 80V 25" lasts long enough to complete mowing tasks on larger yards, with some completing a 0.25-acre yard on a single battery. (1 review)

    • “My yard is about 0.25 acre and I used up only one battery to finish.”

  • The ability to adjust the self-propelling speed has been mentioned as a positive aspect, making it easier to maneuver. (1 review)

  • The mower has an easy-to-use height adjustment feature, which has been appreciated by reviewers. (1 review)

  • The mower can fold and stand on its side, making it convenient for storage in small spaces like garages. (1 review)

    • “I love how it folds and stands on the side of my garage.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • If a weed is caught between the two blades of the Greenworks 80V 25", it will miss the cut entirely, requiring multiple passes to achieve a clean cut. (1 review)

    • “If a weed is caught between the two blades it will miss the cut altogether!”

  • Gears inside the mower are made of hard plastic instead of metal, making them prone to bending or breaking if the mower hits roots or is bottomed out. (1 review)

    • “Hit this thing on one to many roots or bottom it out and the gears inside get bent cause their hard plastic instead of metal”

  • The 25-inch mower is heavier and harder to turn compared to smaller models, lacking a reverse button which makes maneuvering difficult. (1 review)

    • “This 25 inch mower is a lot heavier and a bit harder to turn.”

Bottom Line

The Greenworks 80V 25" mower is a solid choice for those needing a reliable, efficient lawn care tool. With a 25-inch cutting deck, it tackles large yards quickly. Users appreciate its mulching and bagging capabilities and quiet operation. The battery lasts long enough for a 0.25-acre yard, and adjustable self-propelling speed makes maneuvering easier. It offers easy height adjustments and convenient storage. However, it struggles with weeds caught between blades, has plastic gears prone to damage, and is heavier without a reverse feature.


Cutting Width (in)25 inch
FeaturesElectric Start, Mulching
Max Cutting Height4"
Min Cutting Height1.375"
Power SourceBattery
CategorySelf Propelled Mowers
Warranty4 Year Limited
Weight70.55 lbs.

Special Features

  • 80V Self-Propelled Power: This powerful lawn mower can cut up to 3/4 acre on one charge with a 4.0Ah battery (battery and charger sold separately). It’s strong and gets the job done fast.
  • Brushless Motor and Durable Steel Deck: The brushless motor gives you more power, runs quieter, and lasts longer. It's built tough with a 25" steel deck.
  • Enhanced Traction and Maneuverability: The rear-wheel drive and variable speed control mean you get great grip and easy control while mowing.
  • LED Headlight for Extended Mowing: With LED headlights, you can mow early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cooler and still see what you’re doing.
  • Dual Battery Ports: It has two battery slots that automatically switch over, so you can mow longer without stopping to change batteries.
  • Space-Saving EZ Fold Handles: The handles fold up easily so you can store the mower upright, saving you up to 70% of space.
  • 7-Position Height Adjustment: You can quickly adjust the cutting height to 7 different settings with just one lever, making it easy to get the perfect cut for your lawn.
  • Eco-Friendly and Low Maintenance: No need for gas, oil, or dealing with emissions. This mower is almost maintenance-free and starts up instantly.
  • Three-in-One Design: This mower can mulch, bag, and pick up leaves, giving you multiple ways to manage your lawn clippings.


  • Q:

    Does the 25-inch Pro 80V mower fit the 6Ah battery?

  • A:

    Yes, it is compatible with all batteries in the Greenworks 80V line.

  • Q:

    Can this mower be used on wet grass or in the rain?

  • A:

    The mower can be used on wet grass; however, it should not be used in the rain due to potential water damage to the electronic components.

  • Q:

    Is a mulching kit available for this mower?

  • A:

    Yes, a mulching kit is available.

  • Q:

    How can one achieve side discharge with this mower?

  • A:

    There is no side discharge option available. The three-in-one features are mulching, bagging, and turbo leaf pickup.

  • Q:

    What is the warranty period for the batteries?

  • A:

    The Greenworks 80V batteries have a 4-year warranty.

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