Fiskars 362050-1001 Review

18-Inch StaySharp Max Manual Push Reel Mower


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4.3 / 5 from 3510 users

Fiskars 362050-1001 | Tools Official
Fiskars 362050-1001 | Tools Official
Fiskars 362050-1001 | Tools Official


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8 reasons to buy

  • The Fiskars 362050-1001 runs quietly, so you can listen to music at a low volume or talk without being disturbed. (46 reviews)

    • “Super quiet - I barely need to turn up the volume on my music when I mow”

    • “It's quiet of course, not silent but you can hear a conversation in the next yard over.”

    • “almost silent (I can now mow early AM with no worries)”

    • “It's quiet”

    • “One of the main reasons I bought this was that I wanted something that wasn't loud & didn't smell like gas.”

    • “Got it out, cleaned and lub'd the whole mower about 2 weeks ago. 2nd cut of the season this morning @7am; it's so quiet nobody in the neighborhood knew I was out there.”

    • “This mower is quiet, it smells nice when I mow, and it's actually a little easier to mow with than with my old gas mower.”

    • “Best part is I can do this when it's cool early in the morning in the summer and not wake anyone up”

    • “It also doesn’t make as much noise as some of the other reel mowers (Scott’s) as blades do not actually come in contact with the bar.”

    • “This mower is a good replacement for the noisy gas and expensive electric mower.”

  • Several users noted their lawn looks better after using this mower, suggesting a clean and healthy cut. (41 reviews)

    • “My wife has commented that our yard looks better with this mower and it's made me a happier person”

    • “My grass is healthier than my neighbors yards. They wished theirs looked like ours”

    • “The yard looked fantastic every time I mowed. You can see the difference in the tops of the blades of grass, and it's very rewarding.”

    • “My grass looks better than other lawns because it is not being constantly burnt. Even in late summer, it doesn't look dried out.”

    • “The grass looks so nice that I actually stop and look at it every time I walk thru the living room.”

    • “my lawn looks much better than when it was professionally done!”

    • “My very first pass with this mower I was extremely impressed as it got pretty much every blade of grass, which I did t think was possible.”

    • “This mower does a great job cutting the lawn.”

    • “The cut is really really good - the blades cut and don't tear the grass like a rotary/ power mower.”

    • “It cuts a nice level cut which looks great when done, much better than a rotary mower.”

  • Since it's a reel mower, you don't need gas, oil, batteries, or electrical cords. This makes it good for the environment and cuts down on upkeep. (39 reviews)

    • “No need for gas, oil, batteries, or cords”

    • “I have stepped away from gas powered push mowers for some time now to reduce our carbon foot print.”

    • “The idea of a reel mower is that I don't have to deal w/ gas / electric /problems due to simplicity”

    • “You don't have to charge it or replace a battery or get special gas”

    • “It uses no gas. The pamphlet says 'All it takes is you.'”

    • “What I like best about this mower: NO gas, NO oil, NO stink, NO noise.”

    • “No electricity, no gas, pollinator friendly”

    • “Being a reel mower, there's no need for gas, oil, batteries, or electrical cords”

    • “This mower is a good replacement for the noisy gas and expensive electric mower.”

    • “Love that it is Eco friendly”

  • The InertiaDrive feature is designed to make pushing through grass almost effortless. It can match the speed of your walking—whether you're going at a casual pace or sprinting. (28 reviews)

    • “InertaDrive makes pushing through grass effortless. InertaDrive also matches your speed - if you feel like sprinting back and forth, the blades will match your speed and cut the grass accordingly”

    • “Overall a great mower. I used a reel growing up and this felt almost effortless in comparison.”

    • “it's really smooth and easy to push”

    • “this is easier to do than the regular mower I used to use because it is lightweight & can easily be pushed. I can even do some patches with one hand.”

    • “You won’t believe how this gobbles up the thickest, squirreliest, grass.”

    • “This mower & others like it are built off momentum, meaning the more momentum you produce, the better/easier it is to use.”

    • “It also goes fast with some kind of momentum (like a bicycle) once it's going, if you want to do the job quickly.”

    • “It chews through grass like nothing, and it's honestly easier to push than our old gas mower.”

    • “Gear ratio is good and really gets the blade spinning fast even from a walking pace.”

    • “It's much easier to push than standard reel mowers. The inertia drive really helps power through thick southern centipede, St Augustine, grass, green onions and weeds that aren't too tall.”

  • Maintenance is relatively simple and doesn't require extensive tools or procedures compared to gas-powered mowers. (28 reviews)

    • “Maintenance is fairy easy a couple sweeps with a dollar store broom and it’s clean.”

    • “The best thing about it is the maintenance. Spray with some silicone and grass clippings won't stick to it. You don't need to sharpen it unless you get it wet... You can fix this mower with a 11mm and 13mm wrench, some silicone spray, and maybe a sharpening kit if performance ever degrades”

    • “No tools required to assemble and took 10 min”

    • “It doesn’t need gas, it’s always ready to go and needs little maintenance.”

    • “It was pretty easy to put together, the cotter pins were the hardest thing - just get a set of pliers. I needed a socket wrench to get the bolts tightened.”

    • “It pushes easily and cleans easily.”

    • “While I enjoy not having to fill it with gas, change its oil, and do other annual maintenance”

    • “Blade adjustments are easy in 3 months I had to adjust the blades once, which is simply just turning 4 bolts and taking a test piece of paper and running it through the blades to make sure it cuts. Very simple maintenance process.”

    • “My son put it together easily. He’s great at it. We just had to find the right wrench to tighten the bolts”

  • The lever for adjusting the height is made for quick and easy changes, allowing for a more precise and convenient cut. (23 reviews)

    • “The height adjustment lever makes changes quick and painless”

    • “There is a very easy height adjustment so depending on the length you could cut once on max height and maybe again at a lower height.”

    • “It's easy to adjust”

    • “One nice feature of this is the ease at which you can adjust the height. Just lean over & quickly raise or lower it for special needs.”

    • “I really like how easy it is to adjust the mowing height.”

    • “Changing blade level: MEDIUM-knob is easy to grasp”

    • “With less than 30 minutes of unboxing and assembly you can start with the cutting height adjustment”

    • “Adjusting cut height is easy as can be and a snap.”

    • “Blade height adjustments are easy, just one lever chooses height of cut.”

  • The mower disperses grass clippings more evenly compared to some standard mowers, which may leave clumps behind. (9 reviews)

    • “Disperses grass clippings somewhat more evenly than the clumps left by my old standard mower”

    • “Because this mower throws the moist cuttings back into the lawn that should be minimal.”

    • “it does sling those little clippings everywhere and it's kind of satisfying to see them go”

    • “It’s also very nice to be able to adjust the direction of the grass that’s thrown.”

    • “The front discharge is nice as it seems to catch the grass again making small cuts to break down faster.”

    • “I do like how the grass spreads when it is cut, my lawn looks sexy!”

    • “It spreads the clippings much better than my gas mower.”

    • “it flings the clippings forward to be more finely chopped.”

    • “The clean cut mulch doesn’t distract from the smooth look of the mowed grass. The pouring of the grass in front of the mower is so satisfying”

  • An 18-inch cutting width allows for fewer passes compared to mowers with a narrower cutting deck. This makes mowing more efficient. (8 reviews)

    • “18" cutting width means fewer passes compared to my old 16" wide reel mower”

    • “a pleasant surprise for me is that mowing is overall much faster, I mowed the yard in about 1/2 to 2/3 of the time as other mowers, in part because of the 18" width”

    • “even though it's 2" narrower that my old one, it's faster because I can take full cuts, without overlapping to get what it missed on the last pass”

    • “I was still able to push mow the large patch (1/4 acre) in no time”

    • “The blades cut to the outside of the wheels so you get a nice wide cutting path.”

    • “This was my first cut of the season so the grass was getting pretty high and parts are very thick and this little mower plowed right through.”

    • “Not only is the cut way better than my rotary push mower but i believe that the Fiscar only being 18 inches across enables me to keep a more grade cut since it is 3" smaller than my 21" honda HRX217(great rotary gas mower BTW).”

    • “I have fallen in love with this mower it leaves a beautiful cut and gives me a workout at the same time.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • This mower is not designed to cut tall grass over a certain height. It will simply fold tall grass over rather than cut it. (29 reviews)

    • “If there is a single blade of grass taller than about 6" it won't cut it no matter how many times you go over it, it just lays flat and pops back up.”

    • “Tall grass isn’t great to cut with these. So if you slack and cut the grass after it’s about 4-6 inches high your not going to love it at all.”

    • “The mower pushes over anything over about 6" in height and won't cut it--at all.”

    • “won't cut anything over ~6 inches”

    • “Won’t cut those stalks that weeds send up, you have to break out the weed eater.”

    • “It will take at least 2 passes to cut everything evenly and they aren’t kidding about it not cutting grass over six inches.”

    • “The only real issue we have had is that if the grass gets much taller than four inches, then the mower has a hard time cutting it--if it at all.”

    • “it won't cut grass that's over 5-6" tall”

    • “Struggles to cut 4 inch+ grass.”

    • “You probably cannot let your grass grown to be 8 inches tall and expect this to plow through it without a lot of backing up and spinning the excess out of the reel”

  • Turning quickly or sharply can be challenging due to the mower's design and weight. Also, the mower may not handle well around obstacles like fences. (22 reviews)

    • “very hard to maneuver around fences”

    • “For maneuverability, I have some trouble turning with this”

    • “First, the front wheels don't pivot. If you wanna turn, YOU have to turn the mower.”

    • “Best used in straight lines... That's what makes me miss my regular mower the most.”

    • “having the main wheels in the back is a maneuvering nightmare when near walls and fences.”

    • “It’s maneuverability is okay. There is some sort of rocking and spinning required to make sharp turns”

    • “Turning at the end of rows is hard-ish, since none of the wheels pivot.”

    • “Because of the size of my yard, this mower is not great for maneuvering as there is little room to get it turned so I have to basically lift it to turn it each time.”

    • “Maneuvering turns and turning the thing around to go the other direction is difficult. You have to pick it up and turn it around manually.”

    • “As far as maneuverability, it doesn’t turn on a dime or anything. The wheels don’t swivel at all.”

  • Debris like sticks and woodchips in the yard can stop the mower right away, so you need to make sure the lawn is clear before you start mowing. (19 reviews)

    • “Like all reel mowers, a woodchip or a stick will bring you to an immediate halt.”

    • “Any branches or twigs that fall into the yard should be picked up. They'll dull your blades if you keep cutting them; you'll know when you've cut one because you'll hear the blade kind of ring each time you do.”

    • “It is sensitive to sticks, rocks & extra tall grass.”

    • “a small chunk of wood mulch stops it dead.”

    • “Has trouble with pine cones and sticks - will stop it in its tracks.”

    • “The only times it stopped was when I hit a chunk of concrete and a stick that was an inch thick”

    • “Also, rocks with not only so it dead in its tracks, it WILL dull the blade.”

    • “You have to make sure your yard is free of any debris (sticks, leaves) before use.”

    • “Move big debris out of the way if you see it coming (takes a few seconds). This keeps your blades nice and sharp, and in line.”

    • “The most important part is remember to remove sticks and rocks from the yard no matter how small you think they are better safe then denting your blades on the first cut.”

Bottom Line

Get your yard looking sharp with the Fiskars 362050-1001 Reel Mower. It's quiet enough to let you chat or enjoy tunes while you work. No need for gas or cords; it's good for the planet and easy to keep up. Pushing's a breeze with InertiaDrive, and the wide cut means less back and forth. Adjust cutting height on the fly, and say goodbye to grass clumps. Just keep in mind, it's not for tall grass and can be tricky around tight spots. Clear the lawn of debris before you start for a smooth mowing experience.


Cutting Width (in)18 inch
Max Cutting Height4"
Min Cutting Height1"
Power SourceManual
CategoryReel Mowers
Warranty3 Years
Weight51.7 lbs
Additional InfoInertiaDrive, Reversible Grass Chute, Inset Wheels

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Tips for Fiskars 362050-1001

  • It is best to make two passes over the same area when mowing as the mower can sometimes miss a few grass blades when mowing.
  • It is recommended to mow frequently, ideally every week, to make pushing the reel mower easier as longer grass can cause more resistance when using the reel mower.
  • Use a fluid film spray to prevent debris build-up.

Special Features

  • Eco-Friendly Design: You won't need to bother with gas, oil, or cords - it's all muscle-powered, which is better for the planet.
  • InertiaDrive Reel: This mower has a special reel that cuts through grass with twice the strength of regular mowers, so it's a tough worker just like you.
  • StaySharp Cutting System: The blades on this mower stay sharp, so you won't have to waste time sharpening them yourself.
  • VersaCut Technology: You can easily change the cutting height to deal with different types of grass, whether it's fine or thick, making your lawn look good.
  • Superior Ergonomics: You can set the handle to match your height, and the mower spits clippings away from your feet, so it's comfortable to push around.
  • 60% Easier to Push: Even though it's a tough machine, it's been made easier to push than most mowers, saving you energy while you work.
  • 18" Cut Width: With a wider cutter, you can mow more lawn in less time, getting the job done quicker.
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable: This mower is made to be easy to handle, so you can turn and push it around without breaking a sweat.
  • Award-Winning Design: It's got some smart features that have won awards for making yard work less of a chore.
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty: The mower comes with a three-year warranty, so you can trust it to keep working hard for you.


  • Q:

    Is the Fiskars 362050-1001 easy to push and use for female users?

  • A:

    Yes, the mower is known to be one of the easiest manual reel mowers to push.

  • Q:

    Is the mower’s cutting height adjustable?

  • A:

    Yes, the cutting height is easily adjustable from 1” to 4”.

  • Q:

    How can I sharpen the mower’s blades?

  • A:

    The mower has StaySharp blades and remains sharp unless a rock or something similar is hit during mowing. If you need to sharpen the mower’s blades, a maintenance blade kit can be purchased here.

  • Q:

    Can the mower mulch?

  • A:

    No, the mower does not mulch.

  • Q:

    Can you use the mower on wet grass?

  • A:

    It is best not to use the mower on wet grass as clippings can stick to the inside drive chain and make the mower difficult to push.

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