American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 Review

14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower


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4.3 / 5 from 3286 users

American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 | Tools Official
American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 | Tools Official
American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 | Tools Official


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We spent 9.3 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here's what users think:

7 reasons to buy

  • The American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 is frequently commended in reviews for its ease of use; customers note that it is simple to push and maneuver, making it accessible for a wide range of users including children and older individuals, which reflects the mower's user-friendly design. (43 reviews)

    • “I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and smooth this mower works! My 10 year old was able to push it with ease. I would say an older person would also have plenty of strength to maneuver it as well.”

    • “It super easy to put together upon receiving and so easy to use.”

    • “It rolls really easy and gets the job done for what we need it for.”

    • “I love this lawn mower and find it to be very easy to use on our level lawn.”

    • “Easy to push even for this out of shape, older than I'll admit person.”

    • “it was very easy to maneuver, my wife and i are 4”11 and 5’3 so the handle and pushing it was easy”

    • “it’s perfect for this 80 year old lady, small, smooth and cuts the grass”

    • “Love the way it cuts the grass and easily rolls over the ground”

    • “The mower is light weight, which I love and maneuvers easily.”

  • Many users have found that assembling the mower is straightforward and easy, often referencing the simplicity of the instructions or accompanying videos. (32 reviews)

    • “The mower was easy to assemble”

    • “It super easy to put together upon receiving”

    • “The assembly instructions were simple. A video showed how.”

    • “Very easy to assemble”

    • “Is it easy to set up? ABSOLUTELY!”

    • “Was fairly simple to assemble.”

    • “Easy to put together!”

    • “Easy to assemble (I’m not mechanically inclined at all)”

    • “Initial assembly was simple, and occurred in 5-10 minutes max.”

    • “The assembly was actually easy, i saw older folks saying how you basically have to bend the bars to get them hooked on the wheels but GREAT TIP- leave the prior step in the instructions (the lower and upper handle bolts loose till u have hooked them to the wheels easily before tightening the top bolts.”

  • Reviewers appreciate that the mower does not require fuel, does not have motorized part problems, and does not produce loud noises or exhaust gas. (31 reviews)

    • “I like that I never have to worry about fuel, motorized part problems, loud noises”

    • “No noise or exhaust gas.”

    • “doesn’t require gas, electricity, or maintenance”

    • “I do not disturb anyone-human or animal- with my mowing. No frogs or even bugs have been needlessly killed in my pursuit of an orderly yard.”

    • “Really fun and responsible way to cut grass.”

    • “It works great and doesn’t use any fuel and doesn’t make hardly any noise so it’s perfect for me.”

    • “Love the fact that it was environmentally friendly”

    • “I recommend to anyone who doesnt have acres of land to mow and who would like to not hassle with gasoline and oil storage.”

    • “And you’re not using gas or electricity- so you can keep your yard tidy even after the zombie apocalypse.”

    • “I am happy with my new push reel mower and no more carbon emissions from those gas mowers!”

  • Its light weight is frequently noted, making it easy to pick up, move, and store in small spaces. (30 reviews)

    • “its light weight (pick up and move easily)!”

    • “The mower is light but sturdy.”

    • “The unit is small and easy to store in corner on the porch.”

    • “I can also easily heft this mower over my fence, instead of walking around to the gate.”

    • “the mower only weights about 15-20 pounds, so it's very easy to push it up hill, or down hill, or over uneven and bumpy spaces.”

    • “I really like the look and particularly the size of this item because it doesnt take up much space in my shed. Also it isnt too heavy so it is perfect for me.”

    • “i’m 4”11 and 108 lbs. i was able to do this with no force”

    • “This small mower was perfect for me!”

    • “It's light enough to lift and move around.”

    • “The mower is light weight, which I love and maneuvers easily.”

  • The American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 is well-regarded for its sturdy construction and durability, which is particularly impressive considering its lightweight design. (19 reviews)

    • “is built well”

    • “It has been a good mower, never failing me.”

    • “Despite this lack of quick adjustment, it's still a fabulous mower, and a great value that provides a great result.”

    • “Love the way it cuts the grass and easily rolls over the ground”

    • “The mower seems to be well constructed and sturdy.”

    • “This is when I noticed this mower has a solid coat of paint, fairly beefy welds where used, good heavy stampings, large galvanized bolts and lock nuts, and has a pretty good heft to it.”

    • “Months later and it’s still sharp and cutting like it did when it was brand new.”

    • “It is really good quality & I will respect the 5 blades, they are sharp & cut great.”

    • “Seems to be made well”

    • “I was surprised to see how high quality it was”

  • The mower has adjustable height settings, which helps in tackling tall grass by setting it to the highest and then going back over on a lower setting. (14 reviews)

    • “I have the mower set to the highest setting it can get to just to knock it all down then I’ll go back over it on a lower setting to make sure it’s at a decent length.”

    • “Now it says to adjust the height for the first mow and Im not sure I want to do that but it worked well in the low setting in spite of my high grass.”

    • “I also set it at its highest level to cut which is like 1 3/4” (4.45cm). The Model 1304-14 goes up to 2 1/4”.”

    • “You have to pass over 2 time if you want a good grass cut”

    • “The second attempt went a little better but I had to go over it again to get it all.”

    • “I do need to mow the yard twice with the default cut height.”

    • “I’ve adjusted the height to the tallest setting- to make mowing a little easier.”

    • “Again, it takes a few passes through, but does a fantastic job”

    • “If you have tall grass higher than 6 inches, you would have to mow over it a few times to get an even cut.”

  • The clippings from the mower fall back onto the lawn which is considered good for the yard by some users. (3 reviews)

    • “The clippings of course fall back onto the lawn but I think that is good for the yard.”

    • “it 'mulches' fairly well, not as good as an electric or gas powered though”

    • “As for me, it's spring and birds need the clippings for their nests.”

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviews of the American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 mention that this mower does not perform well on tall weeds or thick grass, as it may tend to push them down rather than cutting them efficiently. This can necessitate multiple passes in different directions to achieve a clean cut. (30 reviews)

    • “taller weeds are pushed down before cutting. You have change directions to cut weeds and taller grass.”

    • “With this, you definitely can't let the grass grow up too high or else it won't cut very well.”

    • “Did I have to go over some spots multiple times? Yes, particularly where there was a tall section of crab grass.”

    • “Not ideal for thick, long late spring/early summer grass”

    • “So you should stay on top of your grass and don't let it get too high or you'll have lots of grass clumps laying on the lawn.”

    • “if you let it grow to large it just pushes it down”

    • “Though the thick blades of grass it doesn't like to cut the first time. As long as you don't let your grass get too high, this works like a charm!”

    • “I do find I have to mow the same line twice if I want it perfectly cut without any stalks sticking up.”

    • “It will be difficult if your grass is really tall but if you want something to keep your grass short so you don't have to run your gas or electric mower all the time. This will work just fine!”

  • Users have noted that even small pieces of mulch, twigs, or sticks can jam the mower, forcing them to stop and clear the debris before continuing. (17 reviews)

    • “Btw yes it gets caught up in little sticks so you have to pick those up before running it or just as you encounter them.”

    • “And lastly, the smallest piece of mulch and twig will also jam it up.”

    • “It isn’t the best if there are any sticks and I mean even the smallest stick stops it.”

    • “Sticks will stop the blades. They do. it happens.”

    • “lots of stupid little twigs to jam the blades”

    • “Twigs, rocks(not pebbles) will stop you on a dime so pre-clear area.”

    • “I highly recommend you walk around your yard before cutting and remove large sticks, branches, rocks or any other debris as these can jam the reel while you are mowing which is very annoying”

    • “If you have any small twigs in your yard be prepared to stop every couple seconds to pick them up and toss them aside because this thing will only cut through grass.”

    • “just do a cursory pick up of sticks, because yes it brings you to an immediately halt.”

    • “if you have trees and have twigs and branches all over, you'll have to remove them before you mow or as you go along”

Bottom Line

The American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 is a solid, easy-to-push reel mower that doesn't need gas or electricity, making it quiet and simple to maintain. It's lightweight, so you can move and store it anywhere. Assembly's a breeze, and it cuts grass cleanly if it ain't too tall or thick. Just watch out for sticks—they can jam it up. It's a tough little machine that's perfect for keeping your lawn neat without fuss or fumes.


BrandAmerican Lawn Mower Company
Cutting Width (in)14 inch
Max Cutting Height2.25"
Min Cutting Height1"
Power SourceManual
CategoryReel Mowers
Warranty90 Day Limited
Weight21 lbs.

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Special Features

  • Eco-Friendly Design: It's good for the planet because it doesn't pollute at all.
  • 5-Blade Reel for Precision Cutting: It has five sharp blades that cut your grass like scissors, so it looks neat and tidy.
  • Adjustable Blade Heights (1”-2.25”): You can change how short it cuts, so whether your grass is a bit tall or really short, it'll do the job.
  • Heat-Treated Alloy Steel Blades: The blades are made from tough steel that stays sharp for years, so you don't have to bother sharpening them all the time.
  • 10” Polymer Wheels for Easy Pushing: The big plastic wheels make it a breeze to push around, even if you're dodging trees or garden beds.
  • Low Maintenance: You won't have to spend much time or money fixing it; there's no engine to fuss with, and no gas or oil needed.
  • Quiet Operation: It's super quiet, so you can mow early in the morning or late at night without making a racket.
  • Compact and Storage-Friendly: It doesn't take up much space in your shed or garage, so you'll have plenty of room for your other tools.
  • Cuts Grass Up to 4 Inches Tall: It can handle your lawn even when the grass has gotten a bit long.
  • Suitable for Youths and Adults: It's safe and simple enough for teenagers to use, but strong enough for adults, too.


  • Q:

    Is it necessary to sharpen the blades of the lawn mower, and if so, how frequently?

  • A:

    Blade sharpening may not be required for several years due to the high-quality construction and ease of use of this lawn mower. Regular inspection is recommended to maintain optimal performance.

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