Earthwise 1715-16EW Review

16-Inch 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower, Grey


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4.3 / 5 from 1264 users

Earthwise 1715-16EW | Tools Official
Earthwise 1715-16EW | Tools Official
Earthwise 1715-16EW | Tools Official


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9 reasons to buy

  • Several reviews note that the Earthwise 1715-16EW mower is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver, especially for users of all sizes and strengths. (17 reviews)

    • “It is light weight which was perfect for my newly installed turf”

    • “Yes It Is Light Weight And Maneuverable”

    • “It is easy to maneuver and fairly lightweight to move around and store.”

    • “First off, this mower is really light.”

    • “It's so light that it's actually easier than a gas or electric mower and the maintenance is nearly non-existent.”

    • “Because the Earthwise is light, it does not leave track marks in the grass as did the rotary gas mower did.”

    • “It is light weight and easy to use and very precise.”

    • “Although it is very lightweight (I can pick it up with one hand and move it about), it’s no lightweight on cutting power.”

    • “this is very lightweight and easy to push”

    • “Weighs the least, super easy to push”

  • Multiple reviews highlight that the mower is extremely easy to assemble, often mentioning that it comes with one-page instructions that make the process straightforward. (15 reviews)

    • “it was extremely easy to assemble”

    • “And it was definitely easy to assemble. Don't lose the one-page instructions, they do make assembly easier.”

    • “This lawnmower was very easily assembled right out of the box.”

    • “This morning, I assembled it with ease without any help. It was pretty straightforward.”

    • “Super easy to assemble - just bolt the handle together, attach to the mower, and you're good to go!”

    • “The setup was simple and easy.”

  • The mower requires minimal maintenance with no need for gas, oil changes, or carb cleanings, making it convenient for users. (15 reviews)

    • “it just works. No gas to mess with, no oil changes or yearly carb cleanings.”

    • “no gas, no oil needed”

    • “No gassing up, forgetting to buy gas and having to run and get it before you mow. Just grab the reel, shot some oil on it and mow. No pulling the cord, no adjust carbs, spark plugs filters....oil it and mow.”

    • “It requires no gas, no battery, and no oil.”

    • “The maintenance is nearly non-existent—just spray some lubricant on the blades for 5 seconds after mowing. No trips to the gas station or plugging anything in.”

    • “Savings on cost for gas, oil, upkeep.”

    • “I love not needing fuel, oil or ear plugs.”

    • “No fumes, no noise, no fuel to buy. No interruptions from running out of fuel.”

    • “No More Gas! Haha!”

    • “Love not having to use gas.”

  • The mower offers adjustable cut heights, which users found helpful for different mowing needs. (15 reviews)

    • “I adjusted the cut lower with the “outside” adjustment. It didn’t get short enough so I took off the wheels and adjusted to the lowest of 3 “internal” settings. There is a video that shows how to do it.”

    • “I dropped the height from 2-2 1/2 down to 1- 1-1/2” even in the dead of summer.”

    • “Took me about 10 minutes to attach the handles and set the height for my yard (I mow at 1.5") and I was out and mowing.”

    • “Love the feature of being able to adjust the blade height.”

    • “I set the mower on the highest setting.”

    • “Second, this item was easy to install and to adjust to the correct height I was looking for.”

    • “Easy to assemble, easy to change heights for precise cutting.”

    • “A bit of patience is required, however, with clover and grasses that grow closer to the ground, but a simple height adjustment of the roller fixed that.”

    • “It cuts well, is easy to adjust, and can cut at .5in.”

    • “It was easy to set the height of the blades.”

    • “Easy to adjust, and great low cut mower.”

    • “I had been mowing at 2” with the Fiskars because it just wasn’t feasible to go to 1.5” — meaning hours of hard labor. I can now mow at 1.5” with no additional effort.”

  • The Earthwise 1715-16EW mower features a 7-blade reel, which several reviewers noted as beneficial for a smooth cut on appropriate grass types. (10 reviews)

    • “Also the 7 blades were a selling point.”

    • “This is the best 7 blade at this price, no discussion.”

    • “After much research I decided on the Earthwise seven blade mower due to reviews stating the seven blade mowers are best for bermuda and provided the smoothest cut.”

    • “The reel turns much faster for the same walking pace than the Fiskars reel and that and the fact that it has 7 blades made mowing today a single-pass effort where previously I would have to pass over the same lane 2x with the Fiskars.”

    • “Really love the seven blade lawnmower for my Saint Augustine lawn.”

    • “This 16” 7 Blade Reel cuts a lot better than I expected.”

    • “The good thing about this mower is you can get a lower cut than you could with the 5 blade version and you don't have to mow over an area repeatedly as often.”

    • “Much better than the 5 blade model and I just love it 👍”

    • “I bought this because it has 7 blades instead of 5”

    • “The 7 blade upgrade is a noticeable improvement compared to a 5 blade reel”

  • Reviewers mentioned that using the mower provided good physical exercise. (9 reviews)

    • “it is great exercise.”

    • “talk about a good workout this will do it for ya, free workout, enjoy your workout”

    • “It's great exercise, too!”

    • “Good exercise too.”

    • “It definitely takes quite a bit longer to cut your lawn using this over an electric/gas mower, but it’s cost efficient and a pretty good workout.”

    • “I have 1/2 of lawn and find it’s easy and fast and actually like the exercise.”

    • “It's my exercise.”

    • “It gives me a nice, light, whole-body workout, and takes only 15-20 minutes to mow my small, level front lawn. Do it fast if you want aerobics, slow if you like to take it easy. It is quite exhilarating but doesn't wear me out.”

    • “i enjoy the work out too.”

  • The mower is praised for its quietness compared to motorized mowers, making it less disruptive to use at any time. (8 reviews)

    • “Obviously the noise level is much lower than a motorized mower”

    • “It is so quiet it shouldn’t t bother the neighbors early in the am.”

    • “But, besides that, it’s fast, quiet, and doesn’t kick up near as much dust or grass as a gas mower.”

    • “It's nice to cut in quiet.”

    • “I can mow very early in the morning, while it's nice and cool, without disturbing neighbors with noise.”

    • “Better for the environment, quiet and great cut, i mean what else you want?”

    • “I was very happy with the peace and quite of a manual mower.”

    • “the absence of the sound of the engine on the rotary mower has made it 100x more relaxing.”

  • Reviewers consistently mention that the blades are sharp from the factory and provide a clean cut, reducing the frequency of sharpening needed. (7 reviews)

    • “the blades were sharp from the factory”

    • “I bought a sharpening kit with the mower, but after reading the manual it said with normal use and maintenance the blade will not need to be sharpened for several years.”

    • “Finally, it’s easy to clean and the blades stay sharp.”

    • “It zips through the grass in our yard with ease, leaving a very clean cut.”

    • “The blades are sharp”

    • “The blades are very sharp”

    • “Out of the box this cut amazingly.”

  • The Earthwise 1715-16EW mower does not kick up dust or grass as much as gas mowers, and users with allergies find it beneficial. (4 reviews)

    • “My allergies love this thing. It doesn’t kick up dust or grass like my rotary mower does.”

    • “But, besides that, it’s fast, quiet, and doesn’t kick up near as much dust or grass as a gas mower.”

    • “Second, there isn’t a bunch of dirt and glass flying around. Something to appreciate in the dry days of summer where a rotary mower creates a dust plume.”

    • “No kicking dirt into the air or Engine heat.”

3 reasons not to buy

  • The Earthwise 1715-16EW mower does not perform well on uneven surfaces or when cutting weeds or stems. Users often have to go over these areas multiple times from different directions. (16 reviews)

    • “It worked well in flat areas with perfect grass, but if the surface was uneven or if there were any weeds or stems, it didn’t cut very well. I had to go over those areas several times from different directions.”

    • “Blades aren't good at cutting broadleaf and weeds.”

    • “Going over the crabgrass, was a pain.”

    • “Users often have to go over these areas multiple times from different directions.”

    • “If you have dandelions and clover... you really need a power mower. This doesn't cut dandelion stalks.”

    • “I had to go over these areas several times at different angles and the reel would flip backwards on me as I pulled it back each time.”

    • “but if you have a dip or a thick spot, you will need to give a little extra effort.”

    • “After going over each section about 3 times or more for a typical day, there would still be many thick pieces of grass that did not get cut.”

    • “Do you know how many times I used this mower to cut over and over and over again, and there are still weeds sticking up?”

    • “All it did was push the dandelions down and they sprang back up as soon as I passed over them. I then noticed the grass doing the same thing.”

  • The mower has a small footprint, which means users need to make more passes compared to a gas mower. (10 reviews)

    • “It’s got a small footprint, expect to make several more passes in your yard then you would have with a gas mower.”

    • “Also, it rarely cut all the grass in a single pass and I would have to go over it once or twice to get the stray blades it missed.”

    • “Reqhired 4 passes but cut it.”

    • “The only downside is that it takes a LOT longer to mow a 1/2 acre property taking multiple passes with a 16" cutting width.”

    • “Really wish they made a 20 inch mower with seven blades My old one was 20 inch so I have to do a little more walking now.”

    • “Wouldn't recommend this for over 5k sq ft unless you have a lot of time and energy.”

    • “It took me about three hours going back and forth working my way across my yard, 4 to 5 square feet at a time.”

    • “The other two drawbacks are that it’s a narrow cut. You have to overlap to account for the wheels, whereas the Fiskars cuts the full width.”

    • “It will take a few rolls to cut.”

    • “You just have to go over it a few times.”

  • The reel gets stuck on mulch, acorns, small tree limbs, rocks, branches, and similar debris, completely stopping the mower. (4 reviews)

    • “If you have mulch, acorns, small tree limbs etc in your yard, you will probably not like it. It gets stuck on those easily and completely stops the mower.”

    • “I also had a problem with any little debris in the yard catching in the reel and stopping the mower.”

    • “The reel gets stuck on mulch, acorns, small tree limbs, rocks, branches, and similar debris.”

    • “Any little twig will stop the blades, but a quick tap on the wheel with your foot, and you're back to cutting your lawn.”

Bottom Line

The Earthwise 1715-16EW mower is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for users of all strengths. Assembly is a breeze with simple one-page instructions. This mower is low-maintenance—no need for gas or oil changes—and offers adjustable cut heights for various needs. Its 7-blade reel ensures a smooth cut and provides good exercise. The mower is quiet, with sharp factory blades, and is less disruptive to allergies. However, it struggles on uneven surfaces and with debris, requiring multiple passes.


Cutting Width (in)16 inch
Max Cutting Height2.5"
Min Cutting Height0.5"
Power SourceManual
CategoryReel Mowers
Warranty2 Year Limited
Weight21.83 lbs.

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Special Features

  • Hand-Push Design: You don't need gas or electricity to use it, making it easy and eco-friendly.
  • 16" Cutting Width: Covers more ground with each pass, great for small to medium lawns.
  • 7-Blade Ball Bearing Reel: Cuts grass cleanly and evenly, perfect for different types of grass.
  • Durable Construction: Built strong with steel parts and blades that stay sharp longer.
  • 10" Composite Wheels: Moves easily over rough ground and makes pushing it simple.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: You can change the cutting height from 0.5" to 2.5" to match your lawn.
  • Versatile Grass Cutting: Works well for various types of grass like Bermuda and St. Augustine.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No noise or pollution, a green choice for your yard.
  • Low Maintenance: No need to deal with spark plugs or engines, it's easy to keep up.
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable: Easy to push and steer, even in tight spots or around obstacles.
  • Cost-Effective: Saves money on gas and maintenance, offering good value.
  • Classic Technology: Uses 100 years of reel mower improvements with modern materials.
  • User-Friendly Assembly: Easy to put together with simple instructions.
  • Quiet Operation: You can mow without bothering your neighbors, ideal for early or late use.


  • Q:

    Does this model cut when pulled backward?

  • A:

    No, it does not.

  • Q:

    What is the country of origin and manufacturing location for this product?

  • A:

    The Earthwise reel mower is manufactured at our partner factory in China.

  • Q:

    How can the blade height be adjusted to 0.5 inches?

  • A:

    Please refer to YouTube and search for Earthwise Mower or American Lawn Mower Company for instructional videos.

  • Q:

    How should the mower be cleaned after use?

  • A:

    After mowing, brush off any clippings or use a leaf blower to clean the mower.

  • Q:

    Why is this item not available for shipping to my address?

  • A:

    Please contact Amazon Customer Service for assistance with shipping issues.

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